Chapter 504(1): The Peacock Imperial Court!


“You grandchildren.” When Gongshu Yuan saw that everyone were chasing Lu Qiji to kill, while he stood there carrying Lu Qingming doing nothing, he felt somewhat aggrieved. 

We’re all humans, why kill them and not kill me?  

However, on another thought, he was a human, but Li Muyang and Lu Qiji were a Dragon and a Phoenix, respectively——Thinking of this, the little bit of imbalance in his heart then disappeared.

 How can a human be compared to a divine creature? 

A thought then came to his mind – while they were not paying attention, he could run away with Lu Qingming. 

 Run as far as he could.  

It was difficult to save Li Muyang, but he could save himself, and also save Lu Qingming.  

As long as Lu Qingming was still alive, the Lu family would still have a chance to live.

He puffed up his cheeks, a fierce look across his face, and had made up his mind.  

“We said we’re brothers, we live together and die together.” 

In the end he decided to stay and fight alongside Li Muyang. No, fight for Li Muyang and fight alongside Lu Qiji.

In the mass brawl, Lu Qiji’s injury increasingly worsened.

The more serious the injury, the more one loses the ability to fight back and defend.  

Seeing that the firebird, whose wings were broken, was about to be knocked to the ground by the group of cultivators, the fatty anxiously and furiously fumbled out a centipede made from wood, and pressed a button at the end of the centipede. Then, as though the centipede had come alive, it broke free from his hands, diving into the earth with a ‘whoosh’.  

The fatty was constantly muttering an incantation, and then all of a sudden yelled out, “up.”


Like it had broke out from the underground world, the centipede rose high into the air, opening its pointy mouth wide, waving its numerous venomous claws in the direction of the cultivators.




Just as the cultivators were about to ruthlessly kill Lu Qiji and Li Muyang, suddenly a giant centipede had rushed out stirring up waves in front of them and making threatening gestures. Immediately various types of weapons were brought out, and very quickly the huge centipede was on the ground in pieces. 

The appearance of the giant centipedes was only a brief moment, but still temporarily eased Lu Qiji’s crisis, allowing her to maneuver the remaining wing to fly to the distance. 

Fatty Gongshu Yuan set Lu Qingming down on the ground, and chanted to the sky: “Grandsons, your grandpa is here——quickly, come and hit me——”

“Grandsons, come and beat your grandpa, otherwise you’re really my grandsons——” 

“You’re a bunch of mad dogs, a bunch of idiots, a bunch of trash——come on, hit your grandpa——”

 Fatty screamed till his voice went hoarse.




The cultivators were unexpectedly obedient,and immediately launched the most violent attack at where Fatty Gongshu Yuan was located.  

 Fists rattled and sword intent blazed. A fireball landed and blew a giant pit where Gongshu Yuan was just standing. 

 Gongshu Yuan had fled long ago. He pulled out a miniature axe hanging at his waist, blew at it and triggered it to transform into a giant axe that could support the sky like a pillar. 

 Waving the giant axe in his hand, he roared, “grandsons, your grandpa is here——come and hit me, if you have the skill come hit me——” 

 And then he yelled at the direction of Lu Qiji, “Miss Lu, leave these grandsons to me, quickly take Li Muyang and escape as far as possible——” 

 “That boy wants to die.” The beautiful man brought the sword down at Gongshu Yuan’s head with a full swing. 

 “Grandson is looking for death.” The fatty waved the giant axe, aiming towards the beautiful man.

The sword roared, and the axe buzzed.

 The blue-green sword qi and the fiery red giant axe fiercely collided. The fatty Gongshu Yuan was directly blasted away. 


 The fatty slammed to the ground, smashing a huge snow pit in the ground. 


 The other wing of the firebird Phoenix was also severed, dropping to the ground with a loud boom.  

 After landing, it rolled across the ground non-stop. It tumbled all the way to the distance near the fatty before coming to a stop.  

 She could no longer hold onto Li Muyang with her remaining talon. The body of Li Muyang rolled out from under the wings. The body was stiff and his eyes were closed as he lay in the snow. 


 The transformed form of the firebird Phoenix had vanished, and Lu Qiji spurted out jets of blood on the ground, finding it difficult to move an inch. 

The fatty tried to get up from the ground and shouted, “Li Muyang——Lu Qiji——” 


 Lu Qiji spewed out another mouthful of blood. The splattered blood across her face made her gorgeous face turned frightful and tragic. 

