Chapter 517: Examine body!


Wind City. The City Lord’s residence. 

 In the great hall, Lu Wuyong had gathered his generals to discuss important matters. 

 “The City Lord of Sky Sea City Mo Long thought he could perform great service with his 30,000 troops and eat the Ghost Dancer Army up alone, he really is stupid——” ”

 “If the Ghost Dancer Corps is so easy to be swallowed up, how would they have the great prestige they have today?” 

“Do you need to boost other people’s morale and reduce our own courage? Our Lu family’s Wolf army is also a strong army that is comparable to the Ghost Dancer Corps——” 

 As soon as this remark came out, the whole room went silent.  

 The whole Divine Continent knew that what really makes the Wolf Army famous was Lu Xingkong and his side of the Lu family. Back then it was old general Lu Zhengrong who let go of the Gongshu family. He was the ancestor of Lu Xingkong, and had a distant relationship with Lu Wuyong and his people. 

 It was precisely because of his kindness that he received the unconditional and endless support from the Gongshu family, and which contributed to the Lu family establishing the Wolf Army. With the remarkably military equipment provided by the Gongshu family, as well as undergoing cruel and harsh training, the Wolf Army gradually developed into a strong force along with the outstanding clansmen of the Lu family that shook the nine Kingdoms.

 But what does this have to do with Lu Wuyong? 

 They had just betrayed Lu Xingkong, had just plunged at knife at his back, yet someone took the name of the Wolf Army to support themselves——How could there be such a stupid person in this world?  

Seeing that nobody spoke, and everyone were just looking at him with a strange expression, Mao Yuanshan sneered again: “What? Am I wrong? Old General is killed, and now even the name of the Wolf army cannot be mentioned?”

“What is your viewpoint?” Lu Wuyong asked, looking at him calmly.

 “I’m just trying to get justice for Old general.”

 “What if I don’t give you justice?” 

“Then I’m going to say something for Old General. I don’t understand why Old General ended up like that when he treated us very well.” 


 Before Mao Yuanshan finished his sentence, half a sword was seen skewering through the heart position of his chest.  

The blood on the blade dripped down onto the floor of the Meeting Hall. 

 “You——” Mao Yuanshan’s eyes widened, staring at Lu Wuyong in disbelief. 

 “You can’t say anything.” 

“Lu Wuyong——” Because of the heart injury, Mao Yuanshan’s mouth overflowed with large amounts of blood. He opened his eyes wide and roared, “You’re going to die tragically——”


 His body fell forward, and then he lay on the ground without making any more sounds. 

 The whole room fell silent again. 

 Lu Wuyong’s piercing sword-like gaze scanned the crowd: “Did I do something wrong?”

 No one answered.  

 Mao Yuanshan’s body was lying in front, who dared to defy the will of Lu Wuyong? 

 “I did do something wrong.” Lu Wuyong answered his own question, smiling warmly and casually: “Yuanshan did not say anything wrong. Old General treated us well, and the reason the Lu family has the glory it has today is because of Old General’s hard work. Without Old General, none of us would be here. Especially, I, Lu Wuyong. It can be said that I was brought up by Old General. Without him there wouldn’t be me.”

 “But there are some things I have to do. Old General is stubborn, and wants be a loyal and honest official. Even at the risk of his life. But, gentlemen, Old General is not afraid of death, but we want to live. The Song’s family holds tremendous power, this is someone even a three-year-old child can see. But Old General had to go against them——isn’t that just a way to death?”

“I am not willing to risk the life of my family. I think there should be a lot of people who share the same thoughts as I do. I will not say those words like loyalty to the country and so on. We are all brothers who had fought back to back on the battlefield, how would we not understand each other? I want to live, and you want to live. So, I, Lu Wuyong, stood up and took you to fight a great battle.” 

“If I hadn’t made such a choice in time, what would have happened to Wind City? What would have happened to the generals here? The great Lu mansion in Tiandu has been burned to ashes like that. Old General who possesses such high cultivation base has been killed like that——Everyone, in order to live, in order to keep you alive, I, Lu Wuyong is already said to be someone who betrays one’s master for the sake of glory. So it is now your turn to do something to prove your sincerity. Not for me, but for yourself, for your elders and the little ones in your family.” 

