Chapter 495: ‘The Great Daylight’!


Once the Wolf King was very furious, the consequences were very serious.  

On the Fenglin continent, there was no one above him except for the moon. With the exception of his mother, the Red Moon, the other animals were no match for him. The red wolves were his subordinates, his servants, and with one howl the wolves would respond. He was extremely powerful and influential.

However, after coming to land, someone had dared to provoke his authority and injure his life.

The Wolf King could not endure this and had to make the cunning and small humans pay a huge price.


The Wolf King roared, sending a black robed-old man flying.


His mouth breathed out flames, blasting away the herd of treacherous people that dared to approach him.


He waved his claw and tore an unluckly fellow to shreds.

However, he found that the situation was getting increasingly worse.

Because with the prolongation of the battle time, despite the fact that he had killed more and more human masters, his number of opponents did not decrease but was increasing at a rapid speed——

The Emperor had died and the Lu family had collapsed. Prince Fu had taken the throne and the Song family came to power.

In one day, the series of changes that had taken place in the capital city were almost dazzling and astonishing.

If it was the Song family that united with the Cui family to get rid of the Emperor Chu Xianda, snatch away the Lu family’s military power, and drove them to hell, then, when Prince Fu ascends to the throne, the Song family would once again show its power and muscles——

The forces that had remained on the sidelines before could no longer sit still.

The people in the officialdom cannot do anything at their own will.  

When the Lu family and Song family were competing, you can choose the Lu family, or choose the Song family. You can even choose to not help either. Because at that time, no matter which family you choose or choose to stand in the middle, you can still live comfortably.  

But when the Lu family collapsed and Lu Xingkong had died in battle, you have to hold those victors’ thighs. Otherwise, soon you will be a target they want to eliminate.  

Since they had killed so many people already, will they care how many more they kill?

First the people of the Song family and the Cui family, as well as the forces loyal to Prince Fu began to eliminate the forces of the Lu family. Soon, even the people who chose to stand in the middle began to raise their knife at the Lu clan.

What was the best way to show allegiance?

It was naturally to stand with the victors and kill a few members of the Lu family to show their sincerity.

Lu Xingkong had died in battle, thus they only have two choices left——Find the Lady of the Lu household, Gongsun Yu, and the only heir to the Lu clan, Lu Tianyu, or chase after the top pillar of the Lu family, Lu Qingming, and Li Muyang who both the Song and Cui families extremely disliked.

It was said that old immortal Song Gudu had personally intercepted them, thus how would they let go of the opportunity to fight against the enemy under the nose of old immortal Song?

So, while Song Gudu was battling against Li Muyang and Lu Qiji, the masters who had rushed over with the fastest speed and in the shortest possible time was attacking the Wolf King and the Heart of the Weak water Snowball from all sides——

“Kill Li Muyang at all costs.”

“The Heart of Weak Water must fall to the West Wind Kingdom. Kill anyone that dares to take it for themselves.”

Prince Fu had become the new Emperor of West wind.

With one command what he could mobilise was extremely large and terrifying. Almost all the masters of the West Wind Kingdom had rushed over to this side, wanting to join the war so that they could get a slice of the final division of power.

It was worse for Snowball.

After Snowball’s identity as the Heart of Weak water was exposed on Sword God square on Mist mountain, all masters of the Divine continent who learned this news were envious.

The Heart of Weak water, the divine treasure ranked second in the [Treasure and weapons] list, a treasured object seen only in tens of thousands of years. Which cultivator would not want to have it?

Besides, even if you don’t want to have it, you can’t let other people or opponents have it——

As a result, everyone, through a variety of ways, began to spread the news of the Heart of Weak Water, hoping that masters on their side or forces loyal to them could snatch this divine weapon.

The masters of the palace, the generals of Tiandu, the experts of the influential families, the assassins, and the spies of other countries hidden in the capital of West Wind——

All of them had acted.

The whole of Divine continent had become restless and unstable because of Li Muyang, the Dragon, and the Heart of the Weak Water, a divine weapon. There were increasingly more people coming this way through a variety of ways, flying or riding their flying pets.

The others attacked the Wolf King in an attempt to kill him.

The Wolf King looked mighty and fierce, and some people had even thought to keep him as a pet, but after seeing his will of resistance and strength, they changed their mind to kill him——

Moreover, those who were willing to surround the Wolf King were purely loyal to the Song family. It was because they knew about the strength of the Wolf King, that they were afraid the Wolf King would affect the mood of their Master and they would be punished as a result.