 “Lu Qiji——Lu Qiji——” 

Lu Qiji did not respond, nor could she respond. 

Her face was pale and weak, and she lacked even the strength to get up. 

She raised her hand and grabbed at where Li Muyang had fallen—— 

Unfortunately, she failed again and again. 

“Lu Qiji——” 

The fatty cried with grief and indignation. 

The fatty glowered at the cultivators, fat face turned purple-red as he roared in fury: “grandsons, come, come kill Grandpa——Grandpa will perish with you——”

“You?” Xiao Yaozi sneered, “Killing you would dirty my hands.”

“It’s just an ant, just crush it to death. Why bother talking to him?”

“Yes, we came for the dragon and the firebird. What are you?” Another cultivator descended. 

Many cultivators landed one after another, surrounding fatty Gongshu Yuan as well as Lu Qiji and Li Muyang, who were lying on the ground unable to get up.

“Fellow cultivators, the slaughter of the evil dragon is at this very moment.” The beautiful man said in a loud voice. 

“Everyone, attack together, the dragon has no reason to live.” Someone suggested.

After all, Li Muyang was now unconscious. If one person attacked, then only one person would become a dragon slayer hero. 

Therefore, everyone prepared to make an attack, whether it was a sword slash, a punch, or a palm thrust. Everyone prepared to unleash their unique skill. 

“I’ll go first.” Xiao Yaozi bellowed. 

“Why are you first? If it comes to merit, it is natural for me to go first——” 

“I was the first one to hurt that firebird.”  

“It was I who chopped off her wings——” “

“It was my West Wind’s Old Immortal Song Gudu who unleashed the [Great Daylight] that wounded him. So it should be Old immortal Song who should attack first——”

Fatty’s face was fierce, laughing wildly and pointing to the cultivators he scolded, “you hypocritical old things, you all pose as a person of high morals, and claim to be elites of the human race, experts of the divine continent. You think you’re high and mighty, and pride on being out of the ordinary. You think you’re the best between heaven and earth, and think everyone else is as lowly as an ant. But——but——so many people are arguing over who to attack an unconscious youngster——the result of the argument is——who should make the first stab——the first stab to a dead man——” 

“Hahaha, what a joke, the most ridiculous joke in the world——do you know how ridiculous you are? Do you know how despicable you are? Unfortunately, it’s a pity you can’t see what you look like now, otherwise——you’re going to throw up for seven days and seven nights.”

“Is this who you really are? This is the cultivation you seek——this is the Dao you seek? For the reputation of a dragon slayer hero, what despicable things would you not do?”

“Come, you bastards, come and kill me——to die in the hands of you disgusting people, I will surely become a malicious spirit after death and fall to the 18 floors of hell——but I will be waiting for you in the 18 floors of hell——becuase you are not worthy of a long life at all. You will, like me, fall to 18 floors of hell and never be allowed into the immortal world, never be reincarnated——” 


The beautiful man lashed out with a kick, sending the fatty flying.

Without the fatty and his malicious words, everyone’s mood was much better at once.

“Fellow citizens, the eradication of the dragon is the duty of my generation. This fat man is acquainted with the dragon, and naturally is not a good person. We kill for the people of the world. I am willing to be the first to slay the dragon——”

As he spoke, the iron bone fan in his hand opened with a loud ‘PA’. 

The iron fan emitted a yellow glow, which was the unique colour of the ‘Jade maiden mantra’ when it accumulated strength.

The iron fan suddenly erupted in a blaze of light. 

The condensed yellow brilliance turned into a huge blade, producing a series of cracking sounds that lingered in the air. 

“Evil Dragon, go die.” 

As he bellowed, the iron fan in his hand was brought down in a slash at the head of Li Muyang.

Li Muyang lied there motionless, letting the iron fan blade fall on him. 


A breeze blew. Xiao Yaozi’s body was propelled into the distance. 


His figure flew far away, so far that his shadow had disappeared. 

What happened?  

Aren’t you going to slaughter the dragon? Why did the dragon slayer hero——fly away?

However, all the people present were martial arts experts. 

They felt strange, immediately looked skywards. 

In the sky stood an old man in a white robe with a crown of thorns.  

“This boy cannot be killed.” 

“We can’t kill him because you said so, who do you think you are?” 

“The Peacock Imperial Court.” The old man, with a gentle voice and a smile on his face, looked at the many cultivators present and said, “Ying Wuyu.” 




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