Chapter 513: Where the lights are dim! 


Elk small Building. 

Inside a quaint and warm pavilion sat two young women. 

One was graceful and beautiful, and one was pretty and delicate. 

The graceful girl was Cui Xiaoxin and the delicate girl was Song Chenxi. 

The meet up between the two bright moons of Tiandu should have been a matter widely talked about by the whole capital city. Unfortunately, it was a critical period now. The late Emperor had passed away, and the city was still in the state funeral period. The squares were shut, the wine shops were temporarily closed down, and even storytellers in teahouses were forbid to sing and tell stories during this period.  

“Little sister Chenxi, is your health a little better lately?” With her hands clasped around a cup of steaming tea, Cui Xiaoxin looked at Song Chenxi opposite her and asked in a concerned tone of voice. 

Cui Xiaoxin thought that amongst the three bright moons of Tiandu, Lu Qiji showed off her ability to the full extent and kept her distance from other people, while she was too cautious and careful and avoided arguments with others as much as possible. But this little Princess of the Song family was pure as ice, thoughtful and very likeable.   

“Thank you for your concern Sister Xiaoxin. This winter is a little colder than in the previous years, but my body is much better than it used to be. Maybe it’s because I often go out for activities.” Song Chenxi replied earnestly, holding a small golden heating furnace. 

“Yes, you’re right.” Cui Xiaoxin said, nodding. “It’s good for your health to go outside more. I had always wanted to be closer to little sister, but was afraid of disturbing your rest. Because of this hesitation, the visit was delayed till today.” 

A smile spread across Song Chenxi’s face. “Okay, I’ll listen to Sister Xiaoxin. When I have nothing to do I will go out to enjoy the beautiful scenery, which will help me to find source material for painting. When Li Muyang taught me the way of painting he had also once said that as long as there is a bamboo in one’s mind, one can draw the bamboo. I am always in this small building and don’t go out, what I see and hear are just things on this side of the world. How can I create a good prece of art?” 

“Li Muyang, he taught you the way of painting too?” Cui Xiaoxin asked, suppressing the strange undulation of emotions.

 Song Chenxi glanced at her and said, “wait a moment Sister Xiaoxin.” 

She then turned to the little servant girl beside her, “Little Star, bring the painting over.”  

 “Yes, Miss.” The little girl ran in at once, and soon came out carrying a painting scroll.

Song Chenxi took the scroll and carefully spread it out on the table.

Then, the extremely vivid and evocative ‘Maiden pushes open the door’ painting was displayed in front of Cui Xiaoxin. 

Cui Xiaoxin looked entranced by the painting, stretched out her hand to gently stroke the ink marks, muttering: “I have known him for so many years, but have not had the chance to ask him to draw a picture for me.”  

Song Chenxi noticed Cui Xiaoxin’s distracted expression and said reassuringly: “Sister Xiaoxin, there will be a chance in the future.” 

“In the future?” Cui Xiaoxin replied with a bleak smile. “How will there be a future?” 

The Lu family had collapsed, and the news that Li Muyang had unexpectedly become an evil black dragon was now frantically spreading across the capital. Even the servants in the mansion were talking about it.

It was unknown whether Li Muyang was alive or dead, while her fate was most likely already decided? 

The late Emperor had died, the Lu family was destroyed, and now the Song family can be said to have absolute control of the imperial court, even her Grandfather has to rely on them for the air he breathes. 

Under this urgent situation, the Cui family was even less likely to change her marriage with the Song family that had been decided long ago. 

Cui Xiaoxin was now in a semi-imprisoned state. It was only because she said she wants to visit this little Princess of the Song family that Mother Cui was willing to release her. Worried that Cui Xiaoxin would go to a place that she should not go, which would enrage the Song family, she deliberately arranged a few more servants to follow Cui Xiaoxin. If there were any strange movements, they were going to promptly report back to the Cui family. 

Fortunately, Cui Xiaoxin did not have any other ideas, but really intended to visit the young lady of the Song family. 

“Sister Xiaoxin, don’t be too sad.” Song Chenxi felt that Cui Xiaoxin was very pitiful. As pitiful as herself.

If she was a domestic canary, but then what is Sister Xiaoxin? 

She’s a short-legged cat held in captivity.

She was allowed to go out and play once in a while and feel infinite freedom. But when the master shouts, she had to obediently come back and crouch in front of him and listen to his orders. 

“I’m fine.” Cui Xiaoxin smiled. She was worried that Song Chenxi would sense her feelings and then mention it to her older brother, which could become troublesome. 

“Sister Xiaoxin, don’t you like older brother Tinyun?” Song Chenxi asked all of a sudden.  

Cui Xiaoxin’s eyes instantly grew sharp, a natural defense and guardedness produced by the body. 

