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510 – The whole army wiped out!

Chapter 510: The whole army wiped out!


Black clouds tumbled and wildfires blazed. 

There was not a single white horse on the White Horse Plain, but only dead bodies.  

Broken limbs were scattered all over the ground, blood spread across, and even the deep snow and ice on the ground had melted.

The scattered horses dashed and hissed, and some even dragged their master’s half body or one arm towards the distance.

 The battle was nearing its end. When the long spear formation of the Qilin army was destroyed by the Ghost-faced soldiers with their curved and slender sabre, the Ghost Dancer Corps power begun to occupy the upper hand. They steered their horse, brandished their long blade, slashing left and right, and the Qilin army was wounded and killed. There was no one that could match their strength.

 Meanwhile, Song Lang’s body was lying upright there. 

 Because that attack was too rapid, the powerful qi was too biting cold – the wound had been frozen by essential qi. Even blood could not flow out. 

 It was only when the essential qi that sealed the wound had dissipated that blood began to spew out. 

 Soon, Song Lang’s body was dyed red by blood, and was then soaked in it. 

 A descendant of the Song Family, the chief commander of the Qilin army was killed in such a way by the White Feather General’s magic flute.

 Holding a white bone scepter, the State Teacher of the Peacock Imperial Court Ying Wuyu, wearing a thorny crown, came over, looking at Song Lang in the pool of blood, and said softly: “Although this boy does not have the title of a Prince, but he has status like a real Prince. It is not appropriate to kill him.” 

 The White Feather General made a deep bow to Ying Wuyu, her voice gentle as she expressed her gratitude: “Thank you Second Grandfather for helping out, otherwise, my friend would have been killed by them.”

 “Silly child, we’re a family, why are you so polite to me?” Ying Wuyu said with a doting face. 

 “Second Grandfather, the death of this man, will it cause trouble to the Kingdom?” 

 “There will be some trouble.” Ying Wuyu explained. “As I said earlier, the Song family is actually the ruler of the West Wind Kingdom. The Song family is the imperial family, the first family that can determine the direction of the Kingdom. For thousands of years, in order to maintain the balance of the Divine continent, the Peacock Imperial Court, the West Wind Kingdom and the Dawu Kingdom, the three great powers, will not rashly form a feud. Because once two parties have a huge feud, it may lead to cooperation between the other two countries. In the end the other one will be devoured. Song Lang’s death will most likely anger the Song family, leading to the alliance between the West Wind Kingdom and the Dawu Kingdom——At that time, even if the Peacock Imperial court’s blade is incomparably sharp, it will be difficult to battle against both the West Wind Kingdom and the Dawu Kingdom at the same time——”

 “But this man is really hateful. If I did not kill him I cannot ease the hatred in my heart.” The White Feather General uttered with an indignant face. 

 “I understand.” Ying Wuyu said indifferently. “You should do whatever you want to do. Your father once said that your business is tantamount to the affairs of the state. You only just killed someone, so what?” 

 “Second Grandfather——”

 Ying Wuyu waved his hand with a smile. “With the Ghost Dancer Corps protecting you, you will definitely be safe. I’ll leave first. This matter is over, you should also go back early. Don’t make your father and mother worry.” 

 “Yes, Second Grandfather.” Qiandu knew that Second Grandfather’s identity was special. He was the State Teacher of the Peacock imperial court, and can be said to be the stabilising force of the Peacock Imperial Court. It was understandable that he mustn’t stay outside for too long.

 “Go and see your friend.” Ying Wuyu cast a glance over in Li Muyang’s direction and said in a comforting voice: “there is cause and effect with everything, remember everything cannot be forced. The restriction of the heart is a great stupidity.”

 “Qiandu will keep this in mind.” 

 Ying Wuyu nodded again, before his body gradually faded, and then turned into a shadow and disappeared before the crowd.

 Qiandu headed towards the direction of Li Muyang when fatty Gongshu Yuan stood up to stop her. 

 After a thought, he backed down to one side again. 

 Looking at the ghost-faced mask on Qiandu’s face he asked aloud, “Are you a friend of Li Muyang?” 


 “I didn’t know that Li Muyang is so good at making friends. He has a friend like you and me.” Fatty Gongshu Yuan remarked with a smile.

Song Lang had died, the Qilin army was destroyed, meaning their fugitive crisis had been lifted.

 Gongshu Yuan felt he had been resurrected from the dead. 

 He originally thought that he had come to a dead end, but unexpectedly there was a glimmer of hope because of the arrival of the State Teacher and the Princess of the Peacock Imperial Court, two powerful and influential people.

 Looking at Fatty Gongshu Yuan, Qiandu asked, “How is he doing now?” 

 “Not too positive.” The fatty answered. 

Qiandu moved closer to Li Muyang and took off the ghost-faced mask, revealing her elegant and beautiful face. 

 The fatty looked stunned, a captivating look across his face as he murmured, “This ghost faced Princess——is nothing like a ghost. She is simply a goddess, a fairy-like figure.””

 Qiandu crouched down, reached out to stroke Li Muyang’s pale cheeks, uttering softly: “Muyang classmate, we meet again.”


 The Clear Heart Valley, the Plum blossom Lake. 

