Chapter 509: ‘Chivalry’ kills!


“Consider it so.”

This was Princess Qiandu’s answer when Song Lang asked whether the Princess of the Peacock Imperial Court was going to create a dispute between the two countries and to declare war on the West Wind Kingdom.

 Blunt, decisive, and with a little indifference. 

 What kind of feeling was this? 

 Like a youngster gave a love letter that he has carefully prepared to the girl he likes, but the girl only answered with ‘put it there’.

 What he saw as important as life, in the eyes of others, was just some trivial matter. 

 This was the confidence of an imperial family with tens of thousands years of history? 

 Song Lang was a direct descendant of the Song family. If not necessary, he dared not to rashly create a conflict between the countries. Let alone a war with the Peacock Imperial court. Only the core figures of the Song family could make such a decision. 

 He thought the Princess of the Peacock Imperial Court should have the same idea as he did——While enjoying the power they also had to bear the corresponding responsibility. 

 How can she rashly push all her people into war?

 However, the Peacock Princess did not care at all. What status, what duties, she completely seemed not to care. 

 “If you want to fight, I’ll fight.” 

 Song Lang understood. This was what she meant.  

 Arrogant and conceited. 

If it were others that did this to him, Song Lang would have broken their legs long ago and threw them into a pit to be buried—— 

 But the person who said this to him was the little princess of the Peacock Imperial Court. Adding to this, she was carrying the world-famous Five element glass mirror. 

 Even if he wanted to take a risk and kill her, it wouldn’t be an easy thing to do—— 

 She was like a rose with sharp thorns. He cannot pick it, cannot take the thorn away, and there was nothing he could do to her.

“Ying Qiandu, do you know what you’re saying?” Song Lang fumed, “are the matters between countries a joke to you?” 

 “It’s not a joke.” The White Feather General answered, pointing to the battle in the distance, “Hasn’t it already started?” 

While they were speaking, the Qilin army was already nearly defeated by the fierce Ghost Dancer Corps. Their formation was thrown into disorder, and the will of the people had begun to scatter. It was only a matter of time before the whole army was slaughtered. 

 “Ying Qiandu——” Song Lang looked indignant, “Is there a need to go that far? Not going to leave an escape route?”

“Far?” The White Feather General’s voice suddenly became sharp, pointing to Li Muyang and the other people behind fatty Gongshu Yuan, she snapped: “You used the power of the entire country to deal with Li Muyang, is there a need to go that far? You brought together the cultivators from a country to hunt down Li Muyang, why did you not want to leave him an escape route?”

 “He is nothing but an insignificant man. But your Ying family and our Song family will have many beneficial dealings in the future——”  

 “You wish.” The White Feather General interrupted Song Lang, stating firmly, “our Ying family will never partner with an usurper. That is an insult to the Ying surname.”

 “Ying Qiandu——”

 “What? Do you feel indignant? Do you feel very powerless? Do you feel that you have suffered a great injustice? When you treated Li Muyang like that, you did not think that you’d have a day like this, did you?” The White Feather General said in a vicious voice, “Now, I will make your Song family suffer all the pain you have brought to Li Muyang.” 

 As the White Feather General was speaking, her body suddenly floated, the sword in her hand was already inserted into the sword box on the horseback, and a blue-green flute was between her palms.  

 “Magic flute.” 

 Song Lang exclaimed.

 He felt a feeling of wanting to die. 

 The Magic Flute was also classified as a treasure of the Divine continent. Although the ranking was not as high as the Tear of the Dragon King and the Heart of Weak water, it was still a powerful existence listed in the ‘treasure and weapons chart’. 

 The Magic Flute could play a variety of murderous tunes. As the cultivator’s strength becomes stronger, so does the music it can play. With different songs, tunes, melody and emotions, the destructive power will also differ. The more magnificent the tune, the stronger the fighting power that can be produced. For example, ‘Chivalry’, ‘Ambush on ten sides’, and ‘General’s order’.

 By the time the cultivator’s strength reaches a certain level, a piece of music can kill an army of tens of thousands.

 Thinking carefully, what is the difference between such an act and god? 

 The Magic Flute mainly kills, mainly attacks.

 The Five-element glass mirror mainly defends, able to protect against gold, wood, water, fire, and earth, the five elements. 

 The two complemented and coordinated well with each other. How was he going to fight this war? 

 Song Lang thought to himself that if he were not Song Lang, he would have simply surrendered.

 This was simply bullying. 

