Chapter 499: The black fire incinerates the dragon!


The starry sky rained and the wildfire raged.

Tens of thousands of beasts fled, the mountains echoed, and the heavens and the earth were set aflame and stirred up.

The black dragon hovered high in the sky, spewing flames of revenge at the human race he extremely hated.  



The dragon breath was too ferocious, and the area it spread across was too large, causing the human cultivators to be caught unprepared as soon as they came up.

Escape, dodge, counterattack, and howled anguishedly.

The cultivators who were sprayed with dragon breath and their battle pets were either dead or severely wounded, suffering heavy losses.

This was simply a torrential rain, a meteorite dropped from the sky. It was a disaster that the strength of the human race could not contend against.

“Senior Brother Xiu Xian run——the dragon is too powerful, don’t risk your life——”

“The black dragon is too fierce, everybody run——”  

“My life is over, my life is over——”

Yelling sounded one after another, mixed with the cries of pain.

The human cultivators had already suffered a great loss in the first round.

It had been tens of thousands of years since a dragon had appeared, and it had been tens of thousands of years the human race had fought a dragon, as a result almost everyone had lost the skills of how to fight the Dragon clan.

Within the Divine continent, the stories of the Dragon slayer heroes were frequently heard and repeated, and even young children hoped to become dragon slayer hero——

However, when they really encountered this scene, they found that things were not as simple as they had previously imagined.

The black dragon was skilled in combat. He first indiscriminately sprayed out dragon breath at the human race cultivators that had gathered together, and when those human race cultivators had not choice but to scatter, he began to kill an individual or several at once——

Of course, his main target was Song Gudu and the enemies who had been helping Song Gudu before.

He hated the entire human race, but he knew in his heart who the most dangerous and powerful enemy was.

He wanted to kill Song Gudu. Every time the pain brought by the netherworld nail flared up, he wanted to kill Song Gudu even more.

Moreover, his pursuit was very strategic.

He was going to isolate Song Gudu.

Given Li Muyang’s present dragon transformation state, it was most likely not easy to kill all of the cultivators that had gathered together.

Therefore, he must not allow them to come together to fight him.

He first made a round of indiscriminate spray of dragon breath and attack on the human race cultivators to let them know that the Dragon clan was powerful and the dragon breath was fierce and dangerous.

He wanted to let them know that, although you guys were very good, compared to the mighty dragon, you were still too weak——

He wanted to make them recognise the gap between them and the dragon clan, and to not make futile sacrifices.

Then he aimed at his main target Song Gudu to let all the cultivators of the human race realise that the person the black dragon most wanted to kill was Song Gudu, as well as the West Wind cultivators close to Song Gudu. Those that came from other countries——should just come and enjoy the scenery and the barren mountains.

It had to be said that Li Muyang’s strategy was a success.

The cultivators who were bent on slaughtering the dragon began to evade, began to hide, and began to hesitate whether they want to wade through this pool of muddy water, where they may accidentally give away their life——

The Dragon clan, they were faced with the dragon clan that had lived for tens of thousands of years—— ”

They hoped to achieve the dragon slayer hero’s prestige, but may lose their life in doing so.

It was not worthwhile!  

“Evil creature.”

Song Gudu took advantage of the gap while the black dragon was gathering dragon breath to aim the sunlight fist of the ‘Great daylight’ at black dragon’s body.

A new sun that resembled a huge fireball was whizzing towards the black dragon’s head.

The black dragon, aware of the power of this punch, dared not to forcibly receive it, and instead immediately sped skywards, dragging his huge body to escape.


The blazing sun slammed into the black dragon’s huge body, triggering the black scales to form bolts of lightning. After a series of crackle and snapping sounds, the sun that had finally displayed its mighty power turned into ball of dull light that disappeared into the dark.

Song Gudu’s attack was a success. He immediately took advantage of the chance to shout to the cultivators who were about to escape due fear: “In the vast divine continent, the human race are to be honoured and respected. The Dragon clan is violent and murderous, and have committed countless evil acts, innumerable crimes.”