 The Clear Heart Valley was a private territory of the Song family where some important people in the family will choose to train and cultivate at in order to clear their mind.  

 Plum Blossom Lake was the Song family’s old immortal Song Gudu’s favourite place. With the warm spring water as soup and the natural stone essence as medicine, it had the effect of relaxes the muscles, improves blood circulation, strengthens the qi, and cleanses the mind. Every time he soaks his body there, it helps him remove his fatigue and regain his best mental state to meet new challenges.

Long-term immersion also had the effect of strengthening the body and prolonging life. 

 This was the reason why rich and powerful families were more likely to produce genius martial artists. It was because not only did these powerful forces dominate the martial arts cultivation techniques but they also occupied treasures, spiritual mountains and rivers. 

 On the other hand, the most powerful martial arts technique that the children of poor families had ever seen in their lifetime was probably the ‘beating a cow behind a mountain’. They do not even know how to open the door of cultivation, how would they have a chance to become a Starry Sky cultivator? 

 Wearing a set of snow-white clothes, most of Song Gudu’s body was soaking in the spring water. 

 Dewy mist was mystically swirling in the air, steam rising and spring water bubbling. 

Surrounded by heavy snow and winter plum flowers, this place was similar to a legendary abode of immortals. 

 Song Gudu was sitting upright in the spring water, eyes closed, hands folded in a hand seal, and a red ball was glistening above his head, releasing rays of white light over his body. 


It was the sound of snow falling. 

 Song Gudu’s eyes snapped open to see Song Tao standing in front of him with an apologetic face.  

 “Grandson is reckless to disturb Grandfather’s training.” Song Tao bowed apologetically. The news that the old Grandfather of the Song family had been wounded was already known by all the important figures in the family, and was blocked from the outside world for the time being. However, it was impossible to conceal from the eyes and ears of the resolute people.

Song Tao originally wanted to wait until his Grandfather’s treatment had ended before he pays his respect, but unexpectedly his arrival had triggered the pile of snow on the branch of a winter plum tree above to fall, startling his Grandfather.

“Doesn’t matter.” Song Gudu said with no expression. He seemed as calm and composed as usual, and there was not the slightest of discomfort. 

 “Yes.” Song Tao said, bowing his head. “Tiandu is already cleaned up. All those who are loyal to the Lu family had been captured. Those who resisted fiercely were executed with their families, and more were put into the water prison. Others took their lives before they had even been investigated——”

 Song Gudu did not say a word, like he did not hear these words. 

 He wasn’t concerned about this, and he didn’t care about it.

He just needed the result. 

 What was the result? 

 The result was the mind. 

 For cultivators like him, all they need was to follow their mind and intention. 

For someone of his position and cultivation realm, what was the thing he most longed for? 

It was to gain greater power, to live forever and not to die. 

 Why would he spend time and energy on these worldly affairs, scrambling for power and benefits?

 Because the mind was obstructed. 

 He knew that, if he had not acted in time and allowed Lu Xingkong and the Emperor to prepare for a few more years, then perhaps there really was the possibility of his Song family being pulled down from the altar and wiped out.

 Things were fraught with uncertainty.

 The reason he made a move in time was because he had already lost hope in breaking into the next realm.

 If he were not able to break into the next realm, his life would have come to an end. Once the oil lamp dries up, it cannot be ignited again. He most likely would not have survived this cold winter.

Wasn’t there rumours that Song Gudu was about to die and that the Kingdom was about to lose a pair of eyes?

If he died, who can counterbalance Lu Xingkong, who held the military power and had the Emperor behind him? 

 He was ready to die, so had been preparing for years, ready for a big show to kill the Emperor and to seize the throne. 

 What he did not expect was that, enlightened by Li Muyang’s words, he had managed to tread past the Starry Sky realm at the most critical moment and stepped into Astral Projection realm. 

As a result, his life span continued, and gained more time and chance for cultivation and to continue breaking through the walls. 

 It was just that, at that time, everything was already prepared, and there was Li Muyang, the variable, constantly intensifying the conflict. When the arrow is on the bowstring, it had to be shot out.

 The realm was broken through, and the mind was no longer obstructed. 

 The other matters, surely the family’s grandchildren and the forces attached to the Song family can handle perfectly.

 “There is a lot of movement on the Cui family’s side. In this cleaning operation they had made great efforts and had killed a lot of people. Now they have begun to arrange their people into some important divisions.” Song Tao did not care whether his Grandfather had heard it or not, his purpose of coming here was to let his Grandfather know of these matters. 

 It didn’t matter if he cared, as long as he understood. It was the duty of the head of a household to make decisions and choices at the critical moment. 他

 Song Gudu still had his eyes closed, seemingly unconcerned. 

That person of the Cui family was a smart man who knows what to take and what not to take. Even if the Song family did not say a word, he will still give largest piece of meat to the Song family’s bowl. There was no need for him to worry about these things.

 “Song Lang——”

 Song Gudu’s eyes snapped opened again.

 His eyes were piercing and deep, like an abyss in autumn.

 “Song Lang had an accident?” 

 “He was killed——by Ying Qiandu of the Peacock Imperial Court.” Song Tao said in a mournful voice. “The whole Qilin army was wiped out.”




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