Chapter 514: Can’t save you!


It was only light that can dispel darkness. It was only warmth that can drive away the cold.

 At this moment, Li Muyang’s innermost heart was peaceful, warm, but also with a little sweet feeling. 

It was unknown where sweetness started, where it came from, but it lingered for a long while. 

 The vicious tendency in his heart had vanished, and the hatred in his heart was gone. 

 Li Muyang even felt that in life there not only were cruelness, killing and death.

 There was the gentle breeze in the ear, the blazing sun overhead, and the soft murmuring and flower-like smile of this girl standing by his side.

 Li Muyang looked into the eyes of Qiandu, and the maiden did the same. The two gazed upon each other, understanding each other’s feelings.

“It’s nice to be honest, it’s nice to have someone to talk to.” Li Muyang thought to himself. 

 In the water illusion, because the Changbai seven sons captured Qiandu and used an aphrodisiacs drug to force Qiandu to hand over the glass mirror, Li Muyang indignantly transformed into a dragon, spewed out dragon breath and killed the seven sons. In the end Qiandu was saved from the eldest son of the Changbai seven sons. 

 At that time, Qiandu’s mind was confused by the aphrodisiac drug. Everything felt both real and fake to her, like a dream. In her eyes and heart was only lust, and not the truth.

She was confused and entranced.

 By the time Qiandu regained consciousness, the effect of the drug had passed, that lust and desire also disappeared. 

 Although the clothes on her were torn, it still covered her body.

 The memory in her mind was incomplete and dark, but both of them were not willing to mention it again. 

 The illusion was full of danger and one must always worry about their safety, who would have the mood to talk about such things that were originally unspeakable? 

 Even if it wasn’t said out loud, it didn’t mean it was not thought about.  

It was also from that moment that the clear figure of a boy occupied a space in Qiandu’s heart. 

 His fortitude and courage, his self-control and dedication.  

Even the way he turned into a black dragon didn’t make her feel afraid. It didn’t feel ugly to her. Instead, there was a sense of steady warmth.

 Without Li Muyang, perhaps she would have been humiliated and killed by the Changbai seven sons.

If that were the case, so what if she has a noble identity? So what if she looked beautiful? 

 Who can fight against the God of death?

 When the illusion collapsed, and Li Muyang was said to have drowned with it, unable to escape, Qiandu was depressed and bitterly waited for dozens of days. After learning Li Muyang’s news she left the school immediately and did not even notify anyone.  

However, the capital city was changing constantly, and when she gathered all the information she found that she couldn’t save him even if she went to Tiandu, and instead put herself in danger. The smartest thing to do was to go back to the Peacock imperial court. That was her roots, that was where the people who she depended on and possessed tremendous strength were. 

The chess pieces that the Peacock Imperial Court hid in Tiandu all began to operate, just for the safety of a young man. They risked their lives to bring the latest news and information into the hands of the Princess.

 When Qiandu learned that the Lu family had collapsed, Lu Qingming took Li Muyang and escaped from Mist Mountain. She immediately led the Peacock Imperial Court’s most powerful Ghost dancer corps to come to the rescue.  

 They had traveled thousands of miles, without sleep and without rest, just to arrive sooner to find and protect him.

On her way here, Qiandu had been thinking all along that, no matter what, this time she cannot let him take any risk.

Because she would be worried and scared.

Now after seeing him, she thought again: his willingness to take risks meant that he has a reason to go. Then she will accompany him there.

 This way, she won’t have to worry about him anymore.

“You can’t go.” Li Muyang said out loudly. 


 “It’s dangerous.” 

 “Isn’t it dangerous if you go alone?” 

 “If I go alone I can rescue them as quietly as I could. If you bring the Ghost dancer army, it will become a fierce siege.” Li Muyang analysed clearly, his rationality was not affected by hatred and fear. “Also, as soon as the Ghost Dancer Corps appears, the armies of the West Wind Kingdom that are searching for our whereabouts will immediately gather in Wind City. At that time, they will come from all directions, and even if the strength of the Ghost dancer corps is powerful, it will be difficult to battle against so many, they will be outnumbered by the enemy. They have parents, they have brothers and sisters. I don’t want their life to be taken away because they want to save my parents.” 

 “But, have you thought that, they may have taken your parents and sister as bait and set up an inescapable net in Wind city, waiting for you come.” 

 “I know.” Li Muyang said with a nod. “I don’t know Lu Wuyong, but I understand Song Gudu. That old dog plans very carefully and takes every conceivable possibility into account. He will certainly do this.”

 “Then you still want to go there alone?” 

 “I can die for them, because it is them who gave me my life.” Li Muyang stated in a loud voice. “But you guys can’t.”

 Qiandu gently shook her head: “There’s too many people in the Ghost Dancer Corps, right? Well, I’ll send them off and I’ll go with you alone.” 


