Chapter 496: Taking food from the tiger’s mouth!


‘The Great Daylight’ was one of the Song’s family’s handed down cultivation technique.

It was also the most important pillar and foundation for the Song family to be able to stand for thousands of years without falling.

The Divine continent was founded with martial arts; the families with secret techniques and rare books were able to obtain relevant benefits over and over again in the change of dynasty. The more powerful your secret technique was, the higher your cultivation realm, and the greater the achievement that the masters of your family have, the greater the benefits you can get.

Any family with a Starry Sky cultivator master would be respected and admired in the Kingdom and even throughout the Divine continent. Even the Imperial family would try to rope them in and give them the corresponding status.  

The reason why the power of the West Wind Kingdom’s Chu clan fell into the hands of others was because, although partly the Song family was constantly gaining more power, the Chu clan did not have an outstanding descendant who could grasp and inherit its secret cultivation technique ‘The sacred scroll of the slaughter of demon’. Thus the weak grew weaker, and finally were completely controlled by the Song family. The Chu clan had failed to even learn the complete ‘The sacred scroll of the slaughter of demon’——Because the ancient text was too difficult to understand and not easy to master, the Song family kept ‘The sacred scroll of the slaughter of demon’ and created a simpler version for the Chu clan.

In other words, for more than hundreds of years, [‘The sacred scroll of the slaughter of demon’] that the Chu clan studied was created by the Song family. There were some remarkable descendants of the Chu clan who asked the Song family to return the rare scroll to focus on cultivation, but in the end those people died shortly after.  

Since ancient times, hasn’t the majority of those in power done the same?

This was an era in which martial artists were respected and cultivators governed the world.

If your fists were hard, others will need to respect or fear you.

If your fist were soft, others will despise or look down on you.

One person broke the city, one person destroyed the country. Was such an example rare?

Why did the nine countries negotiate the eradication of the Dragon clan? It was because they knew in their hearts that the Dragon clan was just too powerful. It was an uncontrollable race——and people were living under the pressure of the Dragon clan.

If one person or country angered the dragon clan and they rush over to destroy several cities and or breathe out dragon breath, who would be able to reason with them? You have broken the laws of the Kingdom——would the dragon clan listen?

However, what no one expected was that, the people of the nine countries had come together to slaughter the mighty dragon clan——The fast-growing cultivators had become the threat and subversion of every political power in every country.

They had become the mighty ‘dragon clan’.

This was the case with Song Gudu.

With the slightest disagreement, the emperor was overturned and the courtiers were killed.

What they did was much more brutal than the dragon clan——because the dragons only liked glittering gems and slept with jewels in their arms.

Moreover, the Dragon clan had a strict social hierarchy and a long life span, so most of them were fully concentrated on cultivation and understanding. In order to understand the mysteries of life, and then ascend to become a high-level dragon.

The dragons were not willing to seize power or to cause trouble. In the eyes of the dragon clan, those things were not worthy of their high-level race to waste time and energy on.

It was better and happier to find a mountain of gold or treasure mine.

“‘The Great Daylight’——“ The masters next to Song Gudu exclaimed out loud. “This is one of the three great legendary techniques ‘The Great Daylight——”

‘The Great Daylight’, ‘The Great Prophecy’, and ‘The Great Joy’ were all equally famous, known as the Three Great Heavenly Books of the Divine continent. It was said that ‘The Great Daylight’ was created by two geniuses of Buddhism and Taoism. As a result it did not belong to Buddhism or Taoism, and was named as ‘The Great Daylight’——”

“I did not expect to have the opportunity to see one of the Heavenly books today, to see such a legendary technique——I no longer have any regrets in this life——”

There seemed to be a scorching sun in the sky.

Song Gudu’s body was that sun, and the burning flames around him were the white light that his body was absorbing.

In the darkness, there  originally shouldn’t be light.

However, darkness and light were relative existences, were complementary.

