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500 – A friendship of life and death!

Chapter 500: A friendship of life and death!





The scarlet-red night horse clattered forward, the fiery red hooves raised and fell rhythmically, thudding against the dark soil and fragments of ice. They were like a mass of red flames flying past above the wasteland, but also like the taboo ghost fire that the people of the divine continent speak off wandering in the night.

The soldiers on horseback did not make any sound.

They marched in silence. The thousands of battle horses bolted forward in perfect rhythm. Mighty, solemn, and oppressive.


The leader pulled on the reins, and made a motion to stop.


The thousands of red night horse immediately halted, as if frozen to the spot and did not move an inch.

The thousands of soldiers on horseback looked at the strange scene in the sky with a horrified face.

It was as though a mischievous child, who doesn’t understand painting at all, had randomly smeared ink across the black sky. There were beautiful purples and brilliant reds. The places that should not be white were white, and the places that should not be dark were a dark colour. Where it should have been painted blue was a heavy purple colour and where it should be coated with golden yellow was orange.

It was a completely low-grade painting that had accidentally dropped on the ground after completion, and was trampled by a flock of people over and over again.

The wildfire was still burning, sparse, messy, and without regulations. It was burning here and there, as well as spreading further afield.

The clouds, the air, and everything in the sky were the fuel that they burn.

“General, what is this?” There was a clatter of hoofs as a man in heavy red armour came over, casting a sidelong glance at Song Lang.  

Song Lang’s eyes were firmly fixed ahead at the scene of fluttering red cloud. “Do you not feel it?”

“What do you feel?”

“There’s a smell of smoke ahead.”

Zou Lie sniffed his nose then answered: “There is indeed a smell of smoke. A fierce battle must have occurred ahead.”

Zou Lie asked in a surprised tone, “Could it be——those are the remains after the fierce battle?”

Song Lang stretched out his hand to feel the wind, before he said, “There is such strong wind, such cold weather, but the smoke still had not scattered——it must have been an earth-shaking battle.”

“What does General mean?”

“Grandfather came to hunt down Li Muyang, and is definitely ahead.” Song Lang said aloud. “If we catch up we can get to the bottom of it.”

“Yes. General.” Zuo Lie responded.  

Song Lang took the lead, charging in the direction of the red light wildfire in front.

The thousands of armour-clad Qilin army elites followed closely behind, wielding a long spear and with a sword strapped at the waist, rushing into a battle that would shock the entire divine continent.

When they came to the battlefield, they couldn’t believe their eyes.

The whole battlefield was littered with ditches and pits, large and small, and they could hardly find a complete place.

There were dozens of mile long ditches and bottomless deep pits.

The mountains in the distance had collapsed and the rivers were cut off.  

The fertile land was completely destroyed, and it was feared that there would never be any life force for thousands of years.

“General, this——” Zuo Lie spurred the horse over to where Song Lang was and said out loud.

“This is the destructive power of my Song family’s [Great daylight].” Song Lang explained. But he was surprised by the fact that Li Muyang had forced his Grandfather to unleash the Song family’s secret technique ‘Great daylight’, proving that he did have some remarkable skills——Could he really be a dragon?

The soldiers looked at Song Lang with a face of reverence when they heard this.

“‘Great daylight’ is a miracle, worthy of being one of the three greatest remarkable skills of the divine continent——”

“The power of Old Immortal is most likely as powerful as that of a real immortal, isn’t it? It really is astonishing——”

“Last time I followed General back to the old mansion, I was lucky enough to see Old Immortal——Old Immortal is indeed an immortal——”

Song Lang glanced around then said aloud, “This was the scene of the great battle, and Grandfather is definitely close by. Everyone scatter and search around, we must find Grandfather’s whereabouts——”

“Yes.” Everybody immediately scattered, each leading their subordinates and dispersed in all directions.

Song Lang swept his eyes around, and then soared with one leap, darting over to a raised hillside.

This hillside was actually a huge boulder that had collapsed from the mountains in the distance, and became the tallest rock here.

As Song Lang landed on the boulder, as expected, he saw Grandfather Song Gudu’s figure. He was sat cross-legged on a boulder, eyes closed and recuperating. His grey robe was a mess and there were bloodstains on the corners of his mouth.  

Song Lang rushed over, asking anxiously: “Grandfather, how are you? Are you okay?”

Song Gudu slowly opened his eyes: “Quickly chase after Li Muyang.”

“Li Muyang has escaped?” Song Lang was surprised. It was more shocking than the strange image he had just seen in the sky. His Grandfather has personally intercepted, and even used the Song family’s ‘Great Daylight’, yet Li Muyang was still able to escape——What cultivation level was Li Muyang or was that just luck?

