Chapter 519: Buried with me!


Wind City. Above the Arrow building. 

Lu Wuyong led the important generals and experts of Wind city, as well as the warriors he had recruited to ascend to a higher place and fixed their eyes at where a large number of horse-mounted soldiers with ghost face mask stood. The formation was narrow at the front and wide at the back, giving off a mighty presence. 

The person in front was dressed in a white silk robe adorned with many peacock patterns, face covered with a ghost face mask, and a white feather, which was a symbol of the Peacock imperial family, was inserted in her hair. It was the Little Princess of the Peacock Imperial Court Ying Qiandu. 

“Who?” A general next to Lu Wuyong roared. 

“Her Highness Princess Qiandu of the Peacock Imperial Court has come to recruit Lu Quyong, Lu Wuyong hurry open the city gate and surrender.” 

“What a joke. The people of the Peacock Imperial Court dare to behave atrociously at the territory of our West Wind Kingdom? Ridiculous. You dare to tell our General to surrender——”  

Lu Wuyong waved his hand and shouted: “Is it Princess Qiandu who has come?”

Ta Ta Ta—— 

The White Feather General urged her horse forward a few steps, lifted her head up and exchanged glances with Lu Wuyong from a distance. After a short exchange, she responded in a clear voice: “it is Ying Qiandu.” 

 “I wonder what Princess Qiandu is here for?”  

 “I came to recruit General Lu.” 

 “I am flattered.” Lu Wuyong calmly said: “It’s just that I don’t understand why Your Highness thinks I can be recruited? Why should I accept the recruitment of Princess Qiandu?” 

 “General Lu is faced with imminent calamity and still doesn’t know?”  

 “May I hear the details.” 

 “General Lu, Wind City is the Wind City of which family?” 

  “It naturally is the Wind City of the West Wind, the Wind City of the Imperial family.” 

 “Since it is the Wind City of the West Wind, and the Wind City of the Imperial family, then why would General Lu think that——the West Wind Kingdom and the Song family would let you, an outsider, govern such an important strategic location? Why would they let you control hundreds of thousands of elite soldiers?”

 “——” Lu Wuyong remained silent. 

Qiandu was the Peacock Princess who had a deep knowledge in politics. What she said was the thing that Lu Wuyong was most worried about.  

 The reason why Wind City was guarded by the Lu clan for thousands of years was because the ancestor of the Lu clan had followed the Emperor of the West Wind Kingdom to win the world together, and had the trust of the Imperial family. In addition, Wind City was the ancestral home of the Lu family and was supported by important and powerful figures in Tiandu City. As a result, Wind city became the back courtyard of the Lu family, and were given priority supplies in weapons and army provisions. 

 However, Lu Xingkong had died, the Tiandu Lu family had collapsed. Although Wind City still looked strong as a beast, it was more like rootless floating duckweed——At this time, would the Song family leave Wind city to an outsider?

 Instead of having to be vigilant constantly, it would be better to change the Lord of Wind City to someone of the Song family. At that time, what should he do?

Even a cunning old fox like Lu Xingkong was killed by Song Gudu. Can he defend against Song Gudu’s ruthless means? 

 “You originally wanted to betray the master to live, who would have thought that life without the master was even more difficult, General Lu, isn’t that right?” The White Feather General’s voice was sharp and clear, like spring water. Every word pierced straight to the heart, sending a chill down Lu Wuyong’s spine.  

“I wholeheartedly did it for the family and the country. I have no shame regarding my deeds and conduct. I am loyal, and dedicate myself to the service of my country. I think the imperial court will not turn their back on I and the hundreds of thousands of brothers in Wind City.” Lu Wuyong spoke in a loud and clear voice. “Besides, even if we surrender to the Peacock Imperial Court, what good life would we have? We most likely will be killed the day we surrender?” 

“General Lu’s remark is absurd. Go and inquire, when has my Peacock Imperial Court ever killed meritorious courtiers? Moreover, if General Lu is willing to surrender, then this thousand-year-old great city will fall into the hands of my Peacock Imperial Court. At that time, you will be promoted to nobility for such great service——if that’s the case then I can guarantee that General Lu can live without worry for generations. Why don’t General Lu consider it?” 

 “It really is tempting.” Lu Wuyong said with a smile. “However, in order to show sincerity, why don’t Princess Qiandu come to Wind City as a guest and let’s have an honest chat with each other, what do you say?”

 “To show sincerity, why don’t General Lu personally come over to have a chat, what do you say? There is less than five thousand people in the Ghost Dancer Corps, while General Lu holds hundreds of thousands of troops in your hand——Don’t tell me you’re afraid that a little girl can kill you?” 

 “Allow me to discuss this with my brothers.” Lu Wuyong smiled. 

 He turned to look at a general next to him, asking: “Has the message been sent out yet?

 “General, the message has been sent. The Sky Sea City, the White Emperor City, and the Wolf Pass have all sent ghost butterfly letter in response. They are rushing over with armies from all directions. Other troops are also coming from a distant place. This time the Ghost Dancer Corps of the Peacock Imperial Court is bound to stay in the West Wind.” 