The other side of light was darkness, and the other side of darkness was light.

This was as though the two talented masters of Buddhism and Taoism had join hands. One in charge of the darkness and the other in charge of the light, and together they fully grasped this technique for the benefit of all beings.

Therefore, Song Gudu was not absorbing the light, but the darkness.

It used the vital energy he had stored up to incessantly devour and burn the forces of darkness around it, before converting them into power of life for his own use——

In the sky, a bank of black clouds tumbled.

Masses of black clouds swept across the sky, and then pounced towards the burning flames.

The masses of black clouds were ablaze, and the flames were increasingly fiercer and more dazzling.

The sun grew larger and larger in the sky, and the heat released by that fireball was getting stronger and stronger.


The towering mountains in the distance were melted, and large chunks of glaciers and rocks were scattered all over the place, battered by the flow of water.


The deep layer of snow on the ground was melted, and a large number of snowflakes were burnt to icy water. Before the snow gathered into a stream of water, it was incinerated into a white gaseous substance——

Strange things then happened.

There was no darkness in the sky, because the dark clouds that covered the darkness were absorbed by Song Gudu, were burned into white light by the raging fire and had become his energy.

There was no light in the sky, except for the bright light radiated from Song Gudu’s body, there was no longer a speck of light in the entire sky.

He had taken away the light, and taken away the darkness.

He had turned the sky into a vacuum space——a state of nothingness.

As the black cloud was constantly engulfed, as the fire was constantly raging, and as the ball of light that wrapped Song Gudu grew larger and larger, he looked majestic and dazzling like the only creator of heaven and earth.

The space in the high altitude began to twist, and began to collapse, producing ‘crunching’ noise that resembled the sound of ice blades being chewed——

All things in the world, all things in front of the eyes, were destroyed by Song Gudu.

“Heavens——” Everybody stopped, looking up with astonishment. “This is the power of the Great Light?”

“It destroys the heaven and earth, ‘The Great light’ is really worthy of its fame——”  “

“Song Gudu——has such remarkable ability, this is a Dragon slayer skill, right?”

Lu Qiji felt danger.

Lu Qiji transformed into a fire Phoenix, body surrounded by heavenly fire, like a giant firebird dancing in the sky.

However, the fire Phoenix, compared to the sun that was rising slowly, was like a firefly and the bright moon——

Lu Qiji knew that she could not let him continue to engulf everything.

His strength was already enough. If she were to allow him to take away all the light and darkness of the space, he would become the ruler of this space——At that time she would be like meat on a chopping board in that anyone could slaughter her.

Lu Qiji did not waste time, waved her huge tail and fully spread her wings.


The melodious and resounding cry of the Phoenix sounded from her mouth.

Then, the firebird widened her mouth, and a red crystal gushed out, spinning at lightning speed in mid air.

As the red crystal rapidly rotated, rays of light darted in its direction, absorbed by the crimson red crystal.

The Heart of the Phoenix!

This was the Phoenix clan’s parasitic stone and soul stone, nourished by the light between the heaven and earth, in order to complete disintegration, and then the nine changes of the Phoenix and finally become a deity.  

The nine changes of the Phoenix include red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet, as well as the devoid of filth and then the heavenly stage. The so-called devoid of filth was the change from a deep violet colour to a transparent colour. The same color as it was when it was born.

In other words, it needed to go through a complete complex cycle. Only when it transformed from a transparent colour back to a transparent colour, will the phoenix then become a deity.

Lu Qiji’s heart of the Phoenix was now a crimson red colour. In order words, she had just filled the transparent colour of the heart of the Phoenix with red, and had only just completed the first change of the Phoenix.

She had not even finished its first change.

There was still a distance from the goal, and it was almost impossible to complete a cycle and reach the devoid of filth stage and become a deity——

However, Lu Qiji was only in her teens. In this life of her, there had only been over a decade of life.

To complete the first turn in just over 10 years was already a miracle.

