Chapter 494: Flying Dragon and Dancing Phoenix!


Song Gudu called Lu Xingkong ‘Sand Eagle’, the most ferocious and cunning animal in the desert of the frontier.

He was aware of the bad situation on the day of his grandson’s birth, thus used the daughter of a servant of the Lu family, who also gave birth on the same say, to exchange identity with his grandson. Then he sent his most mysterious Three Souls and Seven Spirits to escort them safely to Jiangnan that was far away from Tiandu——

It was just that what he didn’t expect was that although he had sent away a dragon, it was in exchange for a Phoenix——

If Lu Xingkong knew about this, he most likely would not know whether to laugh or cry, right?

Song Gudu grinned. He could imagine the complex expression on Lu Xingkong’s face when he learns this news. Song Gudu even regretted the fact that he had killed Lu Xingkong too early. Otherwise, it would have been very interesting for him to witness this scene——

Lu Xingkong thought that he had calculated everything, thought that he was the smartest in the world. But he would never have thought that he had done such a stupid thing.

Clever people may be victims of their own cleverness. It really was laughable and pitiful at the same time.

“——” Lu Qiji stared at Song Gudu with an indifferent face, thinking that this old man was really idiotic. What was so funny about that?

“In the battle between the dragon and Phoenix, the dragon body disappeared and the Tear of the Dragon King fell into the body of Li Muyang. The body of the Phoenix was shattered, but was reborn, taking the body and identity of the daughter of a servant. A dragon and a Phoenix had at the same time descended onto the Lu family. The Lu clan, which was at the peak of its power, should have continued for another tens of thousands of years, but had such a tragic ending. The entire world says that Lu Xingkong is wiser than anybody, but it doesn’t seem like this is the case.”

“Don’t insult my grandpa.” Lu Qiji snapped. “You don’t even qualify to take off his boots.”

“Little girl, you should know that he just sees you as a sacrifice to protect his grandson, a diversionary tactic to protect his real grandson Li Muyang, a barrier, or perhaps an innocent sacrificial victim——don’t you hate him?” Song Gudu looked at the dazzling violet-haired Lu Qiji. “He exchanged your life for the life of Li Muyang, do you enjoy bitter hardship like it’s malt sugar?”

“He treated me very well.” Lu Qiji stated. “So, he’s my Grandpa.”

“It’s the same as Li Muyang’s story.” Song Gudu said, looking at Lu Qiji’s violet hair. “Unfortunately, there are nine stages to the rebirth of the Phoenix, you have just passed the second stage. You have not experienced life and death, and cannot be reborn through fire——now you’re just at the upper stages of the Free clouds. You think you can wound me with just the two of you?”

“I don’t plant to wound you.” Lu Qiji took a look in the direction where Li Muyang was, then continued in a low voice. “I’m going to take Li Muyang away.”

“I’m afraid it won’t be that easy.” Song Gudu said. “I want to make a deal with Li Muyang and he refused. So he can’t leave.”

“We’ll see.” Lu Qiji interrupted impatiently. “You yalk so much nonsense.”

“All right. I’ll kill the genius and break the miracle.” An arrogant expression surfaced onto Song Gudu’s face. “A dragon and a Phoenix will both die in my hands. With this alone, the name Song Gudu will be remembered forever.”

“You killed the Emperor and betrayed the country, your name will only go down in history.”

As she spoke, two little red fireballs appeared in the palm of his hand again.

In the small fireballs was the figure of a little bird jumping joyously.

They were extremely cute and seemed to be enjoying the warmth and comfort of the fireball.  

Waving its short wings again and again, they were trying to soar higher and rush to the vast night sky. But they were trapped by the fireball, unable to escape.

Lu Qiji rose into the air, her violet hair bright and dazzling, like blazing violet flames.

The violet dress billowed out and rippled around her. The strong gusts of wind were rattling the dress.

Under the illumination of the two flames in her palm, her delicate and flawless face looked more mysterious and noble, like an immortal of the immortal world.

Lu Qiji’s black pupils had turned violet, and then the violet pupil were ablaze, as if two violet flames had been lit in her eyes.

Since Song Gudu had guessed her identity, Lu Qiji also had nothing to hide anymore.

Besides, if Song Gudu was not defeated today, she and Li Muyang would have to stay——as well as Father Lu Qingming who was lying unconscious on the snowy ground.

The fireball in palm of her hand grew larger and larger, the flames flared up as it were swaying in the wind.

Lu Qiji raised both her hands horizontally, and then thrust them forward in the direction of Song Gudu.


The ball of light erupted in a blaze, as two firebirds sprang up.

They shrieked, waving their flaming wings and charging toward Song Gudu.

