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512 – Gentle treatment!

Chapter 512: Gentle treatment!

Qiandu was in a hurry to rescue Li Muyang, so had only brought with her the Ghost Dancer Corps, and had forgotten about army provisions and reinforcements. 

Besides, the Ghost Dancer Corps was an army skilled in battle. As long as they were alive, whether it was the deep mountains, fire valley or glaciers, it was hard to trap them.  

The White Horse Plains was abundant in White horses, and on the plains there were shepherds hunting horses for a living. There was only a very small number of indigenous people on the White Horse Plain.

Although Song Lang had died, the ghost butterfly released before the battle had still called over reinforcements.

The borders of the West Wind had been blocked, and with the unconscious Li Muyang, Lu Qiji and Lu Qingming, Qiandu dared not to hastily rush through the barrier in order to avoid Li Muyang and the others, who lacked the ability to protect themselves, from getting wounded again. 

Fortunately, the White Horse Plain was vast enough for them to temporarily hide from being found by the West Wind army. 

Qiandu needed a tent, and immediately someone bought her a tent from a shepherd as a temporary resting place for the Princess. 

Hearing the girl’s scream, Li Muyang turned around. 

Because the curtain that was made of thick animal fur naturally hung down, the entrance appeared somewhat dark. 

So, at a glance, he only saw the colourful clothes and white feather on a girl’s head. 

Because it was just too dazzling. 

Soon, Li Muyang was attracted by the girl’s appearance. 

Face as bright as the moon, eyes like the autumn water. 

Lips like a flower, and the mouth small like a cherry. 

Because of her special identity, she radiated a dignified and graceful demeanour, but did not make people steer clear of her and instead gave off a sense of trust. 

“One point more is too much, and one point less is too little.” 

It could not have been more apt to use these words to describe her. 

It was just that the girl was staring at him in horror, like looking at a fierce beast. 

Are you a monster? 

Li Muyang seriously thought about it, and he really—— 

The blood mist in his eyes bubbled and did not disperse.  

“Is there something?” Li Muyang asked in a loud voice.  

It was still the voice of Li Muyang, but it was too icy cold, similar to the blood mist in his eyes, gave a strange and cold feeling. 

“Your eyes——” Qiandu uttered looking at Li Muyang’s eyes. 

“What’s the matter?” 

“Your eyes——you have three eyes——” Qiandu swallowed a gulp of saliva, and stuttered with a frightened face.

“Three eyes——” Li Muyang looked up. 

In the middle of his brows, above his eyes, there was an extra eye.

A dark, ink-like eye. 

The eye grew upright, like a black hole. 

There was no pupil in it, or any whiteness 

There was only one black droplet. 

Li Muyang couldn’t see, and reached his up hand to touch. 

Gently stroking the third eye, he did not feel afraid, instead there was a very familiar feeling of closeness. 

This was the tear, the tear that was sealed before the black dragon collapsed. 

The Tear of the Dragon King! 

It had shifted from the back of Li Muyang’s hand to his heart, and then from his heart to his forehead, and now to between his brows. 

It was also known as the ‘sky pivot’. 

The tear was embedded in the sky pivot, and had truly and completely fused with Li Muyang.

Li Muyang looked at Qiandu and asked, “You know everything?”

“Yes.” After the initial shock, Qiandu quickly recovered. For someone in her position, what strange things had she not heard about? What strange people had she not seen?”

“Aren’t you afraid?” 

“Afraid of what?” 

Li Muyang drew back the corners of his mouth in a smile, sinister and cold. 

“I am a dragon.” Li Muyang stated. “The dragon who you all——see as an evil beast.” 

 “Li Muyang——” Qiandu snapped, “Please pay attention to your wording.” 

“What? Am I not right?” 

“No. You’re not right at all, you’re very wrong.” Qiandu sounded somewhat hysterical. “First, you’re not a dragon. You are Li Muyang, my classmate in Starry Sky Academy, the Li Muyang who I have been through life and death with in the Water illusion. You have parents of the human race, a sister of the human race, and have relatives and friends of the human race. You’re not a dragon, you’re part of the human race.”

“Also, it’s not ‘you all’, it is them——I have never regarded the Dragons as evil beasts, let alone you as an evil beast. Whether it was before, or now, or in the future, you are my friend. I’ll never be on the opposite side as you. Li Muyang, as long as you want, you can still be the same as before.”

“It’s not the same.” Li Muyang’s voice was calm, but piercing cold and bone chilling. “It’s not the same. This news most likely have spread across the Divine continent? Do you think there is a place for me to stand in the Divine continent after this?” 

“You can come back to the Peacock Imperial Court with me, I can protect you. Whoever dares to hurt you, I will kill them——”  

“If I go back to the Peacock Imperial Court with you, am I not a dragon? You will kill whoever that hurts me? What if all the people of the Peacock imperial Court wants to hurt me? Can you kill them all? Are you going to slaughter all the people of your Kingdom?” 

