Chapter 491: The beginning of integration!


Li Muyang had been waiting for a chance.

Because of his lack of understanding of the true strength of Song Gudu, he had fallen into a dangerous state right away and allowed Song Gudu to clutch him by the neck.

To fall into the hands of a master like Song Gudu, who had suppressed him with ‘a glance of thousands of years’. What was waiting for Li Muyang was only death.

At the very least, everyone had such a thought.

No one could escape from Song Gudu’s hands unscathed, including the top cultivators of the Divine continent. And when his neck fell into Song Gudu’s hand, he no longer had the strength to resist. Whether to kill or not to kill was entirely decided by Song Gudu.

Li Muyang had attempted to break free, but it had no effect whatsoever.

Later, Song Gudu began to torment Li Muyang, by using the qi of the netherworld underground. He solidified it into a dragon nail that was unbearably painful to even the dragon clan—————

One dragon nail after another was struck through the top of Li Muyang’s head. When Li Muyang was in extreme agony he still clenched his teeth and endured.

He still needed a chance.

That was his only glimmer of hope too.

If he were unsuccessful, then he and his family, his parents and little sister, and the entire Lu family, would be slaughtered by the old dog—— –

What he didn’t expect was that the opportunity was created by Lu Qingming.

The man who was his real father, the man who was seriously injured and had collapsed to the ground but was unable to witness his son’s suffering, the man who knew he was going to die and still fought hard, the man who——Song Gudu had inserted a netherworld nail into.

The violent currents inside of Li Muyang had erupted out, the black crystal was constantly rotating in his heart.

Then, he instantly transformed into a dragon, taking advantage of the chance that Song Gudu thought it was absolutely safe, thought that Li Muyang, who had been inserted with eight netherworld nails, could no longer fight back, to aim the dragon claw at his chest while he was inserting a netherworld nail into Lu Qingming’s body.


The sound of the claws tearing through the flesh could be heard, and then blood was seen spraying out the chest, like fierce spring water, splattering across the face of Li Muyang.

The expression of Li Muyang was hideous and terrifying, and the blood mist in his pupils was boiling.

His arms were already covered with scales, and the contrast between the black dragon scales and the snow-white snow around him gave a dark and mysterious feeling.

Li Muyang’s two hands had turned into claws, which were sharper than a blade, pointier than a sharp knife. While Song Gudu was unguarded, he fiercely tore into his chest.

Li Muyang, who was originally wounded with eight netherworld nails, was already tortured into an inhuman state, but after being splattered by Song Gudu’s blood, he looked more like a crazy beast that had fought out from the Asura field.

Li Muyang hated Song Gudu.

And was also afraid of Song Gudu.

Therefore, his first move was a killing move.

He wanted to kill him with one blow by taking advantage of the success of his surprise attack.

His claws punctured the flesh of Song Gudu’s chest, tearing open a huge gap, and then stretched toward a deeper place.

He was going to pull out Song Gudu’s heart and dig out Song Gudu’s lungs.

He was going to crush them into flesh and blood, so that he could never return.

“Go die.” Li Muyang roared at the top of his voice.

The claw had touched the heart, folded, and then squeezed forcefully.

Then the bizarre scene took place.

The wind stopped, the snow ceased.

The blood that was sprayed out froze in the air, and the expression of astonishment solidified on the face.

The claw that Li Muyang had stretched out to dig out the heart and lung also inexplicably froze——he felt the claw was constantly stretching inside, but that chest and internal organs were as though 108,000 miles away. No matter how hard Li Muyang tried there was no way he could touch them.

It was as though someone had cast some kind of magical time-pausing spell on everything in this world. Everything had stopped.

Li Muyang’s face was twisted in puzzlement, the blood water in his eyes bubbling more frantically than before.

He felt danger.


He felt a sharp pain at his chest.

Then Li Muyang saw his body flying away.


The time-pausing spell ended.

The cold wind continued to blow and the heavy snow continued to fall.

Everything had returned to its original condition.  

What was only different from before was that Song Gudu had disappeared. But there was a burst of oppressive pain in his chest, as if a tremendous mountain was pressing down.


Li Muyang’s body fell to the ground. His feet heavily stamped on the snow, but also was constantly pushed back by a tremendous force.


His body kept reeling back until he was far in the distance.

“Puchi———” Li Muyang spewed out mouthfuls of blood.  

He failed to pull out Song Gudu’s heart, failed to dig out Song Gudu’s lung, but almost had his heart and lung smashed to pieces. If it were not for tough and almost invincible body of the dragon, he most likely would have died.

