Chapter 508: Consider it is!


Qilin Army was an elite army of the West Wind Kingdom, while the Ghost Dancer Corps was a well-known armed force in the divine continent. The destructive power of these two teams when fiercely clashed was astonishing.  

 “Kill——” An elite of the Qilin army, clad in red armour and armed with a long spear, leapt down from the horse and thrust the sharp tip of the spear into the chest of a ghost faced warrior. 


Grabbing the spear that was inserted into his body, the ghost-faced warrior tightened his grip on the saber and held it high up, aiming at the head of the elite of the Qilin army.


 The head, along with the iron helmet, fell, rolled on the ground before it was trampled to pieces by the galloping herd of horses behind. 

 It was two teams with completely different combat styles. 

The Qilin army was silent, orderly, and strictly obeyed orders. 

They formed various combat formations under the leadership of the military officer, keeping watch and defending one another.

They believed in more of the strength of a team. The thousands of people united and worked together to become a giant war beast that madly engulfs life.

The moment one person fell, the person behind him will immediately rush up to fill in for him. 

They retreated and advanced together at the sound of the drum. 

It was a complete militarised management, decisive and orderly.

On the other hand, the Ghost Dancer Corps was bizarre, crazy, and unafraid of death. 

They were like a group of demons dancing wildly, howling and brandishing their tremendous sabre around. It was as though fighting and killing had become instinctive.

They seemed to be separate individuals, but were inseparably closely linked. The moment one side was in difficulty there was assistance from all directions. Whenever a ghost-faced warrior was almost in danger, there was always another team darting over to the rescue from an unbelievable angle.

Every one of them was berserk in battle, but when someone was in distress, they were the brothers who have each other’s back. 

The Qilin army assumed a huge spear formation, and with the help of the incredible speed of the battle horse, the long spears in their hands were firmly inserted into the opponents’ chest. 

The Ghost Dancer Army was the attacker, the slaughterer. 

They ignored the dense spear formation ahead, brought the saber in their hands high up in the air, and made a strange roar. 


They forcefully charged ahead. 

Some were killed by a long spear, body skewered on the spear. 

More people fiercely brandished their sabre left and right, fighting their way out. 


A ghost faced warrior lashed out with a kick that sent a soldier of the Qilin army flying, and at the same time, quickly slashed through the air with his sabre. 

“Kacha——” The Qilin army soldier was severed into two in midair. 

Blade qi! 

These ghost-faced warriors were able to release blade qi with a casual slash. 

Without contact, the blade had already severed the opponent into two halves.

More Qilin army soldiers rushed over, aiming their spear at the ghost-faced warrior who shot out blade qi, only for the ghost-faced warrior to bring his sabre down in a slash to block the attacks.


Several Qilin army elites were severed from across the waist. 

Limbs destroyed, arms broken and head tumbled across the ground. 

There were anguished howls like a hell of the human world. 

Song Lang’s target was the White Feather General, the princess of the Peacock imperial court, Ying Qiandu. 

In his heart, he hated the woman who started a war without permission just because of her likes and dislikes. He did not take into consideration the dispute between the two countries and the safety of millions of people.

Rising high into the air, the long sword in his hand bloomed a blue-green brilliance. 

Raging Wind Strike! 

The sword, like the wind, struck again and again. 




In an instant thirty two swords were launched out.

Countless shadows rippled, sword qi moving unhindered.

The General White Feather, who maintained an attack stance on the battle horse, was completely enveloped by the shadows of the sword, as if on the verge of being crushed into minced flesh by the shadows.

General White Feather remained unmoved. 

Knowing that there were countless sword shadows overhead, he still madly spurred her horse forward, killing two junior soldiers of the Qilin army in one swift slash. 

“Ridiculous!” Song Lang was stimulated, but also worried. 

 Stimulation was the emotion that every martial artist should have in battle. Whether it was killing or being killed, in that split second of making a move there was a feeling of the body tensing up, blood racing, and heart leapt to the throat. 

 The worry was that the woman he was going to kill was Princess Qiandu of the Peacock Imperial Court.  

 It was said that the current Peacock King only has one precious daughter, and thus treated her as important as his life. If he were to kill her then the Peacock King will most likely not forget about the matter. The two countries will have to fight to the death, right?

Others may be afraid of their Song family, but the Peacock King was certainly not afraid of their Song family. 

Countless sword lights struck the White Feather General, enveloping her body entirely.


Meanwhile, a dazzling white light flashed. 

Just as the thirty two shadows of sword qi was about to crush the White Feather General’s body to pieces, a transparent light screen had already fully shrouded her. 

The light shield was like a glass cover, protecting the White Feather General and her battle horse. 

