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493 – A Phoenix appears!

Chapter 493: A Phoenix appears!


The cry of a Phoenix!

It was the cry of a Phoenix!

For a moment, Song Gudu even suspected whether he had misheard it.

How could there be the voice of a Phoenix bird in the wilderness?

However, he knew he was never wrong.

Since entering the Starry sky realm, he had never heard anything wrong.

Moreover, the higher one’s cultivation realm was, the more sensitive one’s perception of danger.

The wind-like knives the frost-like swords, the mosquito buzzing, and even the sound of dragonflies’ quivering wings would not be mistaken.

To perceive all things, to sniff snow and taste snow, was cultivation.

Moreover, the huge firebird, which was thousands of meters away, was flying towards him, with a fierceness and determination to incinerate all things in the world and to purity the universe.




And scorching hot!

This was indeed the bearing that the divine Phoenix should have.

The huge firebird came in a menacing manner, swift and fierce. Without much time to ponder, Song Gudu transformed into a shadow, darting away into the distant sky.


The huge firebird swooped down, and when it saw that Li Muyang, who was lying on the ground, was about to be blown into crumbs, eyes suddenly light up, anxiously lifted its head up and raced toward the direction where Song Gudu escaped.

The lower abdomen of the Firebird brushed past Li Muyang’s body, and its long, slender tail that was incessantly releasing specks of flames drew a graceful arc.

Song Gudu did not expect the firebird to chase after him like it had a spiritual nature. He reached out to grasp a light ball of essential qi and hurled at the firebird.


The firebird opened its mouth wide, swallowing the ball of light in one gulp.

At the same time, the firebird did not reduce its speed, instead accelerated.


It stretched out its fiery red claws to grab Song Gudu. Song Gudu evaded in a swift motion, and the Firebird spun around, surrounding Song Gudu to prevent him from escaping.


In the sky, a halo of fiery red light had appeared.

Song Gudu was imprisoned in the tremendous light. The man and the bird were chasing and fighting in the high-altitude, looking incredibly dangerous.

Their speed was getting faster and faster, the heat was getting stronger and stronger, and eventually turned into a mass of fiery red light.

The man was gone, and the bird was gone.

It was quiet and still.

The huge halo of light suddenly paused in the sky.


A loud noise erupted.

The light halo exploded all of a sudden, sparks splattered, and large masses of fire clouds flew in all directions.

Two figures were standing still the blast, one in a grey robe and the other in violet.

The grey robed figure was Starry Sky cultivator Song Gudu, and the violet clothed figure was the daughter of the Lu clan, Lu Qiji.

The two were suspended in the air, facing each other.

Lu Qiji transformed into a fire phoenix, and saved Li Muyang’s life at that critical moment.   

Just now in the light halo, she and Song Gudu had already fought hundreds of rounds. Originally she wanted to use the power of the heart of Phoenix to trap him there, so that it will never return

But she did not expect Song Gudu to be this strong, able to smash her ‘Heavenly fire barrier’, break through her divine Phoenix appearance, and destroy her wish to kill him.

Song Gudu looked at Lu Qiji with a pensive gaze “Violet hair, violet clothes——the daughter of the Lu clan?”

“Lu Qiji.” Lu Qiji responded coldly.

She had never met Song Gudu, and Song Gudu also had never seen her before.

Song Gudu, who lived in the Song Family’s old mansion all year long, rarely went out and never saw any guests. Moreover, Lu Qiji’s personality was cold and solitary, and never had any contact with the Song family. Although she and the Song family’s Song Chenxi were known as the ‘Three Bright moons’, she did not take the initiative to visit the Song family and almost have had no communication with Song Chenxi before. Even when they met at any important occasion or events, they simply only nodded to each other.  

“I have long heard that the daughter of the Lu clan is called Qiji, has violet hair and dressed in violet. Her talent in cultivation is rumoured to be astonishing, that many men in Tiandu are inferior to her.” Song Gudu looked at Lu Qiji in the distance. “But I didn’t expect you to be this strong, able to battle hundreds of rounds with me, your cultivation realm is most likely——”  

Song Gudu took an obvious pause, then said in a puzzled tone: “Just in the Free clouds realm.”

“And so what?” The violet haired beauty was cold, but her voice was even colder. There was always a look of annoyance when she talked to people.


Song Gudu was speechless, as though he did not know how to communicate with this child.

So what?

She had actually said so what?

Cultivation and breaking the realm are as hard as ascending to heaven.

One realm was a world of difference.

For example, the gap between the Withering glory realm and the Starry sky realm, the gap between the Starry sky realm and the Astral projection realm——

Li Muyang was only at the High mountain realm, and had only entered into the High Mountain realm after enlightening him.

But, look at what level of opponents had he defeated?