“The existence of Li Muyang concerns the life and earth of my Song family. Li Muyang dies, the Song family lives. Li Muyang lives, the Song family dies. No matter what, be sure to kill him at all costs.” Song Gudu ordered in a weak voice. “Li Muyang is a dragon, an evil dragon.”

“But Grandfather——”  

“Quickly go.” Song Gudu urged. “I have already seriously wounded him, we must not let him escape. Once the Dragon enters into the sea, it won’t be easy to find such a golden opportunity again.”

“If I go, what about Grandfather?”

“This battle has wounded my soul, exhausted my spirit, I just need to recuperate for a while and I will be fine. Quickly go and complete your assignment.” Song Gudu sad in a reassuring voice.

“I will leave 1000 Qilin soldiers to protect Grandfather, and another 2000 Quilin soldiers to chase after Li Muyang.” Song Lang saw that his Grandfather had so solemnly handed over this task to him, and dared not to waste any time.

“Quickly go.” Song Gudu waved his hand. “Be careful in battle, there will be someone to come provide support.”

“Yes, Grandfather. You must take care of yourself.”

Then, with a flash, he was already sitting astride the muscular back of his scarlet red night horse.  

“Zou Li, lead 1000 elites to guard this place. You must protect my Grandfather.”

“Yes, General.” Zui Li responded with a cupped fist salute.

“Qilin army, come with me to slaughter the dragon——”


The violet rocking of a carriage sounded.

Lu Qiji’s body swayed left and right, head accidentally slammed against the hard compartment walls, and almost fainted.

She tightly held Li Muyang in her arms, letting his head rest on her leg to prevent him also being hurt by the violent tremor.

“I’m really sorry.” The fatty sitting opposite smiled, cupping one hand in the other. “I’ll improve in a moment. It was too urgent this time, I wasn’t ready yet.”

Lu Qiji fixed a cold stared at the fatty, analysing his background.

Song Gudu, with the help of the essential qi of dozens of cultivators of the nine countries, had completed a taboo version of the ‘Great daylight’.

That was a taboo power, an ability that the human race should not have.

However, in order to slaughter Li Muyang, Song Gudu did not care and unexpectedly brought that power to the world——

Li Muyang also fearlessly transformed into the black dragon, gathered all the lightning energy in his body to one point and met Song Gudu ‘Great daylight’ head-on.

At that moment, the whole world quaked as a result.

The sky disappeared and the ground vanished.

The people also were gone.

Left in the vast heaven and earth was only the dazzling white light shining across the heaven and earth, and the big explosion that collapsed the mountains and cut off the rivers——

By the time that Lu Qiji had restored her sight and was about to rush over to save Li Muyang, the fatty before her had already appeared out of nowhere.

Now she was sat in front of the fatty, Li Muyang laid in her arms, while her father, Li Qingming, was lying in the fatty’s arms——

It could be said that the fatty had saved the lives of her family at the critical moment.

Had it not been for his timely appearance, she wouldn’t have been able to bring her father and Li Muyang away from the pursuit of the countless cultivators that had gathered.

“It was a tough situation.” Lu Qiji thought.

Whether it was to slaughter the dragon or for the heart of the weak water, the cultivators of the nine countries of the divine continent will not let them go.

Therefore, it was precisely because the situation was critical now that Lu Qiji was extremely vigilant. Who knows whether these people were enemies or friends, and what kind of motive he has?

The Lu clan had collapsed. The Lu family had encountered great trouble. The enemies before had become great enemies of life and death, and the friends before would most likely become enemies, right?  

The fatty looked embarrassed, rubbing his fleshy nose, and said, “Don’t look at me like that. There has never been such a beautiful girl looking at me like that. I’m nervous.”

“Who are you?” Lu Qiji asked directly.  

“Gongshu yuan.” The fatty said aloud, “I’ve introduced myself to you before. Three times.”  

“I’m asking who is Gongshu Yuan? Why did you come to our rescue?”

“Because I’m a friend of Li Muyang.” The fatty patted his fat chest, “We have a friendship of life and death, and we are brothers who will throw away our lives for each other.”

Lu Qiji’s eyes grew piercing, a firebird emerging in her hand.

“Don’t, don’t, don’t get angry——this flying carriage cannot withstand it——” Gongshu Yuan waved his hand anxiously, “My surname is Gongshu, from the Gongshu clan of Qingcheng.”

“Gongshu clan?”

“My ancestor is Lu Ban.” A look of pride came onto Gongshu Yuan’s face. “Miss Lu know about him, right?”

Lu Qiji shot a glance at Gongshu Yuan. “I don’t know.”




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