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521 – The might of the Ghost Dancer Corps!

Chapter 521: The might of the Ghost Dancer Corps!



Tens of thousands of horses galloped full speed ahead, hundreds of thousands of people wielding blades and battle-axes, came from all sides of the wilderness to encircle the Ghost Dancer Corps.

The ground was trampled, and the snow and ice crunched and crackled. 

 Like a boat in the ocean, like a swallow in a storm, the Ghost Dancer Corps that was ambushed from all sides seemed like would be struck into the deep sea by the great waves or its wings would be snapped by the wind at any time.  

 Next to Qiandu, a ghost-faced mounted solider smiled, “Princess, as you predicted, we are surrounded.” 

 Qiandu gently tapped her thigh with the magic flute, saying in a cold voice: “They all say that Lu Wuyong is scheming and cunning. I came with so many people to recruit him, but he had the intent to kill me? How could he really consider my suggestion? Lu Wuyong had been acting for so long on the city gate tower just to wait for the other forces to show up to encircle us, and then catch everyone in the one net——However, there are only armies from three sides? He has underestimated our Ghost Dancer Corps, hasn’t he?” 

 TA TA TA——  

 The battle horses wildly galloped, hoofs clattering against the ground with a strange rhythm. 

 Each strike was like a knock on one’s heart. 

It drew closer and closer, and they could already see Lu Tiesheng’s fierce but excited face. 

 “Ghost Dancer Corps, the escape route is the road ahead, charge!”


 Following Princess Qiandu’s order, the Ghost Dancer Corps that remained silent all this time, as though had been struck with dragon blood, came alive. 

 They roared wildly, steered the horse around with the rein, brandishing a long blade in their hands, and charged towards the General of the Wolf Pass Army who was storming over. 

 They ignored the army of the Sky Sea City on the left, ignored the White Emperor City army on the right, and also ignored the army of Wind City’s Lu Tiesheng behind them.

 Their goal was only one, to charge past the Wolf Pass Corps in front. 

 “Kill.” The Ghost Dancer Corps hissed in unison.

 “General, they are running away.”  

 On the city gate tower of Wind City, a general pointed to the fleeing figures of the Ghost Dancer Corps and burst into wild laughter: “I did not expect the renowned Ghost Dancer Corps of the Divine Continent to flee. What a joke, what a joke——After today, the world’s best army should be our Wind City Army, right?” 

“They want to use the Ghost Dancer Corps’s powerful force to rush across an army of one side in order to have a chance to escape——” Lu Wuyong said with a serious expression. 

 “So stupid. As long as the Wolf Pass Corps that are colliding with them head-on can hold on for a moment, the army of General Lu behind will catch up to them. The Sky Sea City on the East and the White Emperor City army on the West will also immediately join in. At that time they will still face the slaughter from all sides——” 

“Something still doesn’t feel right.” Lu Wuyong uttered in a low voice.  

“General, everything is settled, what are you worried about?” 

“I can tell the Ghost Dancer Corps has come prepared, and judging by how they instantly turned their horses around to attack one side, it is clear that this is planned out in advance——Why did they come? Why would they take this risk? Is it just to buy time for Li Muyang by creating a disturbance? The precious Princess of the Peacock Imperial court——is willing to use her own life to do such a thing for a man?” 

Lu Wuyong’s deep eyes were fixed on the Ghost Dancer Corps that was charging over frantically, muttered: “Could it be that the Ghost Dancer Corps really is this strong that the Wolf Pass army cannot even delay them for a moment?” 

The General of the Wolf Pass army, Lin Tingfeng’s face was ashen. 

They were summoned by the Lord of Wind City to come surround the Ghost Dancer Corps and to capture Princess Qiandu alive.

If this plan was successfully, it would be a great credit, and all of them will be rewarded by the imperial court.

However, there were clearly armies on all four sides, yet they ignored the one on the right, the left and the one behind, but headed straight in their direction—— 

 Does that make sense? 

Do our think our Wolf Pass Army is that easy to bully? 

However, since the matter had come to this point, the momentum had been build up, it was already too late to turn their heads around. 

What they can only do now was brandish the sabre in their hand and behead the guys in colourful robes and ghost-faced mask who were like a bunch of evil spirits. 

When enemies meet face to face on a narrow path, the brave will win! 

“Brothers, that white feather general is the Princess of the Peacock Imperial Court, we have the opportunity to accomplish our goals——”  Lin Tingfeng held up the long spear in his hand, shouting to the Wolf Pass soldiers behind him.

When speaking, he purposely activated the sound wave technique, sending his voice vibrating everywhere so that not only the brothers of the Wolf Pass Army behind could hear him, but also the soldiers of the Sky Sea City and the White Emperor City.

