Chapter 518: Spit out a raging dragon!


Wind City. Meeting Hall.  

Lu Wuyong was discussing some of the defense arrangements with the many generals and commanders present, and also reminded everybody to be careful and not be off guard, which could let that Li Muyang and the Ghost Dancer Corps break through by taking advantage of the situation. 

After Lu Wuyong announced the end of the meeting, he was thinking that he must have a good talk with that idiot Lu Lin. Even if he was an idiot, he was still his idiot son. The reason Lu Wuyong did not scold him in front of all the generals before was to give him some face. After all, the Wind City will soon be handed to his hands, and thus his prestige and reputation must not be damaged.

Before everybody had time to leave the courtyard, shrill and continuous alert signals could be heard from the city walls. 

“General, there’s an enemy attack——” A little general draped in an armour rushed in to report to Lu Wuyong.

Everyone halted, while Lu Wuyong asked: “Who is it?”

“They are dressed in colourful outfits with coloured feathers on their head, it is the legendary Ghost Dancer Corps.” 

“What are the numbers?” 

“Less than five thousand.”

Lu Wuyong went silent.

The crowd also went silent. 

With less than five thousand people, the Ghost Dancer Corps dared to besiege their Wind City?

First let’s not mention what the resident population of Wind City was, there were more than 100,000 garrison troops, plus some auxiliary corps. It was a huge number of people. Wind City, as one of the four major cities standing on the frontier, had the ability to directly compete with the adjacent Great Zhou Kingdom, Dawu Kingdom and the Peacock Imperial Court.

Is the Ghost Dancer Corps crazy? 

Or is the Peacock Princess who led them here crazy?

Lu Wuyong looked at the little General, asking loudly: “Who is leading the army?” 

“The leader is wearing a ghost face with a white feather on the head. It should be the Peacock Princess Ying Qiandu.” 

“Did you see Li Muyang?” 

“No. It was too far to see clearly.” 

“Go.” Lu Wuyong waved his hand dismissively. 

The little general led an army away. Lu Wuyong ran his eyes across the many generals of Wind City, asking: “Say, what do you think?”

“General, that Ying Qiandu must be crazy. She thinks a few thousands of people can compete with our hundreds of thousands of troops. Does she think her Ghost Dancer Corps are divine troops descended from the Heavens?” 

“Peacock Princess Ying Qiandu is talented and intelligent, could there be a deeper meaning behind this?” 

“Yeah, could it be a trick? Perhaps the Peacock Imperial Court has sent a large-scale army into the West Wind territory——but we haven’t received any news yet. The border defense has not issued any warning signals.” 

Lu Wuyong remained silent for a moment, before he said out loud: “wait and see. Let’s see what sort of action the Princess of the Peacock Imperial Court will make.” 

“Yes, General.” Everyone replied in unison. 

“General——” Another minor officer ran in. 

“What’s the panic?” 

“The Princess of the Peacock Imperial Court——she sent someone to bring——”

“Bring what?” 

“A letter of recruitment.” The little general whispered, afraid it would scare the generals of his family. “They sent a letter of recruitment. To recruit generals.” 


“Ridiculous. We are important generals of West Wind, how would we be recruited by the Peacock Imperial Court?”

“Ying Qiandu is going too far. General, why don’t I lead 50,000 troops out the city to wipe them out——” 

“Destroy the Ghost Dancer Corps and snatch the Peacock Princess to present as a gift for the new Emperor——”

While everybody lost their temper, Lu Wuyong calmly and indifferently said: “bring the letter for me to see, I would like to see——what kind of conditions the Peacock Princess would offer I, Lu Wuyong——”



When a man becomes a beast, all the morals and laws of the world cannot bind him in the slightest. 

Lu Lin set down the cup in his hand, and with a smiling expression moved closer to Li Shinian who had her hands and feet tied.

“Kill me.” Li Shinian uttered and did not panic in the slightest. 

Lu Lin’s footsteps slowed, feeling a great dissatisfaction towards Li Shinian.

Come on, I’m a pervert, I’m going to assault you, can you give me a little more response?

You should scream at the top of your voice and struggle fiercely shouting ‘don’t come over, don’t come over, don’t come or Ill bite my tongue to kill myself’——and then I would respond with ‘screaming is no use’ while doing all the things I want to do. 

You see, this question and answer, and this interaction is warm and coordinated, and full of spring feelings. You shout to your heart’s content, while I play happily.  

And it’s you who called for help first and told me not to come over——that gives me a reason to go even more. Even if I am a pervert, I have honour. If you tell me not to go over would I not come over?

Novels are also written like this, how can you completely not play the usual cards? 

You just sit there and not move, and only responded with the words ‘kill me’, how should people answer to that? What should be done next? 

