Chapter 506: Princess Qiandu!


A tossed stone raises a thousand ripples.  

The Qilin army elites who were ready to charge forward the moment the Commander in chief Song Lang slashed down his right hand and were itching to crush the enemies to minced flesh, all looked at each other in dismay. Then they stared with a frightened look at the murderous cavalrymen dressed in colourful clothes, bright feathers and wearing a ghost-faced mask.


Like a crumbling mountain, like a powerful current, like the uniform clatter of tens of millions of horse hooves, it gave a powerful illusion. 

 There was a saying in the divine continent: it’s not possible to find the best writer, nor is it possible to find the second best in a fight. For example, the Great Zhao Kingdom had the Heavenly Power Corps and the Divine Power corps, the West Wind Kingdom had the Wolf Army and the Qilin Army and the Peacock Imperial Court had the Ghost Dancer Corps. These corps had fought against each other before, and they had all been wounded. 

But if the best corps were to be chosen from among the powerful armies of the world, then it must be the Ghost Dancer Corps. 

This was the public opinion in the minds of the people of the divine continent, and also a deeply engraved impression in the bottom of everyone’s heart. 

There was a rumour that the Ghost Dancer Corps was a corps blessed by the God of death, and that they have the nature to harvest life. Any powerful opponent who falls into their hands will be chopped to shreds by the long saber in their hands. 

 Most importantly, the Ghost Dancer Corps was also the guardian army of the Peacock Imperial family. Seeing them was equal to seeing the Peacock King. In other words, wherever the Ghost Dancer Corps was, there was bound to be a core figure or several members of the Peacock Imperial family around.

However, what the Qilin army elites found difficult to understand was that, why would the Ghost Dancer Corps show up here? Isn’t this the territory of my West Wind Kingdom? 

Besides, which of the important people of the Peacock Imperial family had come here?

 Did they enter through formal channels or did they bypass the frontier guards and broke in. Were the guards at the checkpoints blind? How could they not discover that such a huge armed force had invaded?

 It had to be said that the large-scale Ghost Dancer Corps had completely disrupted Song Lang’s plans and rhythm. He had no choice but to pause the thought of killing Li Muyang and to first to deal with the more powerful enemies.

Although the Ghost dancers corps did not express their intention, but it was obvious that they came with bad intentions. He was able to feel the murderous intent while they were charging over. 


 The Ghost Dancer Corps arrived in a flash, and did not give too much time for the Qilin army to be surprised. 


 They were headed by a General wearing a ghost-faced mask adorned with a white feather. The General pulled on the reins to halt the white horse. The iron hooves firmly stepped into the frozen soil, producing sounds resembling teeth chewing ice. 


 The ghost-faced cavalrymen behind also one after another pulled on the reins, guiding the battle horse to a halt. 

 The two armies stood facing each other. 

 Oppressive, stifling, piercing cold, and excited. 

 A great battle was about to break out.

 Song Lang shot a piercing state at the White Feather General, as if trying to puncture the mask to see through the General’s true face.

He originally wanted to wait for the opposite person to speak first, but unfortunately his wish did not come true. 

 There was only indifference, coldness and killing intent emitting from the eyes beneath the ghost mask. The White Feather General seemed to have no intention to speak. 

 “Who are you?” Song Lang put down his raised right hand and shouted in a loud voice. 

The White Feather General did not answer, nor did any one answer from the Ghost Dancer Corps. 

 There were only the sound of colouful robes being lifted up by the cold wind, colouful feathers fluttering, the fierce neighing of horses and the clatter of iron hooves. Adding to this, there was an extremely stifling murderous spirit that makes one’s hair stand up on its ends. 

“They’re here to kill.” Song Lang understood what they were thinking. 

However, the more they understood their intention, the more unwilling they were. 

 Although the West Wind Kingdom and the Peacock Imperial Court did not get along well, local conflicts were never interrupted.  But this was the norm between the great powers and great kingdoms. There was nothing worth going to war for.

 The Peacock Imperial Court’s Ghost Dancers Corps had rushed to the West wind Kingdom’s territory without saying a word of greeting. Adding to this, from their imposing manner, they seemed to want to kill——Who did they think they are? 

 “Who are you?” Song Lang asked again, with a louder voice than the last, and in a harsher tone than the previous.

He was furious. 

 “The White Horse Plain belongs to the West Wind Kingdom’s region and is an annexed territory of the West Wind Kingdom. What is the Ghost Dancer Corps’ intention of breaking into the West Wind Kingdom?” Song Lang questioned with a tough attitude. 

 Although it was said that the West Wind Kingdom was a country of the Chu clan, it was only because the Song family did not want to seem so ugly and be criticised by the citizens of the Divine continent. In truth, the West Wind Kingdom was under the control of the Song family, and each inch of the territory belonged to their Song family. 

 Now the Peacock Imperial Court Army had broke into the West Wind Kingdom’s territory without permission, in other words had violated their Song family. As a core member of the Song family, he could not tolerate this in the slightest. 