Then her face softened, as she thoughtfully gazed at Song Chenxi, not knowing what the real intention of her question was.

The two rarely contacted each other, and were not even considered as close friends.  

What kind of reaction would she make if she knew of her answer?  

“Sister Xiaoxin, don’t misunderstand.” Song Chenxi was exceptionally intelligent and instantly understood Cui Xiaoxin’s concern. “You can tell me, our conversation today is just between older sister and I. Only you and I will know, I won’t tell anyone else.” 

“Yes.” Cui Xiaoxin nodded, as though she had made a certain decision.  

When she uttered this word, the repressed gloom suddenly vanished, and her mood was a lot better at once. 

She was finally able to say this, say out the sentence that had been suffocating her heart and cannot be known to outsiders.

“Then don’t marry him.” Song Chenxi’s eyes crinkled in a smile. 

Cui Xiaoxin looked Song Chenxi with a pensive gaze, pondering how much sincerity was in that smile.

After a while, a smile also spread across her face. 

She felt her sincerity, and she indeed was standing on her side.

“All right.” Cui Xiaoxin cheerfully responded. “Then I won’t marry him.”  

“Yes. We’ll look for a better one.” Song Chenxi grinned. “Sister Xiaoxin should marry whoever she likes.”

Cui Xiaoxin also smiled back, but the smile gradually grew bitter. 

“Sister Xiaoxin, do you think Li Muyang really is a dragon?” 

“That’s what your grandpa said.”   

“I know. I was at the scene at the time, but I still can’t believe it. The Li Muyang I know, how could he be a dragon?” 

“In my heart, he is not.” Cui Xiaoxin said firmly—————–  


 The scales on the back of his hand receded and then spread toward other parts of the body. All areas that were wrapped in scales had restored to his original skin.

The blood mist in his eye had disappeared, and there was a reflection of Ying Qiandu in the dark pupils.  

Even the third eye on the forehead was magically gone without a trace, like it had never appeared before. 

It was the Tear of the Dragon King. When Li Muyang was no longer in the dragon transformation state, the eyes of the Dragon King will enter the body and remain hidden.  

“Li Muyang—” A surprised expression lit up Qiandu’s face.

“I’m sorry.” Li Muyang uttered with an ashamed expression across his face. 

The people who wanted to hurt him, he was powerless against them. 

But with the people who really cared about him, he lost his temper at them. 

Just because you know that they will not leave you even if you have lost your temper and will still choose to stand beside you? 

 “It’s okay.” Qiandu shook her head. “Who wouldn’t feel indignant if they were to encounter such a thing? You didn’t do anything wrong, it’s the world that owes you too much. I think that the human race will certainly repay this debt.”


“No, buts.” Qiandu knew what Li Muyang wants to say, “it’s okay. No matter what you go through, I will be there to accompany you.”

“Join me as a public enemy of the human race?”  

“Yes.” Qiandu answered reassuringly. “Including becoming a public enemy of the human race.” 


“Have you forgotten?” When Qiandu smiled, there was a moving gentleness. “We are friends.” 

“Yes. We’re friends.” Li Muyang nodded. 

“What are you going to do next?” 

“Go to Wind City.”

“But right now—-” 

“I’m fine.” Li Muyang shook his head. No matter what, he had to get to Wind City, and arrive at Wind City as soon as possible.

His parents were there, and so was his sister. He was afraid that something would happen to them if he went any later.  

Qiandu’s face was clouded with worry. “I understand the emotions you’re feeling right now, but I want to give you an analysis of the situation we are facing at this moment. This way you can make a judgment.”  

Seeing that Li Muyang did not answer, Qiandu said: “Wind city has been operated by the Lu family for many years, the fact that Lu Wuyoung can strike back in this critical situation and without leaking any information, suggest that he has a complete grasp of Wind City. Lu Wuyoung is a master of martial arts, and has fought many battles at the frontier. His strength is extremely frightening. He has been through years of training, and has many fierce generals and masters at his side. He also controls an army of 100,000. He can be said to be an overlord of a territory.”

“While you were unconscious, Song Lang led the Qilin army to intercept and was wiped out by my Ghost Dancer Corps. Song Lang died in battle, but sent out a reinforcement signal with a ghost butterfly to the generals and soldiers near the White Horse Plain before his death. I just received a report that there are eight great armies chasing after us.” 

Qiandu looked Li Muyang in the eye, saying softly. “So, what is your decision now?” 

“I need to go to Wind City.” 

“Well then, I’ll come with you.” Qiandu smiled sweetly, that smile lit up the whole tent, like a precious luminous pearl. 



Hundreds and thousands of times I searched for her in the crowd, suddenly turning my head back, she stood there where the lights were dim.


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