“We will follow the lead of General.” 

 “We will fight if General tells us to, we will kill if General tells us to.” 

“General, Xiong Feihu is willing to bear the bad name along with you——” 

It had to be said that since Lu Wuyong was valued by Lu Xingkong and able to become the lord of this Wind City, he indeed had a few tricks up his sleeve. 

He first killed Mao Yuanshan who dares to question him in public in a thunderous way, and then frankly told the crowd that he is wrong, and that he did all these things to live and also for them to live.

It was not for what loyalty, or for the country, it was all for their own sake. 

 He had to bear the name of betrayer, what will you repay his kindness with? 

 There was not a word of nonsense, or a polite phrase. 

It was clear and concise. It was indeed convincing.  

 Lu Wuyong waved his hand, saying: “I don’t need you to die, I don’t want to kill, we have done so many things, but in the end do we not just want to live? So, whoever doesn’t want me to live, I’ll let them die. The rebellious people of the Lu family were killed by me. Mao Yuanshan was also killed by me. In order to live, I am willing to kill anyone.”

 The crowd was silent.  

 “So, the Ghost Dancer Corps is coming, and I’m going to kill them. Not only do I want to kill, but I also want to ask all the people present to accompany me to kill. It is only when they’re dead that we can stay alive, and our parents and children will remain alive. Generals, isn’t this right?”

 “General, just tell us what to do. We’re all a bunch of rough people, wherever you point to, we’ll kill them there.” 

“That’s right. For my wife and children, I am willing to do anything.” 

 “General, just tell us——”

 “Li Muyang is an evil dragon, this news everyone has heard about it, right?” 

 “General, this matter is all over the world. The brothers inside the camp are also talking about it. They say that Li Muyang is a black dragon who eats the liver of humans——”  

 “Whether Li Muyang is a dragon or not, let’s leave it for the time being. However, even the Song family had failed to capture him, proving that he does have his strength. We must not underestimate this person.”

 “General, are you saying that Li Muyang might come to our Wind City?” Someone looked surprised. “The masters in Wind city are as abundant as the clouds. There are 100,000 ironclad soldiers, which can be called the copper wall, an impenetrable defense. Even the armies of the Dawu Kingdom and Great Zhou Kingdom have repeatedly failed to enter our territory.” That Li Muyang is already critically wounded, if he were to come here wouldn’t that be the same as walking right into the net?” 

“The parents and sister of Li Muyang are in our hands, he will certainly come.” Lu Wuyong stated confidently. 

“It would be great if he comes, then we can kill him with one sword.” Someone grinned. “Perhaps us brothers will have the opportunity to become a dragon slayer hero, and leave behind a good reputation throughout the generations——” 

“If Li Muyang comes, then the Princess of the Peacock Imperial Court, Ying Qiandu, will naturally come too. If Ying Qiandu comes, then the Ghost Dancer Corps will also be here. So, everybody, don’t be careless.” Lu Wuyong reminded. 

“General, we understand.”

“Does General have a plan?” 

“There is a naturally a strategy. Once the fierce dragon crosses the river, it is difficult to protect its life.” Lu Wuyong’s lips were curved in a sinister smile. “Since he will certainly come, then we will set up an inescapable net in Wind City waiting for him. If us brothers can slaughter this evil dragon then our Wind City will become well known across the Divine Continent. At that time our Wind City will no longer be called Wind City but called Dragon slayer city, what do you think?” 

“Good name.” Everybody shouted in unison. 

Lu Wuyong swept his eyes across then asked loudly: “Where’s Lu Lin? Why don’t I see this kid?”

Standing behind Lu Wuyong, the housekeeper whispered, “Master, Young master is with Miss Li.”

“Trash.” Lu Wuyong remarked in a cold voice. 

“——” The people kept silent, afraid of saying too much.  

