Chapter 516: Soldiers dispatch to Wind city!


When Lu Qiji said to kill, she naturally meant to kill the people of the Song family, or perhaps the people of her Lu family.

Whether it was the Song family far away in Tiandu, or the Lord of Wind City Lu Wuyong, they were not easy to deal with. Her injury had not recovered, and she was exhausted. If she were to go out now she would only be killed.  

Even if she doesn’t go out now, several of the armies sent by the West Wind Kingdom were frantically searching the White Horse Plains for their whereabouts in an attempt to kill them. Why take the initiative to run into the net?

Qiandu muttered: “I know you don’t like me, I also have never liked you. But as things stand, we are now grasshoppers on a rope. So, can you listen to what I have to say?” 

Lu Qiji did not speak, as though agreeing. 

 “Although your immortal clan has endless life through eternal reincarnation, but your present form is not the body of immortality Moreover, each reincarnation requires the support of incredible strength. Otherwise, the heart of the Phoenix will not be able to reach the power of the ninth revolutions, and there is no way to reborn through the ashes. Moreover, even if the reincarnation is a success, your strength will also weaken.”

 “Unless you’re going to give up the body of this life, otherwise, with your current physical condition, you’re just going to die if you rush out there. Why not wait for Li Muyang to wake up, then we can plan our next action together?”

 “Li Muyang——with his physical condition, where will he find the strength to battle?” Lu Qiji said in cold voice. “Although I have the identity of the immortal Phoenix, but Gongsun Yu is my birth mother of this world, I owe her a great debt of gratitude for giving birth to me. The Lu family has collapsed and the whereabouts of my birth mother is unknown. As children, how can we remain unconcerned because of the fear of death?”

 “Your mother is also the mother of Li Muyang, and what you have to do is also what he has to do——You two should have been brother and sister. If two people are of the same mind their sharpness can cut through gold. If it were me, I would wait until my brother regains consciousness to discuss a plan.” 

 “Furthermore, I have already sent a number of people to investigate. As soon as I find the whereabouts of Aunt Gongsun I will immediately send someone to rescue her. Aunt Gongsun has the Three Souls and Seven Spirits at her side. They are the masters that the Lu family has cultivated for many years——She certainly will be safe.” 

 Lu Qiji after a thought then said, “I’ll go back to sleep.”

“Have a good rest.” Qiandu said. “I’ll ask someone to bring over some nourishing medicine. If you need outside treatment, I can ask the priests to come over——”  

“No need.” 

Lu Qiji refused, then turned and walked towards the tent where she resided.

 Behind her was Qiandu’s figure standing in the snow and the figure of Li Muyang rolling and howling in pain inside the tent—— 

By the time Li Muyang opened his eyes, the sky was already turning bright in the east. 

For the horse hunters on the White Horse Plains, such visibility in the winter months without the sun was already a good weather worth drinking and celebrating. 

 Last night, Li Muyang was hovering between life and death from the torture of the Netherworld nail, and couldn’t sleep for most of the night. 

 He was only able to sleep soundly for a little while when the pain subsided and his physical fatigue reached its peak. 

 The floor was a mess, and his body was even more battered and exhausted than after experiencing several fierce battles.  

 There were no mirrors in the tent, and Li Muyang couldn’t see his face clearly, but he knew that his appearance must be too tragic to look at right now. 


 He rose sharply from the ground and searched everywhere for his father Lu Qingming.

Lu Qingming was lying in the northeast corner of the tent, face down, back facing up, clothes ragged, and appeared to have suffered greater pain than Li Muyang. 

 Li Muyang was also being tormented at the time, and did not know whether the pain of the Netherworld nail had brought his father awake from his sleep. 

 He had moved from the fur mattress to the corner of the tent, this is most likely some unconscious behaviour, right?

 Thinking of this, there was a heavy feeling in Li Muyang’s chest. 

 He has two fathers and two mothers. Logically speaking, he should have two times of fatherly love, and two times of maternal love than what other people have, and should be luckier than others.  

 However, one of his fathers had fallen into the thief’s lair, while the other father was seriously injured. One of his mothers was fleeing for her life, and it was unknown whether the other mother was alive or not——

Life really is difficult! 

Li Muyang went outside the tent, grabbed a handful of snow to wipe his face, washing away the bloodstain across his face and to reduce the swelling on his forehead.  

 He then straightened up his clothes a little, and untied the ribbon that held up his hair, simply letting it drape over his shoulder. In this way, there was little sad and natural charm. 

 Just as he finished all this, Qiandu appeared in front of Li Muyang holding a big bowl.

 “You’re awake?” Qiandu smiled.  

 “Yes.” Li Muyang looked at the bowl of broth in her hand. There was a large piece of meat bone in the bowl, and the broth, with a layer of oil floating above. It was giving off a strong aroma. 

Li Muyang’s stomach grunted. It wasn’t until now that he thought about how long it has been sine he ate some good food.  

