Chapter 507: Do not leave a single one!


When a man struggling in a flood suddenly saw that someone had reached out an arm to him, he will frantically move his hands and feet, using all the strength of his body to hold tightly onto that arm.

In the end, there was a good chance that the man who had fallen into the water would sink with the person who stretched out an arm.

For Fatty Gongshu Yuan, Princess Qiandu of the Peacock Imperial Court was the one who offered her arm to him. 

 The fatty was not aware of the relationship between Li Muyang and Qiandu. Even when the State Teacher of the Peacock Imperial Court, Ying Wuyu, personally came to the rescue, he was still worried that the old man did all this in order to slaughter the dragon alone—— 

 How could the fame of slaughtering a dragon with a group of people be compared to the fame of slaying a dragon alone? 

 Originally he hoped that Ying Wuyu would raise the white bone scepter again to summon a tremendous bird, and then completely wipe out the Qilin army led by Song Lang. It was a pity 

 Now that Princess Qiandu had arrived with an army, he felt that he and Li Muyang were even safer and more secure.

 As long as Princess Qiandu was willing to make a move, they will certainly be saved. In the entire Divine continent, the one who can really resolve the crisis that Li Muyang was facing at this moment was most likely only the woman wearing a ghost faced mask with a white feather on her head.

 So fatty immediately grabbed onto this straw and refused to let go, even at the expense of making some unspeakable sacrifices——

 He was willing to do anything as long as he can keep Li Muyang alive and let Lu Qingming and Lu Qiji live. 

It was said that princess has to marry a prince, and their friends were all powerful and influential people.

 In the fatty’s mind, Song Lang and Ying Qiandu were important, influential people. If the two superpowers reached some sort of agreement while chatting——wouldn’t that mean they were good as dead?

 Li Muyang was unconscious, Lu Qingming was unconscious, and even Lu Qiji was unconscious. Whether they live or die, that pressure and responsibility were all on his shoulder—— 

 Fatty also wanted to knock himself unconscious, then he wouldn’t have to consider anything and wouldn’t have to bear any responsibility. 

 How good would that be? 

 The White Feather General lowered her head, looked at the fatty who was riddled with scars, her voice much gentler as she whispered, “what you have told me, I already know.” 

 The fatty’s eyes widened, staring at Qiandu blank.

 When he heard the dialogue between Princess Qiandu and Song Lang, he was under the impression that the spoiled Princess of the Peacock imperial court was cold and arrogant. 

 It did not occur to him that she had such a gentle and pleasant side——Could it be, she understood the deep meaning contained in his words?

 The fatty blinked, an imperceptible crimson red colour surfacing on his chubby face. 

 “Princess Qiandu.” Hearing Ying Qiandu’s response to fatty Gongshu Yuan, Song Lang snapped: “what does that mean?” 

 The fatty had verbally insulted his grandfather and the whole Song clan, yet Ying Qiandu said she already knew everything he said——does that mean her point of view was the same as his?  

 The White Feather General pointed to fatty Gongshu Yuan, “Is there anything wrong with what he said?” 

 “The Lu clan plotted a rebellion, killed the Emperor Chu Xianda, and wanted to usurp power using military force. In the end was stopped by my grandfather——”  

 The White Feather General interrupted Song Lang impatiently, saying coldly, “What is the truth, I know myself. Do you really think that all people in the world are blind? Your nonsense may be able to deceive those ignorant children, but do think I will believe it? 

 “Princess Qiandu, my West Wind Kingdom is not in conflict with your Peacock Imperial Court, and my Song family does not have any grudges with your Ying clan. Why does your Peacock Imperial Court have to go against my Song family?” 

 “Besides, this White Horse Plain is within the territory of the West Wind, but your Peacock Imperial Court has led an army to trample this land. You have already violated our country’s dignity and prestige. Adding to this, you have repeatedly insulted my grandfather. This time, if Princess Qiandu does not give me an explanation, I, Songlang will not leave the matter at this.” 

 “You want an explanation?”   

 “Yes.” Song Lang said firmly. “If Princess Qiandu does not give me an explanation, I, Song Lang will not rest, the Song clan will not rest, and the West Wind Kingdom will not rest.”

 “If you want an explanation, then I’ll give you an explanation.” The White Feather General uttered in a low voice.


 She pulled out a long sword and bellowed: “Do not leave a single one.” 


 The tens of thousands of ghost-faced soldiers waved about the long blade in their hands, making strange cries as they charged toward the Qilin army opposite. 

 Colourful clothes billowed, colorful feathers fluttered. 

 The dark blades cut through the sky, reaping life with a howling noise. 

Song Lang’s face turned deathly pale, but there was more of anger. 

 Ying Qiandu——has simply gone too far. 

 Among the great powers, it was most important to get along. Nobody will rashly stir up war. Otherwise, if two tigers fight, either one will get injured or both sides suffer. At that time, only a third party would benefit. 

 Soldiers can be killed, but not humiliated. 

 Song Lang was originally a haughty and arrogant person. Moreover, there was no one in the West Wind Kingdom that can compete with the Song family. They could be said to be the shadows of the imperial family of the West Wind Kingdom. 

 Now Ying Qiandu drew her sword at the slightest disagreement. In other words, she simply did not take his Song family and the West Wind Kingdom seriously.

 “Use the ghost butterfly signals to ask for reinforcements from all strategic towns.” Song Lang silently calculated the speed of the Ghost Dancers Corps from the clatter of horse hooves as they charged over and calmly issued a command. 

 “Yes.” The few small teams not far behind immediately released a number of ghost butterfly one after another from the box in their arms. The ghost butterflies, upon contact with the air, immediately dissipated without a trace. Soon, they will bring the news that Song Lang had encountered an attack from a powerful enemy to the ears of the nearby generals. 

 Given the authority and prestige of the Song family, if those generals at the border were smart enough, they will certainly not refuse. 

 When Song Lang issued the command, his right hand was raised into the air again. 

When his body was leaned forward, the red horse in front, affected by his powerful qi, anxiously wanted to rush out.

 The clomping of hooves turned into a rhythmic gallop, thudding again and again against the frozen soil, digging up icy mud.  

“Kill all.” “

 Song Lang hissed, bringing down his right hand in a slashing motion.


 The sword was unsheathed, and with a tiptoe he flew towards the White Feather General who was at the forefront of the army. 

 Destroy the leader and the gang of thieves will collapse! 




 Two gushes of powerful power, red heavy armours and colouful feather coats collided. 

 Battle cries echoed across the sky!



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