Chapter 515: The pain of the netherworld!


Li Muyang indeed did know a cure. 

 A method that only the Lord of the dragon clan can use.

 That was to use to draw the netherworld nail into his body, and then use the powerful strength of a true dragon to devour, digest and counter it. 

 Previously, there had been dragons wounded by netherworld nails, and in the end it was the black dragon’s father who used its divine devouring ability to pull that dark nail into his own body. In other words, the blood of the two dragons underwent an exchange, and the Dragon King absorbed the blood infected with the evil qi of the netherworld into his dragon body in exchange for the purest dragon blood.  

 At that time, the Dragon King was at the peak of his power, and could easily withstand one netherworld nail. Moreover, the Dragon King’s family possessed countless mysterious divine skills and elixir. There were many ways for him to resist the pain caused by the netherworld nail.  

 However, Li Muyang was already wounded with eight netherworld nails. Even if he had inherited the true blood of the Dragon King, he was already at the limit he can endure. If he were to take on the ninth netherworld nail, then the blood in his body will be frozen into ice by the chilling qi of the netherworld. When the ninth netherworld nail penetrated his body that is when he will perish.

 Li Muyang couldn’t die. 

 At least he couldn’t die now. 

 He still had to use this wounded body to save his parents, to save his sister Li Shinian. 

 No matter what, he must live. He must find ways to live, selfishly live.

 So he wanted to apologise to his father, his other father. 

 He knew the cure to save him, but he couldn’t save him now. 

 It sounds unfair that a child is unwilling to sacrifice for his parent who nearly lost his life for him. 

 He was faced with a difficult choice. 

 Lu Qingming was badly injured, and outwardly his condition looked much more severe than Li Muyang’s. 

 The moment he escaped from the peak of Mist Mountain with Li Muyang, he along with the wolf and dog had been constantly fighting and killing the experts of the Kingdom that were chasing them. 

 When Song Gudu activated ‘The Great Daylight’ and knocked Li Muyang unconscious, Li Muyang also used his power of lightning to cause a certain degree of injury to Song Gudu.

 Fortunately fatty Gongshu Yuan came in time and caught the collapsed Li Muyang with his Cloud piercing lark. However, it was at that time he lost contact with the wolf and dog.

Lu Qingming’s face was blue and purple, and there were countless wounds of all sizes across his body. The larger wounds were smeared with special medication prepared by the priests of the Peacock imperial court and wrapped in bandage.

Li Muyang crouched down, gazing at Lu Qingming, who was sleeping on an animal skin, and felt an inexplicable feeling in his heart. 

  “Why did you become my father?” Li Muyang said, holding his hand. 

 “I’ve already got a father, and now I’ve got another father. It feels really weird, it’s not that I hate you, I just don’t know how to deal with it.”

 “You’ve treated me very well, and Aunt Gongsun, who I should now call Mother, is also very nice to me. Luo Qi is also my mother. I now have two mother and two fathers, a little brother and a little sister and Lu Qiji. I have always felt that my family is too small and that it’s not lively enough during the New Year. But I did not expect to have so many relatives now.” 

 “I am now your son, I am now part of the Lu family. Wouldn’t it be better if you told me earlier? Wouldn’t it be better if you told me when the Lu family was still complete? Wouldn’t it be better if you gave me a little time to accept it? Wouldn’t it be better if you let me enjoy the glory as the eldest Young Master of the Lu family?”  

“But it is after the Lu family has collapsed, after Grandpa Lu has left, and while we are chased that you suddenly tell me that I’m your son. I have nothing to gain from this, and I have nothing to enjoy, I do not even get to experience the life of a complete family.”  

“Grandpa has been killed, and I need to avenge Grandpa. The Lu’s family is destroyed, and I need to revive the family. So many things, so heavy responsibility, have all fallen onto my shoulders. Do you think I will be happy with all this? Adding to this, I am a dragon. I have a dragon in my body and now people all over the world know that. The whole divine continent wants to kill me.” 

“At a time when everybody wants to slay a dragon, my life is really stressful. Father, what am I going to do now? I’ve never experienced anything like this before, what I am going to do now? The road ahead is vast, where do I go from here?” 


 Lu Qingming naturally couldn’t’t answer Li Muyang’s questions. He was still unconscious and unable to hear what Li Muyang was saying. 

