Chapter 502: Intellectual property rights!


Gongshu Yuan did not know that Wind city’s Lu Wuyong had betrayed the Lu family. Seeing a murderous look came onto Lu Qiji’s face, he asked in a terrified tone of voice: “Wind city has changed?”

“Lu Wuyong has surrender to Prince Fu and Song Gudu, and has imprisoned Li Muyang’s family as well as General Xu Da.” Lu Qiji explained, an undisguised worry on her face. Li Muyang’s family was not her family, and she and Luo Qi and Li Yan had no relationship, and she had never even seen Li Shinian before. When Li Muyang’s parents and sister were brought to Tiandu, she had already gone to Starry Sky Academy.

Now, Li Muyang’s identity had been exposed, and she and Li Muyang had become a family——

Besides, Li Muyang was now unconscious, unable to save his parents and sister himself. As his——old friend or rather natural enemy, she should consider his feelings. If Li Muyang was awake at this moment, what was the first thing he would do?

“Lu Wuyong is so cruel and ruthless.” Gongshu Yuan fumed, his fat face becoming a purplish red. “General Lu saw him as a nephew, and cultivated him like his son. He even handed the Lu family’s ancestral house to his hands. I didn’t expect him to betray his family and play such a cunning trick. A person like him cannot clear away his sins even if he dies one hundred times.”

“The trip there, is namely to take away his life.”

When Lu Qiji heard what the fatty said, she felt a little more comfortable. Unlike Li Muyang, her consciousness had always been clear, and she had always known that she was the immortal Phoenix. However, after years of nurture, after years of living together, it caused her to feel a deep attachment to both the Lu family and her parents. Lu Qiji’s hatred overflowed to the sky when she saw that they were suffering and were treated in this way.

In particular, the Wind city’s Lu Wuyong was seen as a relative and direct line of descent of the Lu family. She also had to address him as an uncle and elder whenever he came over for the Spring Festival. But in the most critical moment he had stabbed the Lu family with the most ferocious knife. This was difficult for Lu Qiji to accept.

The Phoenix was reborn from fire, and since the Phoenix likes to play with fire, their temper was naturally quite fiery——

No matter what, she had to go to Wind city to find Lu Wuyong and make sure justice is served.

“There’s something I don’t know whether it’s appropriate to say now.” The fatty hesitated.   

“If it’s inappropriate then don’t say it.” Lu Qiji remarked.

“——I’d still like to say a little bit of my humble opinion.” Gongshu Yuan knew that the eldest daughter of the Lu family was not easy to get along with and had a fiery temper. He said cautiously, “I can understand Miss Lu’s hatred towards Lu Wuyong, but, I think——one should bide one’s time and wait for the right opportunity to seek vengeance. Wind City is a frontier town, and Lu Wuyong holds 100,000 troops in his hands, and the fierce Generals under him are as many as the rain, and the number of masters is like the number of clouds. If we were to storm over there in rage, wouldn’t that be walking right into an inescapable net?”

“Li Muyang is still unconscious and General Lu——is still unconscious. Although I still have a certain strength to fight, but as the saying goes, four hands are better than two. Miss Lu also seems to be seriously injured. Why don’t we first find a hiding place, then wait until Li Muyang and General Lu wakes up. Miss Lu can also get the opportunity to treat your injuries——Then, we will charge over to Wind city to peel Lu Wuyong’s skin and pluck out his tendons. Don’t you think, this is more sensible?”

“You make a lot of sense.” Lu Qiji nodded.  

“Miss Lu is indeed a famous intelligent girl in the capital city, you understood right away.” The fatty complimented in a loud voice.

“But I’m not prepared to follow your advice.” Lu Qiji uttered.

“Huh——” The fatty felt he had been hurt again. Someone had given him a loud slap in the face.

“We can wait, but can Li Shinian wait?” Lu Qiji asked in response. “If something were to happen during our rest and recuperation——when Li Muyang wakes up, how are we going to tell him such news?”

“——But, at least, we saved his life.”  

“If you are afraid of death, then bring my father and Li Muyang to safety. I will go to Wind City alone.”

“Who’s afraid of death?” The fatty felt like he had been stabbed in his chest, his face and neck reddened as he hissed, “Who’s afraid of death? Who’s afraid of death? Isn’t it just Wind City? Even if it’s a ghost town, I, Gongshu Yuan, will still follow you there today.”  

“That’s more like a man.”


Gongshu Yuan grinned.

“She complimented me.”

While laughing, they sensed that something did not feel right.


The Cloud piercing lark was violently shaking once again.

Gongshu Yuan hurriedly leaned back against the wooden wall, tightly holding onto Lu Qingming’s body. “We entered some turbulence, everyone be careful.”


