Chapter 504(2): The Little princess of the Ying clan!


Peacock Imperial Court. 

It was said that the Peacock Imperial Court had existed since the earth was created and the human race had begun.

However, in the long history of tens of thousands of years, this imperial court had sometimes flourished, sometimes unified the world and sometimes divided into states. There was even a long period of time in history that the Peacock Imperial Court was destroyed, and had disappeared from the eyes of people and historical records.  

Although the Peacock Imperial Court had vanished, the surname ‘Ying’ had never once disappeared.  

Because the first Emperor of the Peacock imperial court, Ying Zheng of the Ying clan, was the first to successfully unify the divine continent. Later, the Peacock Imperial Court collapsed and fell apart, and the Divine Continent entered the era of division and fragmentation by rivaling warlords.

Ascended the throne with thunderous means, or concealed in cities and the wilderness. They were secretive in their movement and trace. 

This was the people of the Ying clan. 

In the calamity of the Divine continent thousands of years ago, a gifted martial artist from a common background, Ying Qiangu, led a group of brothers to reestablish the Peacock Imperial Court, to bring out this ancient name from the smoke and dust of history, and reconstruct its glory and make it bloom with dazzling light once again.

In these more than one thousand years of development, the Peacock Imperial Court had grown more and more powerful, becoming one of the three major kingdoms of the Divine continent that can compete with the West Wind and Dawu Kingdom.

The Peacock Imperial Court was terrifying because it was an immortal imperial court. 

Throughout the changes of power of the human race, there had been countless sovereign kings who have lost the official name of his nation and died. However, the Peacock Imperial Court was never dead. Every person of the Ying clan who rebuilds his country would once again take the name of peacock and let it continue for generations to come.

The people of the Ying clan were even more terrifying because they were only temporarily silenced and briefly replaced by others. It was clear to all that they will soon recover. 

“No one can take away their women, let alone their power.”  

This was a statement to the Ying clan in the ‘Peacock imperial court chronicles’. 

Now, standing above their heads, the old man who blasted Xiao Yaozi away was from the Peacock Imperial Court and said that his surname was ‘Ying’.

People had no choice but to pay attention to him as a result of this.

The polite old man with a friendly smile was not in the slightest friendly and polite in his attack. When he announced his identity, there was a moment of silence on the scene.  

“So it was the State Teacher of the Peacock Imperial Court.” The beautiful man said with a cupped fist salute. “I am the half-step chasing immortal Zhao Wuyi of the Great Zhou Kingdom.” 

“I have long heard about State Teacher’s reputation. I am Hundred life scholar.” 

“It turns out to be a member of the imperial family, I am also part of the imperial family of the Great Zhao Kingdom. I have drank wine with the Peacock King before.”

All the people greeted the white robed old man Ying Wuyu in the sky, seemingly acting very familiar with him. 

Ying Wuyu still wore an indifferent smile, saying, “Thank you for remembering Wuyu’s name, but there is nobody here that I know.” 


As the saying goes, don’t hit people in the face and don’t point out a weakness in an argument. 

Ying Wuyu’s words not only hit them right in the face, but also did it in front of so many people. Everybody was hit in the face and not one person was left out. 

Everybody present was well known across the divine continent – at least that was what they thought.

In the past, no matter where they went, they were flattered and praised, but unexpectedly the State Teacher of the Peacock Imperial Court completely gave no face to them, and even bluntly said that he did not know any of the people present.

“How would you not know?” 

“We’re all very famous, right?” 

This kind of words can only be said in their mind. There was no way they could say it out directly. Otherwise if Ying Wuyu were to repeat ‘I really don’t know you’, wouldn’t that be even more embarrassing? Would their face not be swollen from being repeatedly struck? 

Zhou Wuyi suppressed the discontent in his heart. He looked at Ying Wuyu in the sky and asked: “Can I ask what State Teacher is here for?” 

Ying Wuyu pointed to Li Muyang who was lying on the ground”: “I came for this boy.”

“State Teacher is also here to slay the dragon?”

“Slay the dragon?” Ying Wuyu looked hesitant. “This boy really is a dragon?” 

“It is indeed true.” Zhou Wuyi answered, “A moment ago, he turned into a huge black dragon. He rode the mist, sped across the sky and sprayed out dragon breath.”

“That’s right, we witnessed this with our very own eyes. This absolutely cannot be faked.”

“It was Song Gudu of the West Wind Kingdom who personally defeated him, otherwise it would have brought disaster to the world. Many lives would have perished.”

Ying Wuyu smiled, “Before you discovered him to be a dragon, he has been living quietly for more than 10 years and there hasn’t been reports of people being attacked by an evil dragon.”

“The evil dragon deliberately concealed his whereabouts for fear of being found by the experts of the human race. Otherwise, he would have caused trouble long ago.” 

“Whether he is part of the human race or the Dragon clan.” Ying Wuyu said with a smile, “This boy cannot be killed.”

