Chapter 501: Lu Ban’s descendant


“You don’t like me.” The fatty said, looking at Lu Qiji, “You’re hostile to me.”

“I am hostile to everybody in this world.” Lu Qiji stated, eyes flashing a violet light.

Her heart was full of violent anger, an impulse to destroy the entire world.

What did Li Muyang do wrong?

He had only inherited the soul of the black dragon and had not done anything bad, but was tortured by the human race to almost the point of death——  

“On what basis?” Lu Qiji thought. “On what basis can they be the rulers of the world and the arbitrator of good and evil? On what basis can they hold up the stick of morality and shout to kill other races?”

Lu Qiji was now fully able to experience the black dragon’s grievance and indignation. No, she already could understand it tens of thousands of years ago.

It was only that the immortal Phoenix clan was the mother of all races, a special race that was responsible in protecting the continuation of the human race and all living things.

It can be said that she was the only true God of this space.

The strength of the Phoenix comes from light, but also from the power of faith of the human race.

If light and the human race were all gone, the immortal body of the Phoenix would also be broken, and at that time the whole divine continent would collapse, and even this space would be destroyed.

Lu Qiji did not want to kill Li Muyang, but at the same time was worried about Li Muyang destroying the human race——This was really a difficult choice.

Moreover, the various acts of the human race really had sent a chill down Lu Qiji’s spine.

She was filled with a sense of distrust towards the human race, as if everyone had ulterior motives to come to her side.

Including this fatty with a lewd smile on his face.

“I understand your concern.” Fatty Gongshu Yuan very patiently explained, “I know you have suspicions. A person who dared to jump out and go against Song Gudu to save you out of the sea of flames is either an idiot or someone after the Heart of the Weak Water——If the same thing were to happen to me, I would also have the same thought.”

“But you should have heard about me. When Li Muyang left Jiangnan city for the first time and got into a battle with some people at Fowl crying river, it was I who timely rescued General Xu Da. Later, I also escorted Li Muyang all the way to the foot of Starry Sky Academy. That journey really was difficult and dangerous. We had encountered a good dozens of assassins on the way, and there were several times that I had to drag Li Muyang out from under the sword. Otherwise he would have been dead now. If you don’t believe me then ask Li Muyang——”

Seeing that Li Muyang was still lying motionlessly in the arms of Lu Qiji, the fatty gently sighed: “ask him when he wakes up. Don’t worry, Brother Muyang is blessed, even Song Gudu couldn’t kill him, who else in the world can take him away?”

When Lu Qiji saw the fatty’s genuine concern and care for Li Muyang, she slowly began to acknowledge and accept him.

“Are you a descendant of the Lu family?” Lu Qiji asked: “A person of Grandpa?”

“Ancestor Lu Ban originally has the surname Ji, and was born in the Gongshu clan and given the name Ban. Later the Gongshu clan constantly enlarged and spread its power and influence throughout the divine continent. As a result there were also different surnames. For example, the surname Lu and Ji which are well known. And we are the most orthodox, so we have always had the name Gongshu as the surname.”

“No matter where the clan lives, or what the surname is, what we pass down is Ancestor’s set of weaponry technique.”

“Ancestor Lu Ban was a Starry Sky cultivator known across the divine continent. And because Ancestor was were very skilled at mechanisms, machinery and breaking through city barriers, he was highly regarded by the imperial family. In the end Ancestor traveled to Great Jin and was given the title ‘State tutor’.”

“Before Ancestor past away, he wrote in a book about what he had learned all his life. It was called the ‘Lu Ban’s book’, which was given to the Gongshu clan and regarded as a heirloom. But unexpectedly, as they say, an innocent man gets into trouble because of his wealth. The Crowned Prince of the Great Jin wanted to take possession of the book. After his threats and promises failed, he sent his subordinates and Generals to snatch it away from the Gongshu clan. Half of the Gongshu clan was slaughtered as a result, and they finally fled to the Cold valley next to Great Jin state.”

“Back then it was General Lu Zhengrong of the Lu family who was stationed at the Cold Valley Pass. It was also General Lu who fought against the tens of thousands of soldiers of the Crowned Prince and allowed the Gongshu clan into the territory of the West Wind Kingdom. Worried that the ‘Lu Ban’s book’ would be snatched away by the authorities of the West Wind Kingdom, General Lu provided enough carriages and horses as well as food and sent the Gongshu clan into hiding overnight.”

“From beginning to end, General Lu Zhengrong had never once asked about the ‘Lu Ban’s book’. And, as far as our clan knows, after the West Wind imperial family received the news that General Lu had sent the Gongshu family away, they ordered General Lu to bring the Gongshu clan back to Tiandu no matter what——but General Lu only answered with the sentence ‘have done enough courtesy, the esteemed guests have already been sent away’. At that time, the imperial family was infuriated, and deducted General Lu’s salary for several years, and even the army provisions were greatly docked.”