A sharp and clear snap sounded like an object was breaking.


The Cloud piercing lark’s huge body titled all of a sudden, and the several people inside the lark’s belly immediately rolled to one side.

Gongshu Yuan turned pale, “The left wing is broken——how is that possible? It doesn’t make sense. It doesn’t make sense. I used the Ghost Mountain Red Thorn, one of the hardest tree species in the world.”


Another part of the Cloud-piercing lark’s body was struck, producing the sound of snapping wood.  

“There’s an attack.” Lu Qiji said in a cold voice.

“Those people have already caught up?” Gongshu Yuan turned around, pulling up a little shutter behind, and as expected he saw that several cultivators in the sky were catching up to them, launching attacks at the lark they were riding.

“What now?” Gongshu Yuan asked.

“Accelerate.” Lu Qiji clenched her teeth.  

She placed Li Muyang’s body on the wooden plank, and was preparing to go out to face the cultivators.

“Blow up the wooden bird——the dragon is in there——”

“The feat of slaughtering the dragon, is today, is now——”

“Fellow cultivators, will you dare to slaughter the dragon with me?”

The cultivators’ faces all bore the same expression of excitement and enthusiasm, rushing towards the lark that had broken a wing and was rapidly crashing down.  

Most of them were cultivators that had lent strength to Song Gudu to launch the ‘Great daylight’. Of course, each and every one of them had selfish motives. Some people lent more power while some lent less. Those who lent more, after Song Gudu had unleashed the ‘Great daylight’, also had their energy drained and hurriedly fled to a safe place to recuperate. While those who lent less had other thoughts. When Song Gudu was exhausted and unable to get up, and the other cultivators had dispersed, they immediately tried to catch up to Li Muyang.

Whether it was in achieving the feat of slaughtering the dragon and becoming a dragon slayer hero, or capturing the Heart of the Weak Water that everyone was after, their chances of success had greatly increased.

It takes intelligence to fight.

When Gongshu Yuan heard the ‘accelerate’ command, he immediately pulled a huge axe switch on the bird’s head.


The lark, which had broken a wing, began to accelerate, waving its badly damaged wings and flying much faster than before. Its slender head was rushing forward desperately.


A red flame struck and immediately the belly of the lark was set ablaze.

Fanned by the wind, the fire burned more and more fiercely.

Gongshu Yuan’s expression abruptly changed, saying: “We’re going to start landing——”

“Landing now?” Lu Qiji scrunched her beautiful brows, looking at the cultivators outside through a ventilation hole. “I’m afraid we’ll be surrounded by them.”

“Nothing can be done.” Gongshu Yuan said in a very helpless tone. “This Cloud piercing lark has not been completely polished, and has not been strengthened with fireproof materials. If we don’t land, we’ll be roasted to charcoal——”

“Do you mean that this Piercing cloud lark, besides flying, has no other uses?”

“It could have battled.” Gongshu Yuan looked embarrassed. “The lark that Ancestor Lu Ban created back then could resist the wind and fly, but also can assist its master in battle. There were also many mechanisms inside. It was comparable to a powerful divine beast——”

“And what about yours?”

“——I haven’t been able to achieve the Dao in mechanism yet. So, it can only pierce through clouds.”


Under Gongshu Yuan’s operation, the Cloud piercing lark began to descend towards the ground, skimming past the mountain peaks and canopy of forest before landing on a huge plain.

Crackle and rattle——

It was the noise of the Lark’s body burning in the raging flames.   


It was the sound of the Cloud piercing lark swinging its wings desperately as it landed.


The huge lark crashed to the ground, its three feet stood unsteady, rumbling forward.


It was the sound of the passenger in the Lark’s belly hitting the compartment walls.

Waiting until the Cloud piercing lark came to a stop after much difficultly, the roof opened, and a badly battered Gongshu Yuan was first to jump out from the inside.

Then he reached in to drag Lu Qingming’s body out, and then Li Muyang. Finally, Lu Qiji jumped out from the inside.

Gongshu Yuan, carrying Lu Qingming’s body, sprinted forward, yelling to Lu Qiji, “Run, it’s going to explode——”

“——” Lu Qiji felt an urge beat this fatty to death. He had been bragging half the day that he was a descendant of Lu Ban. In the end his own wooden creation had no other function besides flying and also exploded after landing——

Lu Qiji did not dare to delay, carried Li Muyang’s body and desperately sped away.


A huge explosion.

The lark that had been set on fire exploded all of a sudden. It was like the eruption of a mine, broke into countless pieces of wood that scattered all over the place.

“In order to protect intellectual property rights.” Gongshu Yuan explained to Lu Qiji while running. “Our Gongshu clan’s creation must not be plagiarized by outsiders.”  




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