Chapter 497: Sees the head of the divine dragon first!


The heart of the Phoenix, an energy body that absorbs light to grow continuously, was one of the legendary divine objects of the world. It can even be described as a ‘miracle’.

In this world, there were jars made of wood, jars made of black iron, and perhaps jars made of mountain god iron——

However, no matter what kind of material a jar was made out of, it has a certain capacity and can be loaded with a certain amount.

If the jar was only able to fit a bucket of rice, yet you stuffed three or five buckets of rice in it all at once——the result would either be that not a grain of rice would fit anymore or the jar would burst.

Of course, such an example was not too appropriate.  

Because the heart of the Phoenix was not a solid state, but an energy body that has the ability to self-absorb and engulf.

It was like a bag that could store a jar of water all at once, or a bucket of water all at once, or even three to five buckets of water——It had a non-stop stretching ability.

Of course, such an example was even more inappropriate.

Song Gudu knew about its special ability, therefore had stuffed 5000 grains in it all at once. Overwhelmed, the heart of the Phoenix suddenly burst its core, and even wounded Lu Qiji’s body.

Suffering that powerful internal devouring force, Lu Qiji was severely wounded, and even her life yuan was damaged, and her organs throbbed with pain like an overturned river.

She felt her body was being torn apart.

It was as though she was ripped into two parts, or ripped into several halves at once.


Li Muyang hissed, rapidly darting over to where Lu Qiji was.


He caught the body of Lu Qiji in his arms, and did not let her fall directly from the sky to the ground.

The blood mist in Li Muyang’s eyes was bubbling, but the look of worry on his face was undisguised.

No one had thought that, the Dragon and the Phoenix, the two individuals who had fought for tens of thousands of years, would unexpectedly become a family and would battle against such a powerful enemy in order to protect each other——

“Li Muyang——” Blood was constantly overflowing Lu Qiji’s mouth. She squeezed opened her eyes to look at Li Muyang, whose face had turned hideous after being tormented by the eight netherworld nails, and urged in a weak voice: “Quickly run. Take Father and go——”

“I’m not leaving.” Li Muyang refused out loud.

“Hurry and go.”

“I’m not leaving.”

“Li Muyang——” Lu Qiji was about to snap at Li Muyang again. This idiot, why is he always so annoying? “I can stop him, take this chance and run——otherwise, no one will be able to leave here——”

“I’m not leaving.” Li Muyang insisted. “If I go, you won’t be able to leave.”

“I have my own method of escaping.”

“I don’t believe it.” Li Muyang gritted his teeth.

He gently lowered Lu Qiji’s body onto the ground, looking up at Song Gudu, who was enveloped in raging flames like a scorching sun that would never fall, and spoke with clenched teeth: “You should leave.”

“Li Muyang, you idiot——what do you have to stop Song Gudu? You’re no match for him at all——””

“I have my life.”

As Li Muyang was speaking, his body shot up into the sky.

His body transformed into a fire dragon, forcefully slamming into Song Gudu who was suspended in the sky like a tremendous sun.


The fire dragon growled.


The fire blazed.

Dragon ascension!

By burning all the qi in the body, he transformed into the Fire dragon, and then charged towards Song Gudu to launch an ultimate attack.

It could also be his final attack.

“Die.” Song Gudu’s eyes glowed with a golden light again.

His whole body was wrapped in flames, and then he slammed out his fist.


Li Muyang’s body was blasted away.

Even so far apart, it had, without warning, struck Li Muyang’s body.

The ascending stance of Li Muyang was interrupted, and the powerful qi that he had built up in his body was scattered.

Before the secret technique of the dragon clan, the ‘Dragon ascension’ had showed its true power, before its force and power had integrated into one, it already came to a screeching halt, like a story without an ending, like a piece of a painting was torn off.


Li Muyang’s body plunged into the snowy water.

Li Muyang’s body made a mighty splash as he fell into the cold water that was melted from the thick snow.

Li Muyang’s body was so scorching that it was almost melted all the ice and snow in the wilderness.

It wasn’t because the ‘Dragon ascension’ technique was not strong enough, but because Li Muyang’s strength was too weak.

Just as Song Gudu had said in the beginning, Li Muyang could only imitate. There was no way he could fully comprehend——Therefore, in Song Gudu’s eyes, Li Muyang’s moves were full of flaws.

The snow water ‘splashed’, constantly producing bubbles.