“The Gongshu clan was incredibly grateful to General Lu, and when they learned that General Lu and the army had no weapons or armours on the battlefield, they gathered the power of the whole family to create a ‘wolf helmet and black demonic armour’ for General Lu.”

“The Wolf helmets and black demonic armous were built by your Gongshu clan?” Lu Qiji exclaimed.

The Lu family’s wolf army was famous all over the world, and the wolf helmets and black demonic armour played an important role. However, the Lu family had never said much on the origin of the Wolf helmet and the Black demonic armour. It was thought to have been made by the Lu family’s own weaponry workshop.  

But unexpectedly, these two killing weapons were from the descendants of the ancestor of weaponry, Lu Ban.

“That’s correct.” Fatty replied proudly. “The Gongshu clan is grateful to the Lu family, and had always offered the best quality armour and weapons to the Lu family. The descendants of the Gongshu clan had also concealed their identity and acted as aids and advisors for the Lu clan’s military. As long as it was related to mechanism feng shui and siege equipments and weapons, the Gongshu family was able to provide the greatest support and help for the Lu family. The two families joined hands and moved forward together, and the Lu family had also step by step stabiliseed their fame and status as the best military family in the entire Kingdom.”

“The relationship between the two families started from this. Last time when General Xu Da was captured, I was sent to the rescue because I know the laws of mechanism and breaking into the ship. I was able to take people out under the strong defence of the Monitor Division. It was also because of that encounter that Li Muyang and I became friends, and also brothers until death.”

Lu Qiji’s eyes had softened a lot more when she looked at fatty. “You received the news, so came to the rescue?”

“That’s correct.” The fatty nodded. “I was polishing my Cloud piercing lark in the Cold valley. I came right away with my Cloud piercing lark when I received the news. The Lu family is in trouble, our Gongshu clan certainly will not stand and watch. Presumably the family is now thinking about what to do next.”

“Thank you.” Lu Qiji bowed deeply to the fatty, her chest almost touching Li Muyang’s face.

“Don’t mention it, don’t mention it.” The fatty blushed, waving his hand, “As long as you don’t look at me with that look. I’m shy.”


“All right.” Lu Qiji said. “The kindness of saving a life should be remembered forever. If you had not appeared in time and dragged Father and Li Muyang into this Cloud Piercing lark, they would have been slaughtered to death by those people——” “


The violent shaking sounded again.

Lu Qiji hugged Li Muyang’s body that was swaying left and right, waiting for this wave of turbulence to stop.

In the sea of clouds, a cloud lark made of wood was working hard, waving its two huge wooden wings, creaking ahead.

As the fatty had said, the Cloud piercing lark was not yet completed, so the appearance looked extremely ugly. The sharp head had no eyes on it, no beak, mouth, and not even a strand of hair.

The two huge wings were rattling as they fluttered up and down, as though had not been polished enough. What was even more difficult to accept was that the Lark had three legs.

Two on the left, and one on the right.  It looked like——a deformed monster.

If Lu Qiji saw this she definitely would sigh: in my lifetime I have never seen such an ugly lark.

“I am really embarrassed, because I left in a hurry, I did not have time to install the other leg. Therefore, when hit by the strong wind, it would sway and is not very stable——when I return I will immediately fix it.” “

“Don’t worry about it.” Lu Qiji said out loud. Now that she knew about fatty’s background and the relationship between the Gongshu family and the Lu family, she looked at the fatty with much kinder eyes, thinking that, although his face was oily and fat——and although he looks so lewd, she no longer thought of throwing a punch at him.


The Cloud piercing lark moved up and down the sea of clouds, breaking through that strong, cold wind, and finally entered the safe area.

“Where are we going now?” The fatty asked.

“Wind City.” Lu Qiji answered.  

“All right.” The fatty nodded, “Wind city is where the Lu family’s ancestral house is, and where they started, it should be safe there.”

“If we go there it won’t be safe anymore.” Lu Qiji remarked in a cold voice.  

Her Father’s life was in danger and Li Muyang was still unconscious, now what they should do was find a safe and secluded place to hide and avoid being found by those cultivators.

However, Lu Qiji knew that, if Li Muyang still has a hint of consciousness, would certainly ask her to take him to Wind city.

Because that was where his parents and sister were, and they were facing great danger there.

Adding to this, the Three souls and Seven Spirits were currently escorting Mother Gongsun Yu and younger brother Lu Tianyu to Wind city. It would great if they could run into them on the way.

“That’s true.” The fatty nodded. “When we go there, we will draw the enemies over.”

“We are their enemies.” Lu Qiji’s eyes glimmered with killing intent all of a sudden.

Those traitors will eventually be judged by the raging fire and reported to death.



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