Chapter 503: The immortal Phoenix!


Lu Qiji and Gongshu Yuan were intercepted. 

Lu Qiji was originally severely wounded, and even cracks had begun to form across her Phoenix heart. If Gongshu Yuan had not come with the bird carriage in time, she would have been slaughtered by Song Gudu and the others. 

They simply did not care if she was the mother of the tens of millions of races, or how much she has contributed to the continuation of the human bloodline.

In order to achieve fame and prestige, in order to obtain great benefits, there was nothing that the cultivators did not dare to do. 

After living for so many years, Lu Qiji very clearly understood this point. 

 It was a very difficult task to carry the unconscious Li Muyang and escape from the top cultivators of the divine continent.  Even in her peak state of physical health, she also was not certain that she would manage to escape. 

Gongshu Yuan had suffered the same fate as her. Although chubby, he was extremely agile. He was a fatty of great speed. 

Carrying Lu Qingming in his arms, he charged forward heedlessly. When he accidentally bumped into a cultivator in front of him, he threw a glance, hurriedly apologised with ‘sorry, went the wrong way’, then turned around and darted in the opposite direction.

He was slammed to the ground. 

Lu Qiji and Gongshu Yuan stood back to back, staring warily at the cultivators gathering from all directions. 

“Did Grandpa, I, anger you? You dare to set fire to Grandpa’s Lark Flyer and now you’re trying to block Grandpa’s way?” The fatty threw into a rage. No matter who the other person was, he had to take advantage of the chance to bring out the facts and reasons first.

What was that sentence…nobody will find fault with one with reasons. 

 “Are you a descendant of Gongshu Yu?” A beautiful man on the back of a hummingbird asked. 

“What does the relationship between little grandpa, I, and my Grandfather has to do with you?” The fatty fumed, then after a pause, asked curiously. “You know my Grandfather? Are you old friends? Have you known each other for a long time?”

The beautiful man circled around in midair, saying with an arrogant twist of his lips, “Even if your Grandfather Gongshu Yu personally comes over, he also won’t dare to call himself ‘Grandpas’ in front of me. Boy know your status? You dare to call yourself Grandpa in front me. Do you want me to slap your skull?” 

“Stupid.” The fatty remarked with a very disgusted face. “If I said I’m your Grandson, wouldn’t you still shatter my skull?” 


“What do you mean you? Since you’re going to shatter my skull either way, then let me be your Grandpa to satisfy my desire—-”  

Lu Qiji warily stared at the enemies in the way while she very impatiently said to her battle companion. “Why talk nonsense with them? What’s the use of saying all this?” 

 “I just want to stall for time.” The fatty whispered.  

Do you think divine soldiers will descend from the heavens?” Lu Qiji scoffed at the fatty’s thinking. 

She was already seriously injured, the fatty was not strong enough, and Li Muyang and her father Lu Qingming were still unconscious. It was unknown whether they would survive. Moreover they were besieged by a group of powerful cultivators. In other words, any one of them could easily kill them.

In this hopeless place and situation, the fatty was still childish to think that someone would come rescue them.

Lu Qiji, who was haughty and cold, simply could not stand the fatty’s womanish style. 

“Even a pile of wood can fly in the sky, what else could not happen?” The fatty argued. “Look, in the time I spoke to them, haven’t we lived for longer already? Isn’t that a wonderful feeling?”  


The beautiful man stared at Li Muyang in Lu Qiji’s arms, speaking in a threatening tone, “Give him to me, and we may spare you death.”

“Bad people always die from talking too much.” Lu Qiji’s voice was icy cold. Although at a disadvantage, she still looked the powerful cultivators of the divine continent who intercepted them with a condescending attitude. In her eyes, these beings were as small as ants, not in the slightest qualified to negotiate with her. “You clearly know that I won’t agree to your terms.”

“You want to die.” The beautiful man uttered in a cruel voice. 

“Brother Wuyi, why get so angry?” A middle-aged man in a white robe looked lustfully at Lu Qiji. “The little girl is beautiful, gifted, and is a good choice of a furnace. Since Brothers want to become dragon slayer heroes, then leave this little beauty for younger brother, I. Is that alright? As you know, little brother’s ‘Jade maiden’s mantra’ happens to need a superb furnace to be reborn and break through to the next stage—–” 

 “Xiao Yaozi, who doesn’t know you’re perverted? Would this little girl come to a good end if she were to fall into your hands? I would rather take her back to be a servant who serves tea and cook, rather than let you suck out her essence and blood—-this is a violation of the heavenly laws, I will certainly stop it—–”

“Hundred Life scholar, is your reputation better than mine? You’re an old pervert who did not even lay your hands off your daughter-in-law, yet you have the face to talk to me about violation of the heavenly laws? If there really is reincarnation, it is unknown how many times you would have been struck by lightning already—–”

 “You pervert, go die.” 

