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498 – The Dragon King’s breath!

Chapter 498: The Dragon King’s Breath!




The head of the black dragon had finally charged out of the unfathomable black hole, it felt as long as tens of thousands of years had passed.


The dragon did not charge straight for the Ninth Heaven, but came to a pause in front of Lu Qiji.

The eyes that were filled with blood shared made contact Lu Qiji’s eyes, and the aura of corrosion and destruction came assaulting the face.


A real natural dragon!

This ‘villain protagonist’ of the stories that had been handed down in the divine continent for tens of thousands of years. The demon that every youngster fantasises of killing to rescue the princess.

It was so close by.

Lu Qiji only needs to reach out her hand to touch the sharp corner of the branch-like horn, the hard rock-like head, and the black scales that were coated in lightning.

Ugly, Majestic, spectacular, magnificent, and familiar.

Lu Qiji had an incredibly familiar feeling towards this black dragon. In the heaven and earth, in the entire divine continent, there was no one else that was more familiar with him than her.

Lu Qiji very much wanted to reach out to touch him.

That was what she was thinking in the heart, and that was what she did.

The girl, who was kneeling on the ground and heavily wounded, stretched out her little hand at the black dragon.

She stretched out her hand and gently stroked the black scales on the dragon head.

It was icy-cold upon touch like a piece of ten thousands year old ice.

Yes, the dragon had a fiery nature and the dragon blood was fiery hot, but the scales of the dragon were icy-cold.

Cold to the bone. It could even be called a mysterious body structure.

There was a strong rebound force, and hundreds of bolts of lightning came gathering around the scales of where Lu Qiji’s palm came into contact with.

The dragons had inverted scales, and those who touch them must die.

The world thought that this meant that when upon contact with the dragon’s inverted scales, one would be brutally killed by it.

What was not known was that the Dragon clan inherently possessed remarkable defensive skills. When one body touches its body, its body will bounce away your hand with a rebounding force.

Moreover, there was a collection of thunder and lightning on the body surface of the advanced dragons. Every time any external force destroys the balance of those currents, they would be activated and gathered around the location where the external force was. Finally they will instantly cause the external object that brought the external force explode.

The dragon was able to grow scales and magical claws, and possess an invincible physical body.

Moreover, the Dragons were so large that it was difficult for Starry sky cultivators to hurt them.

Because the greater one’s attacking power, the greater the rebounding force.

If it were just a physical body, the ‘dragon slayer heroes’ would have slaughtered the dragons into dozens of sections long ago to be braised or made into a soup.


When the bolts of lightning on the scales accumulated towards Lu Qiji’s palm, an was about to ignite and blow up Lu Qiji’s hand, they suddenly came to a halt with a crackle and instantly disappeared without a trace. It was as though nothing had happened.

It was reluctant to hurt Lu Qiji.

“Li Muyang.” Lu Qiji called softly.

The blood mist inside the pupils of the black dragon faded, revealing the familiar eyes of Li Muyang.

Li Muyang’s eyes and Lu Qiji’s eyes met. There were thousand words they wanted to say, but did not know how to say it.



The black dragon gasped heavily.

All of a sudden, an intense pain in the body came.

It was a pain that smashed the root of his bones and then stitched them up. It was a huge nail slamming into his body and soul.

It was a pain beyond recognition, and even the dragon’s tough body found it unbearable and was almost unable to withstand.

Soon, the blood mist once again concealed the black pupils. Li Muyang’s eyes had disappeared, and on both sides of the black dragon’s eyes were only bubbling red blood.


The black dragon roared with anger.

The huge head looked skywards and roared, and then dragged his long and almost endless tail towards the Ninth Heaven.

“Li Muyang.”

Lu Qiji cried out.

All she could see was the head of the black dragon charging to the sky and the dark tail that was still dragging out of the boundless abyss.


The dragon king’s wrath frightened the heaven and earth.

All masters of the divine continent were aghast at the sight of the huge black dragon hovering and roaring overhead.

They watched the scene with a dull, absent light in their eyes. There was a dreamlike feeling.   

“There really are dragons in this world?”

“Li Muyang is a black dragon?”

“At the end of the Battle of the Dragon slayer, all dragons were slaughtered. I did not expect a dragon was hiding in this world.”

Nervous, agitated, fearful, and excited.

The heart was beating wildly, the blood was burning.  

Who did not dream of slaughtering dragons? Who did not have the ambitious hope of becoming a dragon slayer hero who will be remembered for generations?

“This dragon will be slaughtered by me.”

This was a sentence that came to everyone’s mind.