 The White Feather General’s figure was in the high altitude, her coloured clothes billowed in the strong wind and the white feathers fluttered.

Her slender and fair fingers were wrapped around the flute. 

 She held the Magic Flute to her mouth, and a noise sounded abruptly. 


 It was the word ‘kill’ that was played out. 

 That short and abrupt sound, like a dagger, without warning darted towards Song Lang in the distance. 

 Song Lang, who had fought hundreds of battles, had a lot of experience in fighting. 

 He brought the long sword in his hand up in a defensive guard. 


 A clear and resounding noise sounded, as his body drew back two steps, and the notes, which were played out by the Magic Flute, struck his blade and shattered.  

Before Song Lang could draw breath, a string of murderous notes was played out from the Magic Flute. 


The White Feather General was performing the most murderous ‘Chivalry’. 

Ten steps to kill a man.  

Leave a thousand miles behind. 

As responsibilities are over. 

Fame and wealth become irrelevant—— 

Each note was a dagger, and each tone was a heavy blow.

A long string of notes was a spear, a sharp sword, all slashing in the direction of where Song Lang was. 

Song Lang felt pressure. 

Firmly clasping the long sword, he kept striking and severing the notes that had flown to him. 

However, the Magic Flute did not stop, those notes continued to come. 

Like the water of the sea, it never dries up. 

Like the air of the sky, it was endless. 

The more Song Lang struck, the more frightened he was, and the more exhausted he became.

Because he found that, when the tune turned more and more hurried, there were more and more notes gathered around. It was as though he had been encircled.

“Must not let it surround me.” 

Song Lang thought in his heart.  

“If I am besieged by those notes, I will be stabbed to death, die without a burial site.”

With this thought, Song Lang was ready to make his strongest counterattack.

He smashed through a pile of notes with his sword, and then sped rapidly toward the high altitude.

He flew higher and higher, faster and faster. It was as though he wanted to rush to the Ninth heaven.


As he charged skywards, his body suddenly was burning violently.

 Dazzling red and blazing flames filled the sky. 

 The burning flame flew higher and higher, until it finally completely disappeared in front of the eyes of everyone. 

 The White Feather General did not care, and continued to play the tune to the fullest. 


 The tune of murder! 

 The tune to destroy the enemy! 

 This song was resounding and rapid, and the style was violent, and must not be interrupted. Otherwise, even she will be wounded.


 The red flame landed rapidly from the sky, as if a meteor had suddenly fallen from above. 

 The flame drew a graceful arc across the black sky, before it ‘whizzed’ towards the White Feather General. 

 The White Feather General lifted her head, both hands on the flute, and played desperately. 

 One note after another was speeding towards the fireball, revolving around, and to wrap around it. 

 In her beautiful pupils, the fireball was seen getting closer and growing larger. 

 It was about to smash into her, incinerate her to ashes.

 However, the White Feather General stood still, standing in the high altitude, and did not budge an inch. 

 It was not that she was unable to move, but that she was afraid to move. 

 She had put all her mind into the song ‘Chivalry’. A little movement will lead to a disruption in the body of qi and the scattering of strength. 

 At that time it would be extremely difficult to bring together that murderous force again. 

 Getting closer. 

 Growing brighter and brighter. 


 When the huge fireball was about to fall onto the White Feather General’s head, there was a sudden flash of white light overhead, and then a loud explosion was heard. 

 The fireball had exploded. 

 The ‘Great daylight’ that Song Lang had burned his origin life yuan of the dantian to launch out was destroyed by the tune that the White Feather General played. 

 His strength was far inferior to that of Song Gudu, so the same technique had very different results. 


 The dust of the explosion dissipated and Song Lang’s body plunged into the snow and ice. 


 Facing skywards, Song Lang spewed out large mouthfuls of blood. 


 The enemy has been extinguished, and the music has dispersed. 

 Holding the magic flute, the White Feather General, slowly landed. 

 She landed in front of Song Lang, and looked him in a condescending way, as if looking at a dead man.  

“Ying Qiandu, you can’t kill me——” Song Lang hissed. “I’m a descendant of the Song family. If you kill me, your Ying family will become an implacable enemy of the Song family. At that time, the alliance between the West Wind Kingdom and the Dawu Kingdom will be unfavourable for your Peacock Imperial court——”  

“I don’t care about state affairs.” The White Feather General stated in an indifferent voice. 

 She raised the Magic Flute in her hand, aiming it at Song Lang on the ground. 


 A jade-green colour flashed. Song Lang’s body was split in half. 

 Song Lang had died in battle. 



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