It should be said that the life span of the Phoenix was longer than that of the Dragons, because they possess the heart of the Phoenix and the ability to regenerate and reborn, which almost infinitely extended its lifespan——

The heart of the Phoenix of the past life was destroyed, and then re-incarnated into a human body, become a brand-new body of energy.

What Lu Qiji had to do was to complete the nine changes of the Phoenix, and then become a deity, become a real Phoenix——

Because it was the cold winter and a dark night, there was no light between heaven and earth.

And because Song Gudu had devoured and burned all the darkness, turned them into his energy, there was no darkness between the heaven and earth——

The light that the heart of the Phoenix absorbed was actually the energy released by Song Gudu’s body.

It had to be said that Lu Qiji’s method was similar to taking food from a tiger’s mouth.

Song Gudu desperately incinerated the black clouds, releasing blazing and dazzling light.

While Lu Qiji’s heart of the Phoenix was directly——absorbing the energy of Song Gudu.

As expected, Song Gudu snapped open his eyes and looked over when he sensed a powerful force was devouring his energy.

His previously dark, deep eyes had disappeared, becoming two balls of raging flames.

No, there were only two golden light balls in his pupils, which was the golden sun.

The two golden sun was fixed on the rapidly spinning crystal in the sky, watching it constantly devour the energy of his body, “The heart of the Phoenix——I didn’t expect to see this treasure today——it’s a pity, you’re too young——”

“In time, hundred years or thousands years, you can move unhindered across the world. The mother of tens of thousands of race, the ruler of the world. You can get anything you want in the divine continent. No one would dare to disobey you, nor can I. But you do not listen to advice, so you can’t blame others.”

“Since you want it so much, I’ll give it to you.”

Song Gudu’s eyes suddenly snapped shut, and then opened the next moment.

Closing and opening were all done in a flash.

Or perhaps was several times faster than a flash.


Two golden sun burst out from his eyes, speeding toward the rapidly rotating crystal in the sky.

The sun that was originally the size of the pupil had suddenly expanded into two blazing sun that could blot out the sky and cover up the earth.

They were not as huge as the real sun, but were as blazing as the real sun.

It was as though with the blink of his eyes, Song Gudu could send two suns to before your eyes, and then burn you to ashes in an instant.


The two golden suns sped towards the heart of the Phoenix, becoming the most powerful and fiercest body of light to absorb the heart of the Phoenix——

Those two eyes were the main body of Song Gudu, were the real ‘Great daylight’.

Kill with one thought!

Kill with a glimpse!

That was its remarkable power.

In one glance Song Gudu could tell that the heart of the Phoenix was crimson-red, and that it was the energy body that had not yet completed the first change.

The existence of the heart of the Phoenix was to help Lu Qiji to absorb the light and energy between the heaven and earth, and what it was doing now was precisely this.

Since it wanted rays of light, then she will give it that——

It was just that she had given it too much in one go.

It was like a newborn baby, although it was hungry and wanted to something to eat, you can’t give it one hundred steamed buns at once——

Not only would it not solve its hunger problem, but also it was possible for it to be stuffed to death.

What Song Gudu wanted to do was to stuff Lu Qiji to death.

Lu Qiji knew that the situation was not good, hurriedly wanted to summon the heart of the Phoenix back.

Unfortunately, she was still one step too late.


In the sky there was a crackling sound.

It was the rupturing of the crystal heart of the Phoenix.

“—— ”

In the sky, there was a cry of indignation from the firebird.

The voice of the Phoenix was clear and loud like a flute.

Back then when the Dragon slayer cultivator played the bamboo flute, the Phoenix was summoned, dancing along to the tune, and later on became a story that was spread far and wide and throughout all ages.

However, at this moment, from the voice, the Phoenix sounded in extreme pain and was evidently severely wounded.

The firebird had disappeared, and the blazing heavenly fire around faded instantly.

Lu Qiji spurted out jets of blood, plummeting to the ground.



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