 Lu Wuyong nodded. “Tell Lu Tiesheng to get ready to charge at the signal, remember to capture Ying Qiandu alive.”

“Yes.” The general bowed his head———— 

 The Battle on Mist Mountain, the Battle between Li Muyang and the Old immortal of Still Water, Mu Dingyu, was one that shocked all martial arts cultivators and people of the nine kingdoms of the Divine continent.

 It never crossed anybody’s mind that Li Muyang was able to defeat the renowned Sword God of West Wind Mu Dingyi. What was even more unexpected was that——Li Muyang was in possession of a legendary divine weapon, the Heart of Weak Water, and which accompanied him to fight the strong enemy in the form of a huge dog. 

 The Heart of Weak Water, one of the top three divine weapons listed on the [Treasures and Weapons chart], was a divine weapon that had disappeared and never been seen for thousands of years——

 Once the news of the appearance of the Heart of Weak Water broke out, all remarkable heroes and tens of thousands of people fought over it. All the cultivators of the human race, as well as the imperial families of the nine kingdoms, and the major divine sword factions all sent masters to search for the whereabouts of Li Muyang and the Heart of Weak Water. 

 In the face of such a legendary divine weapon, all forces were willing to do whatever it takes to get their hands on it. 

 The divine continent was shaken, and while the cultivators of the world were fighting over the Heart of the Weak Water, some details of the battle on Mist Mountian also spread out to the ears of ordinary people. 

“Did you know? The Heart of Weak Water looks like a dog——just like our family’s dog——” 

 “Isn’t the dog of your family a wolfdog? Are they the same? It is said that the Heart of Weak Water is the size of a palm and is quite cute——”

“The Uncle of my great aunt has three children and the second eldest is in the second battalion of the Flying Feather Army, He had seen the Heart of Weak Water and said that it looks like a rabbit——”

No matter what the outside world said, Lu Lin knew what the Heart of Weak Water looks like. 

 So, when he turned to see the Heart of Weak Water leisurely spitting bubbles and floating in the air, he couldn’t help feeling overjoyed and with a desire to take possession of it. 

 “I want the beauty, and I also want the Heart of Weak Water.” 

 “What good things have I, Lu Lin, done in my previous life, otherwise why would the Heavens treat me so well——”

 While Lu Lin was still immersed in the ecstatic encounter of the Heart of Weak Water, the mouth of the Heart of Weak Water all of a sudden expanded infinitely, spurting out a dragon-shaped lightning. 


 Lu Lin punched out. 

 Before the fist was thrown out, a hand had already clutched his neck and his whole body was lifted up from the ground.

“Help——” Lu Lin struggled desperately. “Help, help, don’t kill me——”

 The hand that gripped his neck applied force and Lu Lin was no longer able to make a sound.

His body was lifted up by a tremendous hand, his legs were hanging in the air, his face purple, and he looked like he would suffocate at any time or that his neck would snap. 

“Brother——” Li Shinina cried, looking at the white-clothed man holding up Lu Lin with one hand. “Brother, you’re not dead——”

“Shnian——” Li Muyang’s eyes were red, a lump came into his throat, and he felt a strong desire to burst into tears.

They haven’t seen each other for days, but so much has happened during this period of time.

He had become a child of the Lu clan, while his little sister——she was still his little sister. 

As before, even if others regarded him as a trash or a pig, she used her own way to love and protect him. 

As before, even if others feared that he is an evil dragon, she used her tears to tell him that——you are still my brother, you will always be my brother.

 The gaze that Li Muyang was worried of seeing did not appear, and the panic that Li Muyang was afraid to see did not happen.

“Brother, you’re all right, I’m glad you’re alive——” Li Shinian’s cheeks was bathed in tears. She did not care about her life and her embarrassing situation, just overjoyed to see that her brother was still alive.

“I’m fine, and you’re fine.” Li Muyang uttered in a low voice. 

He glowered at Lu Lin, his eyes like a knife, and hissed, “Where are my parents?”

 “Cough cough cough——” Lu Lin felt his breathing was eased a little, coughing desperately to draw in fresh air.

 “I know, I know——don’t kill me, I can take you there——” 

 “Tell me the location.” Li Muyang said coldly. 

“It is heavily guarded there, if you go alone, you will certainly alarm the guards, and then the cultivators of the whole Wind City will gather here——Li Muyang, don’t kill me, as long as you don’t kill me, I can let your parents go, and also let your sister go. Right, there is also Xuda and the people he brought——I can release all of them, I can beg my father to let you out of Wind City——”    

“Location.” Li Muyang asked once again. “Tell me the location.” 

He did not believe in Lu Lin, he did not believe in anyone in Wind City. 

Even in the vast Divine Continent, how many people deserved his trust?  

  “Li Muyang, I know that you’re severely wounded. You should also know that you can’t escape Wind City in your current state. You even more can’t take your parents and family to safety——you only have a chance if I’m alive.” Unexpectedly, at this moment, Lu Lin appeared calm and cool-headed and still had the ability to think clearly. “Let me live, then you and your family will have a chance to escape from Wind City——if I die, you and your family will be buried with me, you will all die——”



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