“No.” Qiandu shook her head. “No, there must be a solution——” 

“What solution?” The blood mist in Li Muyang’s eyes grew thicker and stronger, and the vicious tendencies in his heart were uncontrollably moving toward the top of his head. “Tens of thousands of years ago, the dragon clan and the human race were close, they had again and again obstructed the invasion of the demon abyss, but still suffered the betrayal of the human race, and was mercilessly massacred, and now——after more than tens of thousands of years of instruct and influence, the Dragon clan has become the embodiment of sin. In the divine continent, everyone wants to slay a dragon.” 

“How can such a big rift, such deep hatred, be fixed? Even if I say I won’t kill humans, I won’t hurt the human race——would the people believe it? Are they going to let me go?”

“Li Muyang, don’t get agitated, as long as we work hard, as long as we try——we can certainly resolve this conflict and misunderstanding.”

“Qiandu, is it not clear to you that others have been blinded and deceived?” Li Muyang stared into Qiandu’s eyes and said aloud: “The reason the Dragon clan was slaughtered, massacred, is because they threatened the benefits of the supreme ruler of the human race. The human race feared that they will lose control of the Dragon clan, feared that the Dragon clan would compete for power with them, and feared that the Dragon clan would threaten their lives——They extremely hate the dragon clan. It is only by slaughtering all the Dragons will they be able to continue their hegemonic path with a peace of mind and be able to sleep peacefully.”

“You say you want to resolve the conflict and misunderstandings between the human race and the dragon clan, but your parents will most likely oppose it? What about the imperial family of the nine countries and the cultivators of the divine continent——how will they allow a foreign race, a dragon who is likely to threaten their rule, to live in this world?”

“But you’re not a dragon, you’re a human——”  

“They won’t believe it.” 

“I believe it.” Qiandu’s voice was incredibly firm, “Even if the whole world does not believe it, I believe it.”


Li Muyang looked at the Qiandu’s persistent eyes, and was silent for a long while. The hostility in his heart began to dissipate, his voice also become a lot softer.

“Thank you.”

Without personal experience, it is difficult to understand how important it is for a person to say yes to you when you are abandoned and hunted by everyone of the world. 

Li Muyang has had a wonderful childhood, even if he was seriously ill and may die at any time. But, because of the love and care of his parents and sister, he felt that he was the happiest person in the world.  

He, like many people, had always regarded himself as a human being. 

Even when young, he also dreamt of slaying a dragon, like the protagonist of those widely circulated stories. He hoped to tread past the Starry sky, raised the blade to slaughter the dragons, and become a dragon slayer hero admired by all. 

But what he did not expect was that, not only did he not slay a dragon, he became a dragon—— 

He had never hurt anyone, nor did he even think about it. 

He tried to restrain himself, used his kindness to digest the various negative emotions brought to him by the black dragon. 

However, when he was hunted down by the countless experts of West Wind, when Song Gudu struck eight netherworld nails into his body, and when he was faced with even more pursuit, he had to reevaluate his identity and position. 

Li Muyang——are you really a human? 

If so, why are all your fellow citizens trying to slaughter you? 

He hated the human race. 

He had never felt this way before, but after waking up from his long, painful nightmare, he began to hate the human race. 

Since the world wants to destroy me, then I will destroy the world—— 

That is what he was supposed to do.

That would quell the hatred and anger in his heart. 

But, at a time when he had made up his mind to do so, Qiandu appeared beside him. 

“Even if the whole world doesn’t believe it, I believe it.” 

The girl said with such certainty and without the slightest of hesitation. 

Maybe even Qiandu was not clear what kind of impact and changes will her remark bring to Li Muyang. 

That was exactly what he needed, that was exactly what he was hoping. 

Like a girl, who is angry with her boyfriend after a quarrel, shouted ‘I hate you, I hate you, I don’t want to talk to you again, get lost, the further the better’, but in fact wants to hear her boyfriend’s sweet words and gentle treatment—— 

She doesn’t really want her boyfriend to leave. 

Li Muyang also had this mentality. 

He hated the human race, wanted to destroy the human race, wanted to get rid of those who want to destroy him.

But that was not what he really thought.

Or rather, he didn’t want to have such real thoughts. 

He was a human, a living human——  

How could he betray his race? How could he abandon his parents, family, relatives and friends?  

Qiandu reached out to hold Li Muyang’s hand that was covered with dark scales, saying softly, “I will stand with you no matter what. If someone wants to kill you, I will protect you. If you’re going to kill somebody, I will help you.”

Li Muyang’s emotions undulated like the tide. He felt as though a drop of honey had dripped into his mouth, then went down the throat with saliva, and instantly filled his whole body. 

A mysterious thing then happened. 

Qiandu was stroking the back of his hand, when that area of scales instantly dissipated, disappearing without a trace.  

All children who have suffered hoped to be treated with such gentleness. 

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