Chapter 511: Muyang wakes up!


Song Lang had died in battle and the whole Qilin army was wiped out.  

Such news, even for a top family like the Song family, was a huge earthquake.  

Song Gudu was silent for a long while, his expression mournful, before he muttered, “I caused his death. If I hadn’t ordered him to go after the dragon, he wouldn’t have——I caused Song Lang’s death.”

“Grandfather, don’t blame yourself, this matter has nothing to do with you.” Song Tao quickly comforted, “Song Lang is a general, a warrior of the Kingdom. Killing of the enemy is the duty of a warrior, there is always a chance of being killed by the enemy——” 

 “Even so, but——” Song Gudu let out a gentle sigh, withdrawing the little golden ball above his head, and then stood up in the spring water. “I still lost a good grandson.”


 “If Li Muyang lives, then the Song family will die. If Li Muyang dies, then the Song family will live.” Song Gudu gazed at the distant fluttering snowy, and added: “This is fate.” 

 “Grandfather, Li Muyang, he——really is a dragon?” 

 Seeing that his Grandfather did not answer, and was just looking at him with a pensive gaze, Song Tao could feel cold sweat beading on his forehead, and hurriedly explained: “I’m not going to disobey grandfather, it’s also not that I don’t believe what Grandfather has said, but, Chenxi always says that there aren’t any dragons in the world. Perhaps I am affected by her, so I asked that question——However, since Grandfather said there are dragons, there naturally must be dragons. I did not expect a dragon to appear in the world after being gone for tens of thousands of years. It really is hateful.” 

 “How is Chenxi?” 

 “Chenxi is very good. She is resting at home she wanted to come together to visit Grandfather, but I refused.” 

“It’s freezing outside, she can’t catch a cold.” Song Gudu seriously instructed. 

 “Yes, Grandpa. That’s what I told her. It’s just that she’s still a little angry.” 

 “This child.” Song Gudu shook his head gently.  

 “Grandpa, you just said that if Li Muyang lives, then the Song family will die. If Li Muyang dies, then the Song family will live——That Li Muyang, he really has so much influence? His survival can be related to the rise and fall of the Song family?” 

 “The things of this world are that mysterious.” Song Gudu said with a solemn look. “There is a book in the family called the ‘Back-Pushing Sketch’. The name is unremarkable, but the content inside is unfathomable. Feel free to choose an important point in the long course of history, it can describe historical events of 5,000 years ago and predict the next 10,000 years. I chose a few events and found that the history process was exactly the same as in the book’s description.  Later, I tried to calculate the rise and fall of my Song family, unfortunately——” 


 “Although I only know a little superficial knowledge, but, I still calculated that, the Song family will encounter a great calamity. If you live in a fire, you die when you meet water.” 

 “What does Grandfather mean?” 

 “The Princess of the Peacock Imperial Court led an army to trample on the land of my West Wind Kingdom, and slaughtered the pillars of my West Wind. They will have to give an explanation.” Song Gudu had no intention of having a deep conversation with his grandson about the prediction of the future. He instead changed the topic to Song Lang’s death. 

 “Prince Fu——the Emperor has sent a diplomatic note to the Peacock Imperial Court, and our envoys are on their way to the Peacock Imperial Court. If the Peacock King sides with his daughter and not give us an explanation, then they can’t blame our West Wind army for invading their territory.” Song Tao spoke in a fierce tone. After all, an elite of his Song family had died. As a brother of the same clan, he was also very upset.

 “Princess Qiandu is a guest, and the West Wind should invite her to the capital.” Song Gudu muttered. 

“Yes, Grandfather.” Song Tao nodded. “Before Song Lang died he sent out a reinforcement ghost butterfly, now there are eight nearby legions going to the rescue. Ying Qiandu, who led the Ghost Dancer Corps into my West Wind Kingdom, will certainly be surrounded by the elite troops and eventually be wrapped up like dumplings.” 

 “Go.” Song Gudu waved his hand, saying in an exhausted tone, “Take good care of Chenxi.”

 “Yes.” Song Tao looked at his Grandfather, thinking to himself that even at this time, his Grandfather was still thinking about the physical condition of Little sister Chenxi. It seems that his favourite was indeed granddaughter Song Chenxi.

 Song Tao bowed respectfully, and then left in a hurry.  

“Bodhisattva shed blood, the county lost its pillar——” Song Gudu gazed at a blossoming pink plum flower not far away, and muttered, “Just which pillar is lost?” 

“Chenxi, Chenxi——the life and death of the Song family, is it really linked to you, a weak girl? That ‘Back-Pushing Sketch’ really calculated the fate of my Song family? A calamity of 3,100 years——this great calamity——can it really end the Song family’s glorious era?”


 “You and I have a deep friendship and are as close as brothers——I am willing to swear on the glory of my family——”

 “The demons of the abyss have broken the wall, people are in a terrible situation, the devastation of the divine continent is about to arrive——The human race and the Dragon clan should join forces, in order to save the Divine continent from this calamity——”

 “You stupid bastards, you possess natural supreme abilities but are as stupid as pigs. Kill them——kill the evil black dragon——” 

 “Kill it——” 

 “Kill it——” 

 “Kill it——” 


 Li Muyang jerked awake from one nightmare after another. 

 His face was deathly pale, drenched in sweat, breathing rapidly, and chest heaving up and down. 

 It was a long and dark life, a bitter memory of grief and despair. 

 The endless killing, the war and the sea of blood that saw no end——

 The vows that were made with honor, the most cruel betrayal—— 

 The bodies that had been slashed by tens of thousand of swords, the huge heads that were cut off, and the blood-stained river——

 All were deeply engraved in the mind of Li Muyang, engraved in the heart of Li Muyang. 

 He was in pain! 

 Pain in the heart! 

 It pained him to the bone! 

 He remembered it. 

 He remembered it all. 

 Every single thing. 

 Clearly and vividly. 

 Tens of thousands of years ago, they had killed him once. 

 Now, they were going to kill him again.  

 “I won’t give in.” Li Muyang clearly heard that, deep down in his heart, there was a dark monster roaring.

 “I want revenge!” 

 “Blood for blood!” 

 Li Muyang snapped open his eyes, blood mist shrouded his pupils. No black pupils were seen and his pupils were completely covered by blood water.

“Li Muyang you’re awake——” Qiandu lifted the curtains and came in. 

 “Aahh——” Qiandu screamed in shock from seeing Li Muyang’s face. 


 The porcelain bowl in her hand dropped to the ground, shattering to pieces. 



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