Song Gudu was captivated by the tremendous body of the black dragon, a heartfelt happiness and satisfaction inside him.

“The clan chosen by the heavens indeed makes one envious.” Song Gudu uttered emotionally.

He had already stood at the pinnacle of the human race cultivators, and had achieved almost the highest achievement that a martial artist can achieve. As for the dragon slayer realm, it was just a legend that he didn’t believe anyone could attain.

However, his body will gradually weaken, like a huge tree growing to its limit, and will soon wither.

His physical body could not bear his spiritual needs and could not support his pursuit and thirst for higher power.

He could die at any moment.

Death resets everything.

Everything he had worked for would disappear.

This was why he suddenly overturned Chu Xianda, destroyed the Lu family, and once again strengthened the Song family’s power and position.

He had to leave something in this world.

Whether it was a legacy or power for his future generations.

The body of the dragon was the body that Song Gudu had wanted, and the Dragon’s eternal life was also the secret skill that he wanted to get his hands on.

Unfortunately, Li Muyang stubbornly would not tell him even if had sustained eight dragon nails in his body.

“The Dragon Nail was naturally created to fight the dragon clan. When Li Muyang was in human form, he may be able to endure that kind of pain. However, now that he has transformed into a real dragon, the eight dragon nails would really display its real effect. It was designed to hurt and restrain the dragon clan. The black dragon must be in immense pain right now. To be born as a dragon, is it a blessing or a curse?”

“Roar.” The black dragon drilled out from the Ninth Heaven, maneuvering through the sea of clouds.

Seeing his huge body, seeing the familiar figure riding the mist and speeding across the sky, all human race cultivators were emitting a blazing light in their eyes.

Talented ability and remarkable skills.

This was a race loved and favoured by the heavens.

Unfortunately, it was foolish to death, and was slaughtered by the human race.

The heavens had pity on them, and finally left an only child for them to succeed their heroic reputation.

The body of the black dragon from time to time soared beyond the Ninth Heaven, so high that no one could see his shadow. Sometimes it swooped straight down, and almost stood alongside the humans on the ground.

Having stretched his body and livened up the blood, the pain in his body was slightly alleviated. The black dragon finally calmed down.


He dragged his long tail from the Ninth Heaven and then spiraled around in the sky.

His blood-red eyes swept over the many human race cultivators in the sky. His voice was old and sorrowful, as though had lived for thousands of years.

“You small, insignificant human beings are the most despicable people I have seen in my life. You drove my clan to help you with the two words ‘benevolence and righteousness’, and massacred my fellow clan with the word ‘interest and benefit’.” The voice of the black dragon was grievous and mournful, with a hatred that was so strong it will never disperse.

“I have been waiting for this day for too long. Destroy the nine countries, wipe out the human race. This is the oath engraved in my blood, also the curse that will never disappear until death. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, I will make you all die tragically.”

Once again, the giant body of the black dragon soared up, spraying a puff of fiery magma at the densest part of the crowd.

The wrath of the dragon king, the dragon breath.

The great flames blotted out the sky, as if to destroy the whole wilderness.

People spew out saliva, while the dragon sprays out flames and magma, the world’s most destructive and most powerful material.

The people who were able to follow Song Gudu’s pace to get here were naturally elites of the country. But when they saw the black dragon opened his mouth wide, they immediately scattered and escaped.

Unfortunately, would it be that easy to escape the wrath of the dragon?

The dragon breath was ferocious, and the area of the dragon breath was enormous.

Those who flew too slowly, or accidentally went the wrong direction, as long as they touched the slightest dragon breath, their clothes and hair were immediately ignited, body quickly corroded by the corrosive saliva, and huge holes appeared across the body one after another.

“This dragon is extremely fierce.”

“Everybody run!”

“Watch out for the dragon breath.”

The human race cultivators had thought that, since they had finally encountered a dragon and had finally had a chance of becoming a dragon slayer, they must grasp the opportunity.

However, before it had started, they were dumbfounded by the dragon breath.

In their view, this dragon breath was simply not something a human being could withstand against.

The black dragons hated the human race, especially the cultivators of the human race.

Tens of thousands of years ago, it was the imperial family of the nine countries who brought together the senior cultivators to brandish their blade at the dragon clan who was their allies.

If they were only ordinary citizens, how can they destroy the dragon clan that can soar in the sky?

So he sprayed a mouthful of dragon breath at where there were people.




The gigantic dragon growled and the sound shook the Ninth Heaven.

The dragon breath destroyed the world, bolts of lightning streaking across the sky.




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