No one had thought that the little birds that were playing in her palms would grow countless times to become a tremendous creature that could blot out the sky and sun——


The crisp and loud cry dragged long with a solemn aura. 清

The cry of a Phoenix resounded.

The two firebirds, one left and one right, attacked Song Gudu from two directions.

Dazzling but full of the aura of death.

The fire Phoenix chases the dragons!

For the two firebirds, Song Gudu was the ‘dragon’ that was being chased.


The wind howled and the wildfire blazed.

The whole wilderness was lit up by the two firebirds, and even the snowflakes between the heaven and earth were also burning.

Song Gudu felt danger, or perhaps felt the suffocating pain.

Phoenix was the mother of the tens of thousands of race, the Master of life and life force.  

However, her every life was from a fire, born from death. That’s what we call reborn.

Therefore, the way she attacks was full of the aura of death.

And the blazing flames around her body were the heavenly fire, able to incinerate all things in the world, including the divine body of the Phoenix.

Only by incinerating herself could she be reincarnated and reborn.

This was the secret of the Phoenix clan’s eternal life.

Song Gudu’s expression grew serious, the grey robe on him wrapping him tightly. Putting aside his status and identity, Song Gudu looked really ordinary, like a common, thin old man who feared the wind and cold.

Song Gudu stood tall in mid air, stretching out his hands that were hid in the sleeves.

He made a simple grabbing motion, without powerful qi, the slightest ripple nor a flash of light.

However, the two screeching firebirds that seemed to possess the ability to destroy the heaven and earth fell into the palm of his hand.

It was just like how he was able to grab Li Muyang’s throat as soon as he stretched out his hand.

A glance of thousands of years!

Drawing time and space infinitely closer and then kill in one strike.



Unwilling to be trapped in the Song Gudu’s palm, the two firebirds desperately beat their tail and wings.

Flames were sputtering out in all directions likes sparks, splashing over the ground.


A large area of snow and ice on the ground was melted by the heavenly fire, producing hissing noises and sending white smoke billowing into the air.


When Song Gudu wringed his hand, the two firebird instantly lost their life, then turned into shadows in Song Gudu’s palm with a ‘whoosh’, and soon disappeared without a trace.

They were originally transformed from Lu Qiji’s essential qi, and now that Song Gudu had took away all the power inside of them, they naturally could no longer ‘survive’.

Song Gudu looked at Lu Qiji, saying: “They are really too weak. They only have the Phoenix form, but not its strength, power and might——Lu family’s little girl, although you possess the body of the Phoenix, but to really master the power of the Phoenix is a feat extremely difficult to achieve——The Phoenix clan and the Dragon clan are the same, in that they both posses the secret of immortality. The Phoenix clan has the ability to regenerate and reborn, and is much stronger than the Dragon clan. It is an divine creature that do not belong to this world, why not find a immortal cave and focus on cultivation for thousands of years. After that you can become a true Master who rules over the tens of thousands of races——Why care about the trivial affairs of the world? On the path of cultivation one shouldn’t have any desire and lust, isn’t that right?

Lu Qiji stared at Song Gudu with a piercing cold gaze, “On the path of cultivation one need to sever lust and desire, and the six roots of sensations need to be pure and clean. But without desire, it is not possible to obtain the great Dao——you are bent on the pursuit of longevity, did not know that, a cold-blooded monster like you can only wander outside the Heavenly gate, unable to break the door down and enter all your life.”

Lu Qiji’s words made Song Gudu fall into deep thought.

After a long while, he shook his head, “There are three thousand great ways and a myriad of paths. Buddhism pays particular attention to compassion, Taoism pays attention to a purified mind and heart, while demons obtain their power from killing——The Phoenix clan is the same. You kill yourself before you can find a way to find the Dao. No other race can learn this.”

“Stupid earthling.” Lu Qiji clasped her hands together to form an oval body of energy. In the middle of her palms was a more ferocious violet light ball blazing with fiercer heavenly fire than before.

The light ball grew larger and larger, until the whole body of Lu Qiji was shrouded in it.

She, who had violet hair, clothes and pupils, looked extremely like a Phoenix.

The huge ball of light was infinitely elongated, rapidly changing shape, and then turned into a huge phoenix enveloped in blazing fire.


The resounding and majestic voice of the divine phoenix came again, breaking the serenity of the wilderness.

The Phoenix, which was transformed from Lu Qiji, charged towards Song Gudu, brandishing her claws and long tail.


At the same time, Li Muyang also issued the cry of a dragon.

His body leapt to the sky and then quickly dived down from the Ninth Heaven, punching out and launching an attack at Song Gudu from high above.

Flying dragon and dancing Phoenix!

In the sky, the most tragic fight had broken out between Song Gudu and the Dragon and Phoenix.



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