“You old thing, you don’t want to live?” 

“Shut up.” The beautiful man snapped. “You both had made a name for yourself long ago, how can you say such unbearable words in public? Are you not afraid of being laughed at?”

Xiao Yaozi sneered, “The cultivation of martial arts and breaking the realm is based on freedom and the will. I naturally am fond of beauty, why shouldn’t it be known to outsiders? Which Emperor of the nine countries of the divine continent does not have a large number of wives and concubines?”

“Xiao Yaozi, you have defiled my imperial family.” The man in a gorgeous silk robe roared. 

 “Did I say something wrong?” 

A smile bloomed on Fatty Gongshu Yuan’s face as he whispered to Lu Qiji: “see, if I say a few more words, it may trigger an internal conflict. Since it doesn’t cost anything there isn’t any harm in trying.” 

“Was this because of your nonsense?” 

“Of course, your beauty also helped a little.” 


However, there were calm and collected cultivators fiercely staring at Li Muyang, “Let them quarrel, we will go slaughter the dragon ourselves.” 

“Brother Bai Xiu is right. Let’s do it ourselves. We cannot let the evil dragon bring danger to the world.” 


Someone leapt forward, bringing a large sword down at Lu Qiji in a slashing strike. 

Not only did they want to kill Li Muyang, they also wanted to kill Lu Qiji who was carrying Li Muyang. 

The beauty, the furnace, was worthless in their eyes.  


Lu Qiji had vanished from where she was, and a tremendous body that was shrouded in blazing flames had appeared overhead. 

Lu Qiji had once again transformed into a divine beast, fighting against these cultivators with her life yuan energy. 

Otherwise, given her cultivation realm of the Free clouds, while her opponents were either Starry sky or Withering glory cultivators, she would only be killed in seconds.  

The two talons of the firebird Phoenix were clenched, tightly holding onto Li Muyang’s body. 

Under the conditions that Li Muyang did not have the ability to defend himself and could be killed at any moment, she dared not to leave Li Muyang’s body on the ground. 

These people had come all the way to slaughter the dragon, and Li Muyang’s identity as a dragon had already come to light—-


The moment the first sword strike failed, the man soared up and once again launched a second sword attack in the direction of the Phoenix. 

Lu Qiji dared not to receive it forcibly, darted skywards. 


The cry of the Phoenix reverberated.  

“Monster, you want to run.” How would the cultivators who knew that the Phoenix was wounded, let go of this opportunity to kill her? “

One by one, they soared into the sky, chasing after the fire bird Phoenix that was trying to escape.  


A thunderous sound. 


A gush of sword qi slashed out. 


Several shadows of fists and shadows of palms rippled.

Lu Qijii flew up to the ninth heaven, behind her were four or five cultivators incessantly chasing after and madly attacking her. 

 You lash out with a heavy sword and I wave out a punch. The cultivators took turns in attacking, cooperating with each other, and making it impossible for Lu Qiji to defend effectively, with no chance to counterattack.


The tragic cry of the firebird pierced the sky. 

A blade had hacked her back, causing the majority of the flames to fall and her body plunging to the ground.

Puchi puchi.

Even if the pain was unbearable, she still desperately beat her wings.

Just as she was about to fall, she lifted her head up, speeding skywards once again. 

Even more cultivators came charging over. Whether it was the immortal Phoenix or the dragon Li Muyang, both had great attractive force to them. 


A ‘Gold refining incantation’ was aimed at the body of the firebird. 

‘A multicolour demonic blade’ slashed the wings of the firebird.


It was a chain of sounds caused by the series of coordinated attacks on the Phoenix.

The Phoenix time and time again took on the attacks with her tremendous body.

The body was riddled with wounds and all the flames had disappeared. Her eyes were blinded, one wing chopped off and one talon had been snapped off.

The extraordinarily noble Phoenix that was shrouded in blazing flames had turned into a crippled ugly wild bird.

However, she still, with the only remaining wing, desperately flapped forward, and with the remaining talon firmly clutched onto Li Muyang’s body, protecting him with her wing.  

Despite fighting for millions of years, they were each other’s best companions. 




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