 The Ghost Dancer Corps was powerful, but their Qilin army was a lion that had fought hundreds of wars. Besides, they were situated within the borders of the West Wind Kingdom. Therefore, as long as they can stall for a moment, there would be a large number of troops coming from all directions to support them. 

A crazy thought suddenly emerged in Song Lang’s mind: if he could leave the Ghost Dancer Corps of the Peacock Imperial Court within the West Wind territory, would that not count as a great merit? 

 When he thought about it, he could not help but take a closer look at the White Feather General. 

 This person had not said a word, and on the head was the white feather symbol unique to the Peacock’s Imperial Family. Which member of the imperial family was the general? 

 “And so what?” The White Feather General finally spoke.  

To Song Lang’s great surprise, it was a woman’s voice and the White Feather General was a woman. 

 Thoughts raced through Song Lang’s mind as he immediately understood the identity of the female White Feather General. 

 Although every person of the Ying Clan was gifted and outstanding, and each was a genius of martial arts, there were only a small number of people in the family, and many times the throne could only be passed onto the hands of a woman. After a woman gets married, the royal power will naturally be divided, then gradually weakened, and eventually be plundered away. The people of the Ying clan also had no choice but to temporarily disappear from the pinnacle of power.   

 To have the white peacock feather, which was a symbol of royalty, as well as escorted by the mighty Ghost Dancer Corps——there was only one woman. 

 “Who else could it be besides the Peacock imperial court’s Princess Qiandu?” Song Lang said in a loud voice. 

“I am Ying Qiandu.” The White Feather General stated in a cold voice. 

 Because the White Feather General wore a ghost-faced mask, Song Lang could not see her true face, let alone her expression at this moment. 

 However he could perceive everything from her voice. 

Earlier, his family received a secret report that Princess Qiandu of the Peacock imperial court had hid her identity and went to Starry Sky Academy to study the same Dragon slayer major as Li Muyang—— 

 At that time, of course, his line of sight was not on Li Muyang, nor did he pay too much attention to the young princess of the Peacock Imperial Court. 

 Now, it seemed like he was missing out on some important information? 

 Song Lang looked at the ghost-faced mask on the White Feather General’s face and said, “since it’s Princess Qiandu of the Peacock Imperial Court then you should know that, without a diplomatic note, without an invitation, leading an army into the territory of other countries would create a dispute between the two countries——”

 “And so what?” Once again, the White Feather General repeated these few words. 

 Song Lang did not like these words. 

 And so what? 

 It contained high and mighty pressure, as well as an unyielding attitude of refusing to acknowledge her mistake. 

 I know I am wrong, I am like that, what can you do to me? 

 How insufferable. 

 “Our West Wind Kingdom feels regretful for the reckless behaviour of Princess Qiandu. The West Wind Kingdom will make a serious condemnation to your country, and if the Peacock Imperial Court fails to give an explanation to our Kingdom and the citizens of West Wind, we will have no choice but to meet on the battlefield, in order to protect the dignity and sovereignty of my Kingdom.”

“I also feel deep regret for your actions.” Qiandu snapped. “A gifted teenager had been beaten to this state because of your selfish interest——Is this the vision of your West Wind Kingdom. Is this the generosity of those that wield power?” 

 “Who is Princess Qiandu talking about?” 

 “Li Muyang.” 

 “Princess Qiandu should have heard that Li Muyang is possessed by a black dragon, and that his body had become an evil dragon.” Song Lang explained. “For the Kingdom, it is the duty of every martial artist to slaughter the dragon and to rid the evil for the people. It is even more the duty of those of us who serve our country——why would Princess Qiandu say we bully a good person? Suppress a talented person?” 

 “Pah pah——” A rude voice came from the left. Fatty Gongshu Yuan ran in front of the White Feather General’s horse, and pointed to Song Lang, “Utter rubbish. What rubbish. Unbearably stinky, it is unbearably stinky——Li Muyang is a human, I know his parents and family, I have met them. How could he be an evil dragon? You would do anything and would use all sorts of tricks to defeat your opponent——” 

 “Beneath the starry sky, what sort of thing would the Song family not do? You killed the Emperor, punished the loyal officials, the whole West Wind Kingdom is in your hands. Just because Li Muyang has a close relationship with the Lu family you want to kill him as well——” 

 “And the old man of your family, he is more than 100 years old, yet he is not resting at home and waiting to die, but came all the way out here to hunt down a youngster who had just started cultivation——What is even more humiliating is that he could not kill him——” 

 Fatty Gongshu Yuan dashed forward to grab onto the White Feather General’s bridle, and imploringly asked: “Princess Qiandu, please save Li Muyang——he is not a dragon, how could he be a dragon? If he were a dragon, the little trash of the Song family would have been killed by dragon breath long ago?”

 “Please save him, only you can save him——also Lu Qiji, as well as Lu Qingming——and I——Princess Qiandu, if you don’t rescue us, the Song family will kill us all. At that time no one can stand up to expose their ugly face, expose their fake righteousness, expose the truth of their treason——”

 Fatty’s eyes were red, and a determined look on his face as he cried, “If Princess Qiandu is willing to lend a hand, then I, Gongshu Yuan, will do anything——” 



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