Chapter 505: The Ghost Dancer Corps!


Fatty Gongshu Yuan stared at the scene in wide-eyed disbelief. 

Then he wailed, tugging at Lu Qiji’s body, “Lu Qiji, look, did you see, there really is someone here to save us, someone really came to save us.” 

“I told you, I told you, even a block of wood can fly in the sky, what else could not happen. Lu Qiji, hurry and wake up.” 

While fatty Gongshu Yuan was crying emotionally, he saw that the immortal-like old man was walking over to where Li Muyang was. 

Anxious, he darted over like an arrow and shielded Li Muyang with his chubby body, “What are you going to do?” 

Ying Wuyu seemed amused by fatty’s expression, smiling he said, “I just saved you, would I hurt you?” 

“You are my saviour, and I should believe in you. But I still can’t let you get close to Li Muyang. What if you have bad intentions? What if you killed everyone else just to fulfill your desire of slaying the dragon alone? It doesn’t matter if you hurt me, but you can’t hurt him.”

Ying Wuyu thoughtfully examined Li Muyang with his calm and gentle eyes. “This boy is really a black dragon? Are all those rumours true?”

“What black dragon? Where’s the black dragon?” The fatty’s eyes widened, a look of puzzlement twisted his face, “You mean Li Muyang? No way. That’s impossible. How could he be a black dragon?”

“Don’t believe in the rumours out there. It was Song Gudu who deliberately created the rumours in order to defeat the Lu family and to get rid of Li Muyang. That old dog is a bad person. Killing and treason, there is nothing he won’t do. How could someone like him become a cultivator?” 

“Fatty, you’re very cunning.” Ying Wuyu shook his head gently. “You really won’t let me see?”

The fatty looked a little nervous, asking cautiously, “If I won’t let you see, are you going to kill me?” 

He had saw clearly just now. The powerful cultivators were blasted away at the slightest disagreement. He only saw a huge colourful bird descending from the sky, and before he knew what was going on, everything had turned white in front of him. By the time the light and shadow had dispersed, the cultivators who were chasing after them were already collapsed on the ground. 

The white-robed old man looked amiable, but his moves were fierce and strange. He must not be provoked. 

“I had just saved you, why would I kill you now?” 

“Are you really not going to kill?” 

“I’m not going to kill.”

“In that case, Grandpa, you still don’t want to see him. He is ugly, and really is nothing to look at. If you want to look, just look at grandson, I, instead. Look at me, aren’t I much more charming than him?” 

“Full of buffoonery.” Ying Wuyu remarked, looking at the fatty. 

“Hehe,” the fatty chuckled foolishly, but was staring nervously at the white bone scepter in the old man’s hand. Just now he only saw him raise it into the sky to summon the colourful bird. He was far too powerful.

He was afraid that the old man would do the same to him. 

Although he liked his own bird, he was afraid of other people’s birds. 

“Since the fatty won’t let me see, then I won’t look.” Ying Wuyu changed his tone all of a sudden. “But, it should not be a lie that this boy is possessed by the Dragon Soul, right?”

“Impossible. Absolutely impossible.” The fatty waved his hand desperately. “How would a dragon be beaten like this? The dragon clan would be embarrassed if this spreads out.”


Ying Wuyu uttered another hearty laughter, seemed to like this smooth-talking but loyal and righteous fatty. 

Fatty looked at Li Muyang who was lying on the ground, and then at Lu Qiji lying next to Li Muyang, and then looked at Lu Qingming who was not too far from Lu Qiji. He felt a feeling of mental exhaustion. 

 Previously he had Lu Qiji to accompany him and to fight together. They could carry one person ach while they fled, but now, even Lu Qiji had lost consciousness, how could he carry three people to escape?  

Taking a furtive glance at Ying Wuyu who was clad in a flawless white robe, he felt an impulse to ask him to treat Li Muyang, Lu Qiji and Lu Qingming. But on second though he was afraid that the old man would break their necks as soon as he reached out his hand to pretend to treat them. 

Although the old man looked very much like a good person, but the same thing could be said for Song Gudu. Wasn’t he a scheming mad dog? 

 Gongshu Yuan looked at Ying Wuyu and said, “Grandpa, are you going somewhere?”

 “I’m not going anywhere, I’m staying right here in the White Horse Plains.”

 “So this place is the White Horse Plains.” Gongshu Yuan thought. A species of white horse native to the White Horse Plains was said to be able to travel thousands of miles without feeling tired, and was as powerful as rhinoceros, able to carry heavy objects or heavy armour on its back. Every country sends hunting troops to hunt for these horses and capture them. After a period of training they would become an excellent battle horse. 

“Then I’ll leave first.” The fatty said tentatively.  

 “All right.” Ying Wuyu nodded, “Goodbye.” 

 Fatty with a helpless face then said: “Grandpa, I think this isn’t very polite. Why don’t you go first?” 