The white feather general of the Ghost Dancer Corps was the Princess of the Peacock Imperial Court. This information rapidly spread throughout the several armies in an instant. All soldiers were blazing with battle intent, surging with murderous spirit. Everyone fantasised about capturing the Peacock Princess and destroying the Ghost Dancer Corps—— 

“Capture the Peacock Princess——”

“Destroy the Ghost Dancer Corps——” 

“Capture the Peacock Princess——” 

“Destroy the Ghost Dancer Corps——”   

“Kill.” Qiandu bellowed. 




The thousands of elite of the Ghost Dancer Corps roared. 

Those stupid guys dared to have thoughts about their noble peacock Princess. To the Ghost Dancer Corps this was the greatest humiliation. If they do not kill them then the humiliation would never be erased and their anger will not subside.


The two forces clashed violently.

The fearless elites of the Ghost Dancer Corps, clad in colourful clothes, feather inserted in their hair, brandished the Peacock Imperial Court’s crescent-shaped blades and fiercely made stabbing thrusts towards the Wolf Pass army. 


The first head was hurled high into the air.

The fierce elite of the Ghost Dancer Corps who got the first drop of blood let out a resounding roar to vent his joy and emotions, before he lunged the crescent-shaped blade at another soldier——

“Stop them. Stop them——” 

“Brothers, hold on, reinforcements are just behind us——” 

“Don’t mess up the formation, don’t mess up the formation——”

However, in the face of the killing methods of the Ghost Dancer Corps that resembled the God of death, it was incredibly difficult for the Wolf Pass Army to withstand. Like wheat harvested by a farmer, an area was cleared instantly when the colourful feathers neared.

The murderous nature of the Ghost Dancer Corps was ignited. Smearing their face with the enemy’s blood, they roared out a rhythmic chant: 




Lin Tingfeng’s goal was the Princess of the Peacock Imperial Court. As a general who had fought hundreds of wars, he knew that one must capture the leader first in order to capture all the followers.

Once the Peacock Princess is captured, no matter how many soldiers are dead and injured, no matter what mistake is committed, the merits outweigh the errors——

Besides, the willful Princess of the Peacock imperial court had targeted him, viewed him as a pushover. This was intolerable for any general.

Therefore, Lin Tingfeng hated Qiandu, hated this Peacock Princess. 

“This is a credit splashed down from the heavens, and I will take it.” Lin Tingfeng thought in his mind.

The squad formation changed, Qiandu’s front formation became the back formation. 

Following the back of the squad, she charged ahead, before leaping high up and put the magic flute in her hand to her lips.

—— Clang——

Metallic clatter could be heard. 

Then, a noise full of murderous spirit reverberated, music notes, one after another, were turned into sharp blades, shooting toward the wolf soldiers ahead with incredible speed.

[Ambush on ten sides]! 

This was a divine tune of the Divine Continent, most suitable for large-scale combat. 


Where the music notes streak past, groups of soldiers fell from the back of the horse, severed into two from the waist or had their hands or legs lashed off. There were some who even lost half their head——

The effect of such an attack was astonishing because it was unknown where the enemy is. The moment one hears the music, sees the floating notes, there were already rows upon rows of brothers being beheaded and slashed to pieces. 

“Run, she’s a demon, the demon is coming——” 

“Don’t kill me, don’t kill me——”

“Help, help, help, I don’t want to die——”

The tensed string inside the head of the Wolf Pass Corps was completely cut off by Qiandu’s tune [Ambush on all sides]. No matter whether it was a superior or a lower ranking subordinate, no matter whether they disobeyed the military order, and no matter what the formation and morale was——in the face of this invisible enemy, all fighting spirit was instantly disintegrated.


 It was the only remaining thought and belief in their minds. 

 The first person to escape was killed by the law enforcement team behind him.

 The group of people that fled was killed by the law enforcement team behind them.

 Thousands of people fled and were killed by the law enforcement team. 

 Lin Tingfeng rushed to one side, heart aching as he watched his brothers’ life being harvested in batches. All hopes had turned to dust. 



 Lin Tingfeng’s eyes were blood red, witnessing the defeat of the Wolf pass army. 

 The Ghost Dancer Corps was indeed worthy of being called the strongest corps in the world. 

 Princess Qiandu was indeed the princess of the most powerful Kingdom in the Divine continent.

 Seeing that their Princess was like a deity, seeing the enemy troops being utterly defeated, the Ghost Dancer Corps’ morale skyrocketed, murderous spirit soared. 




 They brandished their long crescent-shaped blades, making wild slashes in front. 

 Five thousand people had defeated twenty thousand people; the Ghost Dancer Corps had once again created a miracle. 

 As long as it was a frontal assault, the Ghost Dance Corps was invincible. 


 Qiandu flew to where Lin Tingfeng, silvery light flashing in the sky. 


 Lin Tingfeng’s head was severed in one swift slash, flying high into the air. 

The Wolf Pass army turned around to flee, while the Ghost Dancer Corps swung their blade and gave chase.

 Behind the Ghost Dancer Corps, were the three allied forces, Wind city, Sky Sea and White Emperor.

 The wind raged and the snow roared. 

 The killings were tragic and brutal. 



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