As Ying Wuyu made this remark, everybody’s face darkened and eyes grew fierce. 

Standing in the way of people’s wealth is the same as murdering one’s parents. 

Obstructing a person from becoming famous is the same as harassing a man’s wife and daughter. 

It was an unforgivable great sin. 

Ying Wuyu did not let them kill Li Muyang. In other words, he was obstructing them from slaying the dragon, from leaving their name in historical records and from being admired by the millions of people. 

How difficult was it for cultivators to meet a dragon? Do you know how hard they have tried? 

They had put in so much effort for this, and also lent power to Song Gudu to unleash the ‘Great daylight’. After this, they began the endless chase. It was after much difficulty that they finally brought down the hateful firebird Phoenix. However, a State Teacher of the Peacock Imperial Court had appeared all of a sudden.

Why was it so hard to slaughter a dragon? 

“Elder Ying, what does that mean? Why do you stop us from slaughtering the dragon?” 

“Exactly, we have fought the evil dragon for so long, just to get rid of an evil for the people. If State Teacher does not allow us to slaughter the dragon, there will inevitably be bad rumours about State Teacher.” 

“State Teacher, for the imperial family, for your reputation, please think twice.” 

Zhou Wuyi, who had a sharp mind, gave a cupped fist salute and then ran his eyes across the cultivators present, saying: “everybody, I think you have misunderstood State Teacher. He certainly is not here to stop us from slaying the Dragon. State Teacher is from the imperial family, which has the responsibility and obligation to protect all people. Since this is not the case, we should ask State Teacher to take the lead and to set an example for us all.” 

Zhou Wuyi lifted his head to look at Ying Wuyu, “State teacher what do you say?” 

“I say, this boy cannot be killed. I can’t kill him, and you also can’t kill him.” Ying Wuyu still maintained a smiling expression, and spoke slowly and indifferently. However, his attitude was as resolute as before. 

“State Teacher, what do you mean?”  

“Yes. We came to get rid of the evil for the people, why would State Teacher obstruct us? Could it be that State Teacher is acquainted with the evil dragon?”  

“If you want to take all the credit of slaying the dragon, we’re not going to agree to that.” 

As soon as this remark came out, the atmosphere grew serious at once. 

Everyone was waiting for a response from Ying Wuyu.  

They had to slaughter Li Muyang, otherwise all efforts would come to nothing, and the opportunity to be widely famous would be lost. 

If Ying Wuyu were to change his attitude, everybody would naturally welcome him to come together to slay the dragon. After all, they would have more face if they were to complete the dragon slaughter feat with the Ying clan. Since there were so many people here already, it wouldn’t affect anything with another person of the Ying clan.  

If Ying Wuyu does not stop being so stubborn, then a battle was inevitable. 

Ying Wuyu swept his gaze across the crowd, saying aloud: “Then make a move.”


What does that mean? 

Make a move?

Fight right away? 

The cultivators on the ground looked at each other in dismay. Could it be that they really have to battle against Ying Wuyu now?  

“Elder Ying, why go so far?” 

Ying Wuyu with a face of helplessness, responded: “One should try one’s best to do what was entrusted.” 

“Who could make State Teacher travel so far?” Zhao Wuyi said aloud.

A warm smile appeared on Ying Wuyu’s face. “The little princess of our family. Her request, nobody of the Peacock Imperial Court can refuse.”

“Little Princess? The little princess of the Ying family?” 

“She is said to be extremely mysterious. No one has ever seen her true face.” “

“The Peacock King only has one daughter, so he treats her like she is his life.” 

Ying Wuyu glanced at the crowd, smiled and said: “Everybody, why don’t you scatter?” 

The crowd did not retreat.

The fat piece of meat had been snatched away from their mouth. This was simply unacceptable.

A cultivator flew up high and aimed a long sword at Ying Wuyu’s back.

Sword qi exploded in the air in an attempt to split Ying Wuyu in half. 

“To dare to block our way, die!”

Seeing that someone had taken the lead, other cultivators also did not show any weakness. One after another, they charged over to Ying Wuyu. 


The masters of all sides had joined the battle. 

All had only one purpose, and that was to kill Ying Wuyu and to complete the Dragon slaughter feat.

“Overestimating yourselves.”

Ying Wuyu raised the bone scepter in his hand. Muttering to himself, incantation symbols, one after another, appeared in the air, before they sped across the sky.

A colourful bird descended from the sky. 

The colourful bird circled around Ying Wuyu, and then exploded with a resounding ‘boom’. 

The wilderness of a radius of hundreds of miles had turned into an expanse of whiteness. 

When the white light dissipated, the aftermath also faded. 

There were corpses of cultivators all across the wilderness, eyes wide opened with disbelief at what they had just experienced before death.  

Ying Wuyu’s white robe billowed around him. Clasping a bone scepter in one hand, he slowly descended, landing on the snow like an immortal.




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