 “You little fatty.” Ying Wuyu did not know whether to laugh or cry. “Lu Ban was a Master of his generation, if he knows that his descendant is so cunning, he will certainly be very disappointed and sad. You’re afraid I’m going to hurt your friend, so you’re anxious to get rid of me, isn’t that right?”

 “How could that be?” The fatty flushed with anger, “I swear on Li Muyang that if I had such thoughts, let him be unconscious for at least another three hours.”


 “Grandpa, is there something?” 


 “What’s the matter?” 

 “Waiting for someone.” 

 “Waiting for who?”

 “Waiting for someone I need to wait for.”

 Fatty wanted to ask for more details, when a fierce clatter of hooves sounded in the distance 


 A group of horse was dashing over at full gallop, as though it was about to peel off a layer of ground of the White Horse Plains.

 The fatty looked up in fright in the direction of where the sound of horse hooves was pounding toward her and saw there were soldiers clad in fiery red armour riding them.

“It’s over, this time it’s over. Grandpa, lend me your bird, while they haven’t stabilise themselves, let’s give them a surprise attack.”

Ying Wuyu only responded with a smile, obviously disagreeing to the fatty’s request. 

Song Lang, in full red armour, wielding a long spear, pulled on the reins, and swept his eyes over the corpses across the ground, askings: “Where is Li Muyang?”

“Who are you?” The fatty roared out. No matter what, he couldn’t lose to someone in imposing manner. 

“Qilin Army’s Song Lang.” 

“Qilin Army? The Song family’s army?” 

Song Lang was a true descendant of the Song family. 

The fatty stretched out a finger and casually pointed to one direction, “I saw him run in that direction.” 

Song Lang’s line of sight fell on Li Muyang and Lu Qiji. “The people on the ground are mine, unauthorised people should leave immediately.”

Fatty cast a glance at Ying Wuyu. “Grandpa, the Song family is really arrogant. Anyone can come to this White Horse Plain, what right does he have to tell us to leave? And said that we’re unauthorised people. Although I am not a person who usually stirs up trouble, but I really cannot take what he said to me.”

“Then go up and argue with him.” Ying Wuyu urged. 


The fatty felt that the old guy was bullying him on purpose. 

Song Lang impatiently waved his hand, commanding: “Drag those people back for me. Kill anyone who obstructs you with lawful authority.”

“Yes.” The dozens of elites of the Qilin army, under the leadership of team captain Lin Jun, stormed towards them. 


The clatter of hooves turned into a rhythmic gallop, and immediately soldiers on horseback, armed with long spears, were ferociously charging towards fatty and Ying Wuyu. 

First kill these two obnoxious people, and then slaughter Li Muyang. 

That was what everyone was thinking. 

The Fatty took a few steps back to where Ying Wuyu stood, and saw that he still had no intention of making a move, but only gritted his teeth and stomped down. 


A giant crack spread across the ground. 

The dozens of galloping horses fell into the giant crack, men and horses thrown off their feet.

Lin Jun had extraordinary strength, just as his body was about to fall to the ground, he tiptoed and already soared into the sky with ease. The long spear in his hand aimed for the eyes of fatty Gongshu Yuan like a venomous snake. 

The fatty raised his hand in a slashing motion.

In his hand, a wooden axe had appeared once again.

When he swung the axe out, the axe was incessantly enlarging. 

In an instant, the palm-sized axe had turned into a giant pillar-like axe. 

Lin Jun was severed into two along with his spear.

Blood sputtered, and his head dropped to the ground. 

The head tumbled across the ground, and then rumbled over to the foot of Song Lang’s horse. 

Song Lang’s face darkened, lifting his right hand he roared in fury, “The whole army listen to orders, kill anyone you see, flatten the entire White Horse Plain.”  

“Yes.” The thousands of people responded in unison. 

Tightening their grip on the spear, they kicked their heels and spurred their horse to their greatest speed.

The thousands of people breathed in the same rhythm, the thousands of people made the same movements, and the thousands of people sat up in the same charging stance.

The thousands of horses galloped wildly, the thousands of troops were willing to give their life.  

Song Lang was about to lower the raised palm that ordered all the elites of the Qilin army to crush the obstructing old man and fatty, when the ground was quaking once again.

There was a colourful line appearing in the northern sky. 

It was only as the line got closer and closer that they realised it was frantically sprinting to the forefront of the group of horses. 


The sky was trembling, the ground was shaking. 

The line grew longer and longer, as if it will never end. 

Sitting astride the battle horses were countless people all dressed in colourful clothes, head adorned with colourful feathers, and face hid behind a brightly coloured evil spirit mask. They were charging over brandishing a black saber. 

“The Ghost Dancer Corps.” Someone exclaimed. “The Ghost Dancer Corps of the Peacock Imperial Court.”



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