Everybody else had surrounded the Heart of Weak Water.

Everybody else wanted the Heart of Weak water.

Snowball looked small, gentle and cute.

Most importantly, it was the legendary Hear of Weak Water——who would not want to put such a divine treasure in their arms?  

They wanted to please Song Gudu, but they wanted the Heart of Weak Water more.

As a result, there were tens and almost hundreds of famous masters of the Divine continent chasing a small pet.

“Li Xiaoyao, why are you meddling in the affairs of my country? Hurry back to your martial country, otherwise don’t blames our West Wind for not being polite——”

“Wang Ergou, you despicable scumbag, you dare to snatch my West Wind’s Heart of weak water——” ”

“The Bronze mountain sect dares to behave wildly in our territories——”—

The experts of the West Wind Kingdom were naturally the first to receive the news of the Heart of Weak Water’s appearance.  

When they were fighting with the little sprout, they found that there were more and more masters of other countries gathering around. As a result, the West Wind masters were a little annoyed.

The Heart of Weak water had appeared in their West Wind Kingdom, thus it was naturally a treasure of their West Wind Kingdom. What did they come here for?

The masters of other countries also did not show weakness, during the pursuit they also began a verbal counterattack.

“The treasures of the world belong to the capable one——The Heart of Weak Water is a divine weapon of the Divine continent——why can we not fight for it?”

“Exactly, I, Monk San Jie will say this here today: the Heart of Weak Water is mine, whoever dares to compete with me is going against the Heavenly gate ghostless temple——”

“Move aside you baldy, it’s mine—”——

At the start everyone was chasing and going after Snowball. Later, the angry argument escalated, and the people absolutely did not allow others to get what they could not get——

So, no matter who had a chance to get Snowball, everyone else would take the opportunity to ruin that opportunity.

The masters who were about to succeed but their chance was destroyed in the end were naturally furious and grabbed onto a major target and started to fight back.

This cconflict was getting bigger and bigger, and the hatred was getting deeper and deeper.

Before the Heart of Weak water had been caught, several masters had already fought to death.




Snowball was constantly spitting bubbles

When it blinked its big, innocent eyes and discovered the complex conflict among the human race, it no longer escaped to but specifically headed towards a place where there were many people.

Because it discovered that it was safer and more secure than anywhere else where there was people.

“Pff pff pff——”

It flew in front of a master of the Great Zhou country, and when the master was trying to reach out to catch it, the masters of the West Wind Kingdom behind lashed out with a sword strike. The Master of the Zhou country hurriedly evaded the attack, but when it tried to search for the Heart of Weak water again, he found that it was already on the shoulder of another master——and all masters were pouncing towards him.  

The crowd was getting more and more chaotic, and more and more masters were fighting alone

Snowball seemed to be having a lot of fun, constantly shuttling back and forth between the dozens of masters.


The huge firebird Phoenix waved its purple-red wings and sped in the direction of Song Gudu.

The violet fire lighted up the dark clouds, and a beautiful trajectory had appeared in the night sky.


Song Gudu thrust out a palm strike, aiming a lightning bolt toward the Phoenix’s head.


The lightning crackled and rumbled, and was about to incinerate the firebird into scorched meat.

—— Hao——

The most indignant roar resounded, and Li Muyang’s figure was seen rushing over from the other direction, punching out at the same time. Two bolts of white lightning collided with the red lightning that Song Gudu summoned out——


A deafening noise shook the sky.

Then, huge waves of light exploded. The whole world had turned into an expanse of white. It was simply difficult to see anything.

When the loud noise disappeared, when the white light faded, the sky had turned black once again.

Song Gudu’s figure was once again seen in the high altitude.

He looked over in the direction of Li Muyang and Lu Qiji, saying aloud: “Since ancient times, the Dragon and Phoenix did not get along——but I did not think that I would have the privilege to see the cooperation between the Dragon and Phoenix today. I really have no regret in this life anymore.”

The fire Phoenix was blazing in the sky, waving her wings and incessantly dropping large sparks of flames.

Li Muyang’s body was also suspended in the sky, eyes shrouded in blood fog and panting heavily.  

Song Gudu cast a glance at Li Muyang, “Since we are not destined to make a deal today, then let’s put an end to this.”

Song Gudu’s body descended all of a sudden, raging flames around him, and millions of rays of light illuminated the surroundings. He was as dazzling and gorgeous as the scorching sun.

‘The Great Daylight’!  



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