Lu Lin was taken aback for a moment, before an evil grin spread across his face: “Li Shinian, don’t you like to pretend to be a saintess? Don’t you like to be calm and collected? I’d like to see, after I take off your clothes, let you sit naked in front of me, can you still act calm and collected like a saintess like you are now——” 

“I would be dead by that time.” Li Shinian remarked. 

“Do you think you can die?” Lu Lin sneered. “This is Wind City, this is my territory, and everything here is decided by me. If I let you live, you can live. If I tell you to die, you will die. Do you understand?”

“The territory obtained by playing the role of son and grandson, the power you got by betraying the head of the family——I understand, but despise you.” 


Lu Lin’s face darkened. 

Li Shinian was right. He and his father did indeed rely on constantly going to the Tiandu’s Lu family and playing the role of obedient son and grandson to obtain the territory of Wind City. He had also affectionately and respectfully called Lu Xingkong ‘Grandpa’. The power they obtained was by betraying the head of the household, otherwise if Lu Xingkong was still alive, the important affairs of Wind City would have still be decided by him—— 

Li Shinian not only slapped him in he face, but stabbed him in the heart.  

“Li Shinian——” Lu Lin step by step approached Li Shinian, speaking in a fierce voice, “Young Master’s patience is limited. Now that you’re looking for the way to death, then don’t blame Young Master, I, for being ruthless.”

This time, Lu Lin truly had the intention to kill Li Shinian. 

Of course, before he kills her, he had to satisfy his fantasies and make up for the damage he had suffered these days.

Lu Lin walked up to Li Shinian, crouched down and looked her in the eye.  

“Why don’t you spit?” Lu Lin asked loudly. 

“I’m afraid if the saliva falls onto your face, it will dirty my saliva——”

It was impossible to not be nervous being so close to a man with that aggressive gaze. 

Li Shinian was also nervous. She was also afraid that the most unbearable scene would appear.

However, she did not want to show nervousness and fear——because that would give the disgusting man in front of her a sense of satisfaction.

Li Shinian did not want to give him even the slightest bit of satisfaction. 

“It makes sense.” Lu Lin nodded. “Your mouth can’t be dirty, I’m going to have a taste in a minute.”

When he reached out to stroke Li Shinian’s face, Li Shinian leaned her head to one side to avoid his hand.  

“What? Impatient?” Lu Lin laughed. “Do you want me to start directly?”

“Of course.” Li Shinian shot a glance at Lu Lin, a charming and seductive expression.


 Lu Lin stretched out, and with a slap, Li Shinian’s body went stiff and was unable to move at all. Her small mouth was slightly open, and her sharp teeth were about to bite hard at the root of her tongue.

She was ready to commit suicide by biting off her tongue. 

 Even if she cannot commit suicide by biting her tongue, she hoped that the mouthful of blood would make men lose interest in her.

 However, Lu Lin discovered this and immediately activated the [Stone Buddha technique], so that her body was no longer controlled by her consciousness.  

 “I told you, this is my territory. If I let you live, you can live. If I tell you to die, you will die——what? You want to bite your tongue?” Lu Lin smiled proudly, as though saying ‘I had seen through everything already’. “Li Shinian, you want to die now? It won’t be that easy.” “

 “Kill me.” Li Shinian squirted blood from her eyes, as though she was screaming.“Kill me.”

“You want to tell me to kill you don’t you? How could I let you die before I had enough?” 

 As Lu Lin was speaking, he reached out to untie Li Shinian’s waistband. 

 When the waistband is untied, the flowery long dress will automatically part to the two sides. 

 Then when the undergarment is unclothed and the chest wrap torn off, the soft and warm body would appear before his eyes. 

 The waistband was untied and dropped to one side.

 The lapel was undone and opened up. 

 Then inside was the underclothing and white chest wrap, which were the two layers closest to the skin. The under layer was very small and only just wrapped around Li Shinian’s small and delicate body.

The fair skin of her chest was exposed like the first snow of Wind City’s winter.

 The snow was icy cold, but her body was hot. 

 Lu Lin playfully stared at Li Shinian’s eyes, while his hands were moving non-stop.  

 “Li Shinian, I like the way you are now. You’re more like a woman——angry, but full of emotions.”


 Behind came a strange noise, like something was spitting bubbles at his back.

 Lu Lin turned around with a confused face to see a snow-white ball flying around the firewood room, spitting bubbles at him. 




 Lu Lin was first startled, then excitement and wild joy came to his face. 

 “The Heart of Weak Water, it is the Heart of Weak Water——”


 Snowball’s bright red mouth suddenly grew larger into a ferocious mouth of a beast, and a dragon-shaped body charged out of its mouth and swerved towards where Lu Lin was.



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