Looking down at his chest, where Song Gudu had aimed a palm strike at, there were at least two bones that were broken.

If the eight netherworld nails that Song Gudu had inserted into the top of his head were the ultimate torment of his body and spirit, then the palm strike that sent him flying this time——was just a way of self-defense for Song Gudu.

He was thankful to the eight netherworld nails, because after such pain, Li Muyang found that there could be no other pain in the world.

At the end of pain, there will be no more pain.  

“It doesn’t hurt at all.” He wanted to proudly shout this out to everyone.

“But, what happened just now?” Li Muyang thought in his mind.

“Is this the extraordinary ability that a cultivator of the Astral projection realm could possess? If he could even freeze or pause time at will——then who else in the world could hurt him?”


In the sky, there was a violent cough of blood.

Then, he saw that in midair, Song Gudu also had residues of blood at the corners of his mouth.

“Song Gudu also bleeds.”

If this scene was seen by the people of Tiandu, they will find it very hard to believe what they had saw.

Song Gudu evidently also did not think that he would bleed. How many years had it been, 50 years or 60 year, since he had seen such a——natural reaction after an injury?

Song Gudu reached out his hand, watching the blood droplets spraying out from his mouth and stopped in midair, unaffected by the wind.

The blood droplets were like red beads, resting in the palm of his hand. 那

“Blood.” Song Gudu whispered.

He looked at Li Muyang opposite him and said, “You have wounded me.”

Li Muyang’s pupils were shrouded in blood mist, and even his voice had turned hoarse, “Isn’t this to be expected?”

“Perhaps.” Song Gudu sighed. With the turn of his palm, the innumerable blood-coloured beads drifted around, disappearing into the air. He studied Li Muyang’s dragon scales and claws and then said, “I am right, you’re a dragon. This is the state of the dragon transformation?”

Then he shook his head again, “No, that’s not right. It’s just the state of half-dragon transformation. If it were the full dragon transformation, you should have become a true dragon. Like what Chu Xun had saw with his eyes——what Chu Xun saw was your true complete transformation. You transformed into a black dragon to kill.”

“I’ll kill you, too.” Li Muyang hissed.

“I have to admit that the dragons are really too strong. In the Battle of the Dragon Slayer, first the invasive demonic force of the abyss was used to consume the power of the dragons, and then the elites of the nine states joined hands to massacre the dragon clan. Millions of soldiers were lost, but the dragons unexpectedly managed to escape. Even now there are shadows of their activities. Now, come to think of it, the Battle of the Dragon Slayer was really necessary. Otherwise, now that group of dragons would be moving unhindered across the Divine continent. No matter how the hard the human race cultivators try, they will never be as strong as the dragons.” Song Gudu’s eyes were blazing as he looked at Li Muyang. “And you are a dragon. Li Muyang, this is why I want to make a deal with you——give me the secret of the longevity of the dragon, and I can spare your life.”

“I want you dead.” The blood-coloured eyes of Li Muyang were intently fixed on Song Gudu. “I will tear you into flesh and blood, I will trample you into the wilderness of the Black mountain, and I will make you die forever and never return. Since you want to live forever, I’m going to make you die painfully——”

“See. It is said that the dragons are violent, so this is true.” Song Gudu gently sighed, looking at Li Muyang, “You think you can kill me?”

“You will know after I try.”

“Li Muyang, your body is after all human, you’re not a real dragon——you are only more fortunate than others that the soul of a dragon entered into your body when you were born.” Song Gudu seemed to know about Li Muyang’s situation very well. “If you are a true dragon, you would not have lived so miserable before, viewed as a fool, treated as a pig——From your present state, as well as the dragon clan skills you have shown before, if I have not guessed wrong, what entered your body should be the Tear of the legendary Dragon King, am I right?”

“What does that have to do with you?” Li Muyang appeared irritated and impatient. The eight netherworld nails in his body was bringing him unbearably pain, making him want to go on a killing spree.

“The Tear of the Dragon King and the Heart of the Weak Water are remarkable treasures. One can dominate the world with the possession of one of them. I didn’t expect you to have both. But I have to say, the heavens is really too good to you. However, you are a human, yet want to absorb the secret techniques of the dragon clan. Do you think it will be that easy?”

“Li Muyang, I’ve seen your skills and moves. Even if you’re a dragon, even if you have the Tear of the Dragon King——now you are only at the beginning of integration. What you know were just the moves in the old dragon’s memory. You are very clever, know how to imitate, but you do not fully appreciate and comprehend the essence of the moves. In my eyes, the imitated moves are full of mistakes———so, do you still want to try it?”




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