 Qiandu smiled, eyes turning into crescent moon, and handed over the huge bowl in her hand, “Eat quickly. They bought lamb from the horse hunters. The meat is very fresh and soft.” 

 Li Muyang received the big bowl, grabbed the bone and immediately started to gnaw at it, while wolfing down the meat and gulping the soup. 

When you haven’t eaten, you don’t know the extent of your hunger. When he made the first bite into the meat, he was attracted by the strong but ungreasy aroma of the meat. He ate faster and faster, and finally completely ignored his image. 

 Of course, he knew he didn’t have any image.   

While Li Muyang was gulping down the meat and soup, Qiandu was standing next to him and watching at him with a gentle smile.

“Slow down. I’ll ask them to bring another bowl over.” 

 Li Muyang looked up at her and finally slowed down his eating.  

“Don’t you want to ask something?” Li Muyang asked. 

“Ask what?” 

  Li Muyang said after a thought: “When I’m finished eating, I will go to Wind city.”

“Okay. Let’s go together. I’ve eaten already.” 



 Suddenly a loud and clear flute sounded from the distance, piercing the sky.

 Qiandu’s countenance changed abruptly: “There is an enemy attack.” 

 Li Muyang tossed away the huge bowl in his hand away and immediately darted into the tent Lu Qingming was resting in.

 The safety of one’s family always comes first at any time.   

 Fatty Gongshu Yuan came out yawning with visible dark circles under his eyes, asking blankly: “What’s the matter? What’s going on?” 

 When he saw a group of ghost-faced elites clad in colourful clothes and colouful feathers, he woke up fully and stared at them with wide-eyed shock, “Did they find us? They found us already?”

 Qiandu received the war horse that the guards pulled over for her, leapt onto the horse, and said to Gongshu Yuan, “You follow Li Muyang and ensure the father and son are safe.” 


 Qiandu pulled her sword free of its sheath, yelling in a fierce voice: “Kill.” 


 The elites of the Ghost Dancer Corps were in high spirits to hear that there was another battle. One by one, they brandished a sabre and charged out after Qiandu——

 Qiandu came back at noon. 

 From the early morning to noon, the battle took a long time. 

 Her long hair was disheveled, and her colourful clothes were stained with blood.  Even the white feather that was inserted in her hair representing the identity of the imperial family had gone missing. 

 There were fewer guards behind her than before, and some who were injured were being carried back to be treated by the priests. 

 Li Muyang went over to greet her, asking, “How was it? Did you get hurt?”  

 “I’m fine.” Qiandu smiled faintly, evidently tired. “The City Lord of the Sky Sea City Mo Long led 30,000 soldiers and tired to capture us all to claim reward from the new Emperor.”

 “Where are they?” 


 Thirty thousand tiger- and wolf-like soldiers were slaughtered in half a day. The Ghost Dancer Corps was indeed worthy of being called the strongest army in the world.  

 “We shouldn’t stay here any longer. Since Mo Long can find us here, the other people can too. Mo Long died because of his greed. If he had reported our whereabouts to the Wind city, several troops will be coming from all four directions. At that time, even if the Ghost Dancer Corps are experts in fighting, there still isn’t a high chance of surviving——” 

“We will go to Wind City.” Li Muyang said. 

 “Wind City is a border town, the Lord of Wind City Lu Wuyong holds massive military force and has the important responsibility of defending against the Dawu Kingdom and the Peacock imperial Court. Moreover, the Fierce Wolf Valley, Stone forest canyon are nearby, where there are also large armies stationed there. Adding to this, the commanding officer in charge of the two military towns are also Generals of the Lu family.” 

 “The three forces lean on, watch over and defend each other. Even troops sent over by the imperial court will not dare to act rashly. They can take the offensive or defensive as they choose. It is not possible for them to surrender directly to the Dawu Kingdom or our Peacock imperial court. I’m sure everyone would be happy to accept these soldiers who have fought hundreds of battles and the city that they guarded——If it were before, the Wind city would indeed be the perfect place to avoid a calamity. But Wind City has rebelled, and if we go there now——isn’t that just walking right into the net?” 

 “It depends on whether the nets that they have weaved are tough enough.” There was a sharp glint in Li Muyang’s eyes. This was not the time to cry to the sky. Their first problem was to survive.

 Staying alive would be the biggest turnaround. 

 Qiandu’s eyes lit up after a thought, she then issued an order: “Take a break. A quarter of an hour later, we will set out for Wind City.” 

 “Yes.” The clerk bowed and, without hesitation, issued the Princess’s order.  

 “Then we have to trouble Uncle Lu.” Qiandu looked at Li Muyang. 

 “It is not a trouble to live, but to die.” Li Muyang uttered. If Father Lu Qingming were to die like this, then how can his hatred and grievances be resolved? Even if he were killed he would become an evil spirit and unable to rest peacefully, right? 



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