“The reasons we cultivate, firstly it is for longevity, secondly it is to seek fame, and thirdly is to protect the heaven and earth. It is our bounden duty to get rid of the evil of the country, and slay the dragon for the millions of people of the divine continent——”   

“I am the West Wind’s Song Gudu. Today I will fight to death with this evil dragon.”

Song Gudu’s voice was old and solemn, but deep and majestic, giving people an endless sense of trust and strength.

As expected, affected by Song Gudu’s speech, someone echoed his words.

“I am the ‘Sword flying immortal’ Ning Caichen. Today, I will accompany Old immortal Song to slay this dragon——”

“The Changbai Sword Sect is here. Li Muyang is an enemy of my Changbai Sword sect, we must kill this villain——”

“Dawu’s Seven pagoda will also assist Old immortal Song in slaying the dragon——”

The will of the people was used!

Song Gudu was best at using people’s hearts, and then control all their to finally achieve his goal.

For example, what was done in the West Wind’s imperial court, and for example what was happening now.

After Song Gudu’s righteous speech, the influential and well-known cultivators of the nine countries of the divine continent were embarrassed to furtively sneak away.

Moreover, Song Gudu had lead by example. He was not afraid to die, thus how could the other people be afraid?

“Heroes, we shall gather our strength to eliminate this dragon.” Song Gudu bellowed.

Song Gudu took the lead, and was the first to charge towards the black dragon.

The several other cultivators refused to admit being inferior, one after another followed closely behind, and began to form formations to launch an attack on the black dragon.

These cultivators were all experts of the divine continent, and whether it was wisdom or combat experience they all had plenty.

At first, they were shaken by the appearance of the black dragon, and for a moment did not know what to do. Adding to this, the black dragon could spray out dragon breath at will, which was too powerful that they unable to defend, and could only suffer a beating.

However, under Song Gudu’s bewitching, several cultivators had come together to do the same thing, attacking the same target at the same time, bringing a great threat to the black dragon, which Li Muyang had transformed into.

There were advantages and disadvantages to Li Muyang transforming into the black dragon.

The advantage was that he was able to borrow the power of the black dragon and can improve his fighting strength.

What’s more, Li Muyang was exhausted long ago. If he had not transformed into a dragon he would have died under Song Gudu’s ‘Great Daylight’ long ago.

However, the problem after dragon transformations had also emerged.  

Firstly, Li Muyang was ultimately not a black dragon, and his fighting experience was inferior to that of the black dragon.

Secondly, his defenses were not as good as that of the black dragon, and at this point the black dragon was 108,000 miles apart from his peak physical state in the past.

Now the black dragon was only a ray of divine thought of the Black Dragon King.

He was sealed in the Tear of the Dragon King, entered into the body of Li Muyang, and then gave Li Muyang the ability to transform into a black dragon.

But, it was after all just a wisp of divine thought.

Thirdly, and the most important point was that——the black dragon’s physique was too large. It was easy to be attacked by others, but it was not easy to evade the attack.

“Li Muyang——”

Only Lu Qiji understood Li Muyang’s present condition and state, but also the only one——who did not want the black dragon to be slaughtered by the human race.

Or be slaughtered by the Phoenix clan.


Lu Qiji shouted in a clear voice, turning into a firebird Phoenix, and then sped towards the army of cultivators that had encircled Li Muyang.

The battle today will not end till there was death!

The Wolf King was extremely familiar with that black dragon. He stared blankly at the scene of the black dragon in combat for a good while before he produced a cold howl.

Then, once again, he pounced onto the cultivators around him.  

Snowball was as playful as ever, seeing that there were increasingly more people gathering around, it felt more and more fun.

Then, once again, it darted towards the martial arts experts around.


“Puchi—— ”

It was the humans gasping for breaths.

It was also the black dragon and the firebird gasping for breath.

It was a strange battle.

One side was a team of pure human race experts, while the other was composed of a black dragon, a firebird, a dog and a wolf——An assembly of beasts?

The Dragon clan was powerful, and the Phoenix clan was immortal; however, they were in a new infant state, which was far away from their peak strength.  