Moreover, the greater the force strikes her, the greater the rebounding power of the light screen.

Glass Mirror! 

The thirty two sword qi were deflected upon contact, whizzed back toward Song Lang, who was rapidly speeding towards the White Feather General, preparing for a second round of attack. 

Song Lang knew that the Peacock Imperial Court possessed countless weapons and treasures, but did not expect the Peacock Princess to hold such a powerful treasure.

This weapon, which automatically produced a defensive response when it encounters danger as well as deflected the enemy’s sword qi, was most likely listed in the [Treasure and weapon list] of the Divine Continent? 

Not only did Song Lang’s thirty two swords not kill the White Feather General, but it also threw him into chaos. 

Therefore, before waiting for the sword qi to wound the White Feather General, he had already flew over grasping a sword, ready to use a remarkable sword technique to kill or capture the General white Feather.

The attack was fierce, and the charging speed was just as fierce. 

The counterattack of these 32 swords was even fiercer. 

There were many talents in the Song Family, and Song Lang, who was selected by the Song family to be in control of the Qilin Army, was naturally gifted with talent far beyond the average person.

Although the sudden appearance of the glass shield caught him off guard, he did not hide or evade, and did not panic or escape. 

The long sword in his hand was swung up again. 

A red flame gushed out from the blade. 

The Raging Wind Sword! 

This sword did not strike others, but was aimed ahead.


The sword qi that bounced back came into contact with the sword and was immediately dispersed. 

The long sword slashed out a path for Song Lang, allowing him to charge straight towards the White Feather General. 

Clasping the sword with both his hand, he aimed it at the White Feather General’s head. 

Raging Wind Sword! 


A white brilliance flashed again.

The sword was again bounced back by the transparent screen, frantically deflected towards Song Lang in the sky.


Song Lang’s figured vanished in the air, and the sword qi that rebounded exploded in the air before disappearing without a trace. 

In the blink of an eye, Song Lang had launched out thirty swords, while it seemed like nothing had happened to the White Feather General. The sword flew out and severed off the heads of several armoured soldiers again.

“Law——” “

The White Feather General took the reins and handed the battlefield to her Ghost Dancer Corps. 

Lifting her head to take a look at the distant sky, Song Lang’s figure reappeared in the high altitude. 

Song Lang, looking at the White Feather General, felt a feeling of shame. 

He had exhausted so much energy, launched out so many sword qi, but the opponent simply did not even make a decent counterattack.

It was as if a mosquito was buzzing around and she could slap the mosquito to death, but she chose to turn her back and completely ignore his presence—— 

Song Lang felt that he was the poor mosquito that had been neglected.

As a towering figure of the Song Family, as a high-ranking military officer of the military, he never thought that he would encounter such treatment. 

Song Lang stared at the White feather general from above, and the White feather general also stared at Song Land high above.

 “It is said that the Peacock King possessed the five elements glass mirror that can defend against gold, wood, water, fire and earth——he gave this treasure to you?”

“And so what?” The White Feather General answered with an icily arrogant face. It was as though she was talking about something trivial and obvious.


It was that sentence again. It was the words ‘so what’ again——

Song Lang felt he had been slapped hard in the face again. 

This woman was really very hateful. 

Not only hateful, but also quite terrifying. 

Aside from her strength, the glass mirror alone, which can defend against the five elements, was already a headache. 

How can he kill her if he couldn’t break her defenses? 

Song Lang was very distressed.  

“The Peacock King treats his daughter like his life, and was willing to give such a treasure to her.” Song Lang said with envy. Although his Song family was also in possession of many treasures and weapons, there were many male members in the family and thus there was not much left once divided. Besides, the Song family’s foundation was not as deep as that of the Peacock King. The Peacock imperial court had continued intermittently for tens of thousands of years. The Song family was not even worth mentioning in front of him.  

“Father does not need this.” The White Feather General said indifferently.  

Watching the 3,000 elites of the Qilin Army being slaughtered, chased, and destroyed by the ghost faced warriors of the Ghost Dancer Corps——

Song Lang felt his heart was bleeding. These people were his years of hard work, were soldiers who had followed him all these years and had repeatedly performed outstanding service. But they were slaughtered when they were confronted by a more powerful force.  

“Ying Qiandu——” Song Lang’s eyes were about to spew fire, pointing to the ghost faced mask on the White Feather General’s face, he hissed: “Do you know what you are doing? You are provoking a dispute between the two countries——are you declaring war on the West Wind Kingdom?”

“Since you think so——” The White Feather General’s voice was still icy cold, as if someone had poured out a basin of ice water in the snow, “consider it so.”




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