Cui Zhaoren of the Free clouds realm, Mu Yubai of the middle stages of the Withering glory realm, Mu Dingyi of the upper stages of the Starry sky realm——

Including himself, who had spent so much time and energy yet still had not been able to kill him.

Of course, he did have the intention to make a deal with him. Thus, it was not possible to kill. He was an old man who only looks at the results without looking at the process. He had lived a number of years, seen too many processes, but also was tired of too much process. For him, there were a lot of processes that were no longer good-looking.

Li Muyang was a dragon, a dragon with a demi-god body——

Of course, Li Muyang was an exception.  

Because he was not a demi-god in the pure sense. It was only when you have the true dragon body, that you you possessed the body of a demigod. That was the most powerful and profound capital that the heavens had given this race.

Grow scales and claws, possess an invincible body, travel through clouds and summon the rain, breathe out dragon breath, which race was as blessed by the heavens as them?  

The human race needed to spend decades or even hundreds of years to achieve this, but they were given these powers at birth——How could the human race not envy them? How could they not complain? How could they not want to kill them?

When your opponent was such a monster, no matter how hard you try to catch up with their pace, would you still have the motivation to cultivate? Where does your sense of security come from?

Li Muyang possessed a human body, a dragon’s soul and ability, therefore he should belong to——a little dragon human?

There had never been something like this before, at least Song Gudu had never heard of it.

Because of Li Muyang’s special nature, no matter what astonishing thing he had done, Song Gudu would not be surprised.

But what about Lu Qiji?

Lu Qiji was the eldest daughter of the Lu clan, or perhaps the daughter of the servant of the Lu family, but she was able to bring along the Phoenix. She had almost imprisoned him in the fire barrier to burn to ashes. Was this the strength of the Free Clouds realm?

Song Gudu gently sighed, eyes like needles staring at Lu Qiji’s delicate and flawless face, then said aloud: “The battle of the Dragon and Phoenix, the Dragon and Phoenix are symbols of good fortune——although I have guessed so in my heart but because it was so unbelievable, I didn’t want to believe it——”  

“You’re a Phoenix.” Song Gudu stared at Lu Qiji, saying each word loud and clear. “The mother of the tens of thousands of races. You are the Phoenix, the legendary Phoenix that fought against the dragon in the sky that dark night——”

“And so what?” Lu Qiji did not admit it, nor did she deny it.

The phrase ‘so what’ could be used to answer all the questions raised by Song Gudu. Moreover, her posture made her seem so cold and sacred.   

The cold wind blew and the violet clothes fluttered. That dazzling violet hair made her look so mysterious that one cannot help but have a desire to subdue, but they could only hope and dared not to offend her in the slightest.


Song Gudu did not like Lu Qiji.

He felt that she was more irritating than Li Muyang.  

When Li Muyang was talking to him, he was in a high and mighty position. He was talking to him in a condescending and admonition manner.

However, when he exchanged greetings with Lu Qiji, he found that he had taken up the role of Li Muyang——

He began to have some sympathy for Li Muyang.

When he was calm and composed but the air of arrogance deep in the bones was being displayed undisguisedly, all sorts of feeling must have welled up in Li Muyang’s heart?

“The dragon soul had entered into Li Muyang’s body, and he had obtained the legendary Tear of the Dragon King. While you are the incarnation of the legendary Phoenix who fought against the dragon that night. You possess the ability of the Phoenix——Li Muyang should be a dragon, and you should be a Phoenix. A dragon and a Phoenix, it is the destiny bestowed by the heavens. The Lu family shouldn’t have lost, the Lu family shouldn’t have been destroyed.”

“But what I don’t understand is, the Lu family——why would Lu Xingkong want to swap you two? He was worried that the secret that his grandson was a dragon would be exposed, so he replaced him with the girl who was the incarnation of the Phoenix?——What was his intention?”

Song Gudu’s eyes were deep like the starry sky above.

He kept thinking it over, analysing from the clues he saw, stripping and peeling, to bring the historical truth of the past to the present.

“Could it be that when Lu Xingkong made this decision, he only saw that his grandson was possessed by the Dragon, but did not know that the servant’s daughter——the little girl he used as a pawn——was the legendary Phoenix? He didn’t even know you were the Phoenix?”

“What would Lu Xingkong feel if he knew you were a Phoenix? How would he feel if he knew that the girl he used to replace his grandson was the mother of the tens of thousands of races? Unfortunately, unfortunately, Lu Xingkong had died too early, there is no way for him to know this secret now——”  

Speaking of this, Song Gudu suddenly burst into laughter.

Completely did not care about his image of a Starry Sky cultivator, as though there was nobody else present, he gave a deep rumbling laugh.  

It was just too funny.



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