 After all, this was the family affairs of the City Lord. They didn’t want to say anything wrong, afraid that a sword would piece their chest from behind.

In the backyard of the City’s Lord’s residence, inside a firewood room, where wind was screeching through the countless holes in the window, Li Shinian was sat in the corner in thin clothing, looking indifferently at the man in front of her. 

Lu Lin, dressed in a luxurious silver fox fur coat, was sat on a classical pear-shaped chair, with a small table in front of him, where a few small dishes were laid out, including fruits and other foods. At the side was a jade teapot, and the tea inside the jade cup was emitting an elegant tea aroma.  

“What’s wrong with being my woman.” As Lu Lin spoke, he threw a dried fruit into his mouth and chewed. “Since I saw Miss Shinian for the first time, I, Lu Lin, already admired you. I have repeatedly tried to please you, but Miss Shinian has never looked at me.”  

“At that time you have the Lu family of Tiandu to protect you, and I couldn’t do anything. What I didn’t expect was that the Lu family of Tiandu has suddenly collapsed, Lu Xingkong also died——What I was even more overjoyed with was that when I came back from Tiandu Miss Shinian has already become a guest of my Lu residence——” 

“Get lost.” Li Shinian hissed. She hated seeing this man and felt sick every time she saw him. She even more hated hearing him speak. She would rather hear a swarm of flies buzzing around. Although her most hated animal was a fly,

“How many times have you said that word? I’m not leaving. As I said, I admire Miss Shinian, so I won’t leave no matter what you say. You have scratched my face like this, but do you see me getting angry? No.”

 “I have time and patience. In this world of ice and snow, it would be good to find something interesting to pass time.”

He turned his head to look outside, smiling: “I didn’t expect it, I didn’t expect Miss Shinian’s brother to be a dragon. When I interacted with him, I only thought that he was extremely weird, but didn’t think too much about it. Unexpectedly, he is hiding such a big secret——say, Miss Shinian won’t also be a dragon, right?” 

Li Shinian turned her head, unwilling to say another word with him. 

“The dragon clan which has disappeared from the Divine Continent for tens of thousands of years, even the thought of it is very exciting——” Lu Lin gazed at Li Shinian from high above, admiring her stubborn and beautiful face, admiring her thin but delicate body, and couldn’t control his body heating up. “Why don’t Miss Shinian let me examine your body——to see if you really are a dragon or not?”

Before the collapse, the Lu family was known as one of the top aristocratic families of the Kingdom, and Lu Lin, the son of the City Lord of Wind city, was a young master of an aristocratic family. 

Lu Lin had always wanted to give a gentle and knowledgeable impression to others. So, when he met Li Muyang when he visited the Tiandu’s Lu family, he took the initiative to talk with Li Muyang and praised him for his painting skills. 

When Li Shinian first came to Wind City, he did maintain the style and manners of an aristocratic young master. He spoke softly and his behaviour was considerate. If it were ordinary young women they would have fallen for him long ago.

However, Li Shinian was not an ordinary person. 

Later the situation suddenly changed, the Lu family of Wind City betrayed the Lu family of Tiandu, and Li Shinian had also turned from a distinguished guest became a prisoner.

Even then, Lu Lin did not harass Li Shinian physically, and only constantly came to pester Li Shinian, repeatedly asking her to be his woman.

When the wait was too long, the number of rejections was too many, Lu Lin couldn’t contain his temper any more, and even could not continue his disguise any longer. 

These days Li Shinian’s attitude to him was increasingly worse, and even spat at him and slapped his face—— 

He knew clearly in his heart that he had no chance. 

Without some alternative means, it was impossible to have any chance of getting this woman. 

When his heart was disturbed and then he closely examined his relationship with Li Shinian again, there was a different feeling. 

Li Shinian, he must get this woman.

Whether it was before or in the future, he must get this woman. 

So, since she was going to become his woman anyway, then why pay attention to the time?

Lu Lin stared most intently at Li Shinian, mouth curled in a perverted smile: “I never thought that, an intimate relationship will happen between a dragon and I.” 



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