 Qiandu had strongly dissuaded Li Muyang, hoping that he would rest and recover first, because his body was now in a very weak state and can be described as ‘riddled with scars’.

 However, Li Muyang still saw that Lu Qingming was in another tent.

 His real father. 

 On the battlefield, when Li Muyang suddenly heard this, he felt a sense of absurdity, confusion, and at a loss on what to do.

However, a new round of fighting soon began, which also helped defused the awkwardness and silence between Li Muyang and Lu Qingming.

 It was just that when the battle was over, when they saw each other again, Li Muyang’s feelings were still very complicated. 

 He was born in Jiangnan city, grew up in Jiangnan city, Luo Qi was his Mother, Li Yan was his own father——Why was it that everything he knew growing up had been overturned? 

 The condition of Lu Qingming’s injury was also not very optimistic, even if Qiandu had come to the rescue he was still in an unconscious state.  

 “My father——” Li Muyang asked in a low voice, “how is he doing?”

 “I’ve asked the esteemed priests to help treat his injuries, there are seven big wounds outside the body, and there are forty-eight small wounds——” Qiandu understood how Li Muyang was feeling, and tried to explain the matter in a relaxed tone of voice. “None of those are fatal. With timely treatment, there shouldn’t be any life-threatening danger. The most critical is that——” 

 “What is it?”  

 “The netherworld nail.” Qiandu cast a glance at Li Muyang. “A netherworld nail has been struck into his body. The priests had tried but their cultivation base and ability were not enough to remove the netherworld nail from his body. So——that netherworld nail is still in Uncle Lu’s body even now.” 

Li Muyang went silent once again. 

 The netherworld nail, which was also known as the Dragon nail, was a rare form of torture created specifically to restrain and torture the Dragon clan. 

Song Gudu, in order to obtain the secret of the dragon clan’s longevity, extracted the netherworld qi from underground, condensed it into nail, and then struck them one after another into his body through the top of his head. 

 There were eight netherworld nails in Li Muyang’s body. Just as Song Gudu was ready to directly nail Li Muyang to death with the ninth netherworld nail, Lu Qingming used his own body to shield him—— 

 That was what his father did for him. 

 That was what only parents would do. 

 “Have the esteemed priests mentioned——how to pull the netherworld nail out from the body?” Li Muyang asked loudly.

“No.” Qiandu shook her head. “Because the netherworld nails are mainly used for the Dragon clan. Even if these nails penetrate the dragon body, no one would have thought of removing these nails from the dragon’s body——”

After seeing Li Muyang’s calm face, Qiandu continued to explain: “So, until now, there is only a way of penetration, but not a method of extraction. Once a netherworld nail enters the body, it is integrated with the blood and essence of human beings. It is a body of evil spirit condensed into a nail. To pull out the nail, it is necessary to extract the victim’s essence, blood and soul——That way, even if the netherworld nail is removed, the victim will also die from loss of blood and soul.” 

“As I thought.” Li Muyang hissed.  This was the same information that he could find in his memory.

Because the body of the Dragons was too powerful, it was very difficult for ordinary swords to wound their vital parts. It was even more impossible to restrict their body and soul, for it to be used by the human race. 

 At this time, someone created the netherworld nail, which specially restrains and imprisons the dragon.

 Once the evil chilling qi underground had been refined into nails, penetrated the body of the dragon, and integrated with the blood and essence, it was difficult to separate them.

Unless the dragon dies. Otherwise, perhaps the netherworld nail will always be with them.

 It was better during the day, but at night, when the netherworld qi is at its most active state, that torture was worse than death for the dragon clan. Let alone for human beings who only has an ordinary physical body.

 The Dragon clan had no solution to this punishment.  

 Qiandu’s identity was special, and was experienced and knowledgeable, Li Muyang thought she would know what of her solution. 

 Unfortunately, his hopes crumbled to nothing.  

 “Muyang, don’t worry. There will be a solution for this.” Qiandu reassured. “I don’t know, but doesn’t mean other people won’t know. When I go back, I will ask my second grandfather to help look at his condition. He is the Peacock imperial court’s State teacher, but also the founder of the state religion. He has a profound cultivation base, and unfathomable strength, perhaps he has a solution——” 

 “Thank you.” Li Muyang said gratefully.  

 “Why are you so polite to me? We’re friends.” Qiandu said softly. 

 “Okay. Then I won’t be polite.” Li Muyang said aloud. “Qiandu, can I stay here alone with my father for a while?” 

 “I’ll go see if the intelligence gatherers are back yet.” Qiandu said and took the initiative to go out. 

Li Muyang stood at Lu Qingming’ side, gazing at his scarred face. “I’m sorry, I know a method of pulling the nail out, but I can’t save you.”



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