Li Muyang’s face was buried in the icy-cold water. His expression at this moment could not be seen, but his body was motionless.

Song Gudu slowly descended.

The pair of golden eyes was fixed on Li Muyang on the ground with a pensive gaze.

“Song Gudu——” Lu Qiji got up from the ground, warily staring at Song Gudu, “What do you want to do?”

“Sever karma, and destroy the miracle.” Song Gudu stated in a low voice. “Since he cannot be used by me, then it is best to——destroy it. I was looking forward to what you would be like when you grow up, what a pity——”

As he was speaking, the two golden proud sun in Song Gudu’s eyes had once again drilled out of his eyes, expanded in an instant and transformed into two dazzling red fireballs.


Two fireballs, one left and one right, were hurled towards Li Muyang at the same time.

If it really struck him this time, then Li Muyang’s body and soul would most likely be destroyed, unable to reincarnate ever again.

“Li Muyang——”

Lu Qiji roared, once again forcibly transformed into a Phoenix. Waving her wings she sped skywards in an attempt to take on the two suns for Li Muyang——

Unfortunately, the two suns were just too fast.

They had arrived in a flash!

Destroyed all obstacles in the way!

With the majesty and heat that could incinerate all things in the world, they came smashing toward the body of Li Muyang.


The two red suns collided with Li Muyang’s body. The mountains buzzed, the ground quaked, and within a radius of hundreds of miles, all the snow and ice had been melted and swept away, evaporated into gaseous substance.

There was a gigantic hole created where Li Muyang was. The bottomless black hole seemed to be connected to the 18 floors of hell.

“Li Muyang——” Lu Qiji cried out in a tone of sorrowful indignation.

She pounced over to the black hole and shouted into the bottomless hole: “Li Muyang——”

“Li Muyang——”

“Li Muyang——”

Lu Qiji had returned to human form, crying out the name of Li Muyang again and again. Every time her voice sounded sadder than before, more despair than before.

“Li Muyang is dead.”

Lu Qiji found it hard to believe that Li Muyang would die like that.

Although she had always wanted to kill him, and it can even be said that her existence was for the dragon.

If he was not bent on destroying the human race, how would she be entangled with him for ten of thousands of years, and how would she be turned from a demigod to an energy body, and finally sank into the sea of consciousness. Besides fighting, she did not have any other purpose——

Until tens of thousands of years later, the energy body of the two could not withstand the changes of time any longer and perished together. The dragon sealed a drop of tear into the body of a newborn baby boy, while she stored the heart of the Phoenix into a young girl’s body.

She was on guard against him but also cared for him.

For, in this world, except for him, except for Li Muyang, she did not have any friends nor did she have any meaning of existence——

If Li Muyang had died, then what could she do with her long life?

“Li Muyang——” Lu Qiji once again screamed into the bottomless black hole.


A long and ancient dragon voice shook the bottomless black hole.

The voice was strong, majestic, sorrowful, and more of anger.

As though felt the powerful threat, the mountains trembled and all beasts and creatures bowed their head.

Even the Hummingbirds, Fire cloud horses, Lightning eagles, Misty cloud beasts and other divine beasts that the cultivators were sitting astride on were terrified. Their face was twisted with panic, body was quivering and some even wanted to flee.

If it was not for the fact that the cultivators wanted to maintain their face, but also the fact they were curious to see what sort of divine being was born, and forcibly pulled them back then the majority of the beasts would have ran away——


It was the voice of a dragon again.

This time, it was more high-pitched and louder than the last time, but also more powerful and domineering.

As though had awakened from slumber, and like the return of the King.

He wanted to announce his existence to the world. He wanted to let the world know that he was the true Lord of the world.

“Li Muyang——” Lu Qiji’s eyes widened, looking down into the bottomless black hole.


A black dragon was soaring up from the underground world, spiralling around.

His head was like an ox, his horns like a deer and his huge eyes were filled with crimson-red blood.

His claws were like knives, and were more domineering than the most domineering knives in the world.

His long tail was like a sword, sharper than the sharpest sword in the world.

Black scales were grown all over his body and were covered with thunder and lightning.


The pitch-black cave lit up with crackling electricity and loud clapping thunder like it was daytime. As a result, the black dragon appeared more ferocious, more tremendous.

The black cave was unfathomable, and the black dragon had almost filled the entire place.

That’s it!

The head of the divine dragon was always seen first before the tail!



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