 “If I can choose,” Li Muyang looked at Lu Qingming, his voice filled with sorrow. “I hope I will never know that I’m your son, I hope I can live in Jiangnan all my life. I want to live a comfortable and peaceful life. Instead of being like this. I don’t want to kill people, and I don’t want to be killed.” 

 An expression of pain twisted Lu Qingming’s face as he body began to struggle. 

 His look was pained, and his expression twisted. 

 He writhed in agony, and a large bead of sweat began to form on his forehead. 

 In the White Horse Plain, a world of snow and ice, Lu Qingming’s clothes were soaked in sweat because of the pain.

 “It’s starting again?” Li Muyang’s voice trembled to the point that even his words were unclear. 

 It was late at night, when the netherworld qi was at its strongest, and the netherworld nail began to react fiercely. 

It was not just the netherworld nail that was tormenting him, the evil netherworld qi underground was also being summoned, drilling into his body, wisps after wisps. 

Like nails piercing into the dragon’s body.

 Evidently, it was midnight, when the netherworld nail in Lu Qingming’s body comes alive and began to devour the heat inside his body. 

 He was now soaked in sweat, and once it was over his body temperature will drop to freezing point. 

That was the most painful time. 

 Li Muyang had reacted the same way as Lu Qingming did. 

 Moreover, because he had eight netherworld nails in his body, the pain he suffered was eight times as much as Lu Qingming’s, or even countless times more. 

 When one’s pain reaches a certain peak, one don’t feel the pain anymore. 

 This statement was complete nonsense.

 Li Muyang couldn’t keep his body still, swaying in the piercing cold wind like a blade of leaf.

 He desperately held Lu Qingming’s hand, trying to give him a little strength, or perhaps borrow a little of his strength. 

 He had used all his strength and energy to fight the cold and the pain, and lacked even the strength to grip his hand. 

 “Ahh.” Li Muyang collapsed to the ground. 

He desperately struggled, writhed and rolled.

With his head hitting the ground, he felt pain in his head. 

 With his body slamming into the pillar, he felt pain in his back. 

 He felt pain in every part of his body. 


Tragic voices continued endlessly. 

His head was bloodied and was badly mangled. 

Outside the tent, Qiandu stood there looking up at the vast sky with a distressed expression on her face.

“You’re not going in to have a look?” An icy cold voice sounded behind her. 

Qiandu did not look back, because she did not have to turn around to know who the speaker is.  

 “Go in to do what?” Qiandu asked in reply. “I know he has eight netherworld nails in his body, but I can’t help him with anything. I can’t do anything. What men need the most is to maintain their self-esteem in front of others. Since this is the pain he has to bear, I should give him some private space to face it on his own. Let him shout, let him scream, let him ease the pain in any way.”

 “Why go in and make him feel uncomfortable? It’s already very difficult for him, why should I go in and make him try and endure it, to try and make him grit his teeth and hide the pain in front of me? There are too many matters that needs to him bear already.” 

 “Everyone say that Princess Qiandu of the Peacock imperial court is wise and intelligent, and has the air of a ruler. It really is true.” Lu Qiji said. Although the content of the sentence was to praise her, but because of her icy cold tone of voice it instead make one feel uncomfortable.  

 Lu Qiji had already regained consciousness. 

 She was just impacted by powerful qi and had woken up immediately after being treated by the priests. 

However her essential qi was damaged as a result of the fierce battle. 

Not only that, even the heart of the Phoenix had split open. She had attempted to absorb the energy of light but because the wound couldn’t be healed for the time being she was unable to do so. 

 As a result, it was a problem for her to recover quickly, let alone rapidly increase her cultivation level.  

 “Isn’t it more appropriate for such praise to be applied to the immortal clan?” Qiandu said. She was also aware of Lu Qiji’s identity. She did not expect this classmate from Starry Sky Academy, the cold and proud female student to be an immortal Phoenix. 

 This world is indeed amazing. Anything can happen. 

 Who would have thought that a dragon and a phoenix were just beside her? And that she had spent such a long period of time with them. 

 The historians will certainly write a special book on this matter, right? 

 “I’m leaving.” Lu Qiji stated. 

 “To where?” Qiandu asked. She knew she couldn’t keep this woman, but she didn’t think she’d leave so soon.

 “To kill.” Lu Qiji answered indifferently. 

 The tone of voice was calm and her face was biting cold, but there was a violet fire flashing in her eyes.



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