The talent and physique of the human race were far inferior to the Dragon and Phoenix, but those able to fight fiercely against this group of beasts, including a Dragon, Phoenix, dog and a wolf, till now, can also regarded as one of the strongest among the human race, a figure whose reputation would shook the divine continent. Now they were at the strongest state of the human race and the pinnacle of their fighting power.

So, it was difficult for the people to kill the dragon, and also difficult for the dragon to kill.  

The battle was deadlocked.

Song Gudu scanned the crowd, saying loud and clear: “Heroes, the evil Dragon is strong, and has the assistance of fierce beasts, it will difficult for us to slaughter it.”

“Tens of thousands of years ago, the human race had gathered the elites of the nine countries to massacre the dragon clan. Today, we should follow the example of the distinguished people of the past and bring together the strength of all heroes and people to slaughter this dragon and his accomplices. For our country and for our race. No matter what, we must not let them escape. Otherwise, at that time it would be more difficult to kill them than ascending the heavens.”

“Old immortal Song, what plan do you have to suggest? We will fully assist you.”

“Yes, Old immortal Song should let us know, we believe you——”

“It is everyone’s responsibility to kill the dragon——”——   

“I will bring the ‘Great daylight’ to its full power, which can incinerate all monsters of the world. I ask all heroes to lend me the power of light. Is that okay?”

“Ning Caichen is willing to.” “

“Li Pingsheng is willing to.”

“Wan Liyun is willing to.”

“On behalf of the citizen of all countries, I want to say thank you to all of you.” When Song Gudu was talking, his body was blazing with red flames again. The flames burned more and more fiercely, fullly enveloping Song Gudu, and then gradually swallowed him up.

“Ning Caichen will assist Old Immortal.”

A green-robed cultivator brushed his sleeve, sending the real yuan in his body pouring into Song Gudu’s body. The fire was fiercer than before.  

“Li Pingsheng will assist Old Immortal.” “

A black-robed old man punched out, sending unimaginable blue-green energy gushing toward Song Gudu’s body.

The red flame turned purple, the colour more gorgeous than before.

“Hou Xiaolong is willing to assist.”

Someone else joined in.

As more and more people joined in, the flames around Song Gudu’s body grew more and more dazzling.

It had changed from a faint reddish colour to crimson red, then from crimson to purplish red. As the heavenly fire grew stronger and more intense, it became a pure white colour, then turned light grey, and finally pitch black.

The black flame was as dark as ink.

Bizarre, evil, but with the power to destroy everything.

The black dragon looked at the black flame, the blood inside his pupils bubbling more intensely.

He sensed danger.

“Li Muyang——” The firebird Phoenix cried out in the voice of Lu Qiji.

“It’s just death.” The black dragon hissed. “You should leave.”

“Li Muyang——” The cry of the Firebird sounded more worried.

Li Muyang had told her to go, but how could she leave at this moment?

This stubborn and unyielding guy, this crazy and simple guy, will he never understand——the meaning of companionship?

There were countless currents flashing on the black dragon’s body, bolts of lightning had gathered above the scales on his body.

At this time the black dragon resembled a lightning dragon, about to release all the lightning that he had accumulated all his life.


The black dragon roared, charging in the direction Song Gudu who was shrouded in blazing black flames.

Song Gudu’s eyes snapped open.

His golden eyes had turned black, like the colour of his pupils.

It was just that there were no pupils in his eyes anymore, only the two black suns.

There was no whiteness in his eyes, no pupils, and only a black colour.

He drew circles with both his hands, and his two arms were waving the black flame, performing a complex and mysterious handseal.

Those seals looked like Buddhist scriptures, also like Taoist spells, as well as strange symbols like scriptures and spells had fused into one.

It was unseen of. It was unheard of.


Following an incantation, the two black suns in his eyes flew out, integrated into one in the process of flying, and then rumbled towards the black dragon.


The black sun and the black dragons collided. The whole world plunged into a doomsday-like darkness.

The sky was black and the ground was black.

The wind was black and the snow was black.

The space was also black.

There was no longer a glimmer of light in the whole world.



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