Chapter 523: Eight stars fall to the ground!

“Don’t put on an act before me.” An icy-cold voice came from the depths of the stone chamber. In a place where the light could not shine stood a man whose whole body was wrapped in a black robe, and was shrouded in darkness all over. His body was hazy, like a malicious spirit from the underworld. “Who doesn’t know that little dragon has reached Wind city, do we need your little toads there to play the trick of catching balls?”

“The guy unable to see people, what qualifications do you have to criticise my instrument that can measure the seasonal winds and the movements of the Earth?” The bearded old man said with a sneer. “If you can keep that evil dragon here, why did you invite me from my Heavenly Blanket Mountain? Since you said you know that the little dragon has arrived, then why are you still standing here? The dragon is here, where is the dragon?” 

Why should I explain what I do to others? I go where I want, and I stay where I want. What can you do to me?” The icy-cold voice was increasingly ear-piercing.

“Then go, what are you doing here with me? This is my resting place, it is the location of my instrument, why are you here?” 

“State teachers, state teachers.” A man in silk robes came in with a smile, “I can hear your argument from afar. You are the King of the Ghost region and you are the Earth Immortal of Heavenly Blanket Mountain. Both of you are well known across the Divine Continent. How can you let the trifling matter of a little dragon affect your good relationship?” 

Next to the shadow sat a dark-clothed, black-haired, cold and gloomy youngster on the ground with his eyes closed. He opened his eyes and nodded at the man dressed in a silk robe: “Uncle.” 

“I haven’t seen you for a long time, how are you lately?” The man in the silk robe smiled and greeted the black-clothed youngster. 

“Good.” The black-clothed youngster responded with one word before he closed his eyes again. On his crossed legs was a strange, dark, slender sword. 

“It was that ghostly thing who insulted people first.”

“Gong Zhouyi, you think I don’t dare to take your life?” 

“There is naturally nobody that the Ghost King doesn’t dare to kill, but whether you can kill is another matter.”

“You dare look down on me?” 

“You’re too arrogant.” 

“I am going to test whether you have really reached the Earth immortal realm.” 

“I also want to know if the King of the Ghost Region deserves his reputation.” 

Inside the shadow, the black wind was howling. 

On top of the stone coffin, the eight golden toads croaked disorderly, eyes glowing red.

“State teachers, don’t get aggravated. We gathered here in preparation for the arrival of that evil dragon. Now that the dragon has arrived the two state teachers are fighting because of a little misunderstanding. If the evil dragon escapes, nobody will dare blame the two state teachers, but Bolai’s punishment will be severe.” The man in a silk robe gave a cupped fist salute to the two men, “Can you give a little face to Bolai?” 

Hearing the silk-robed man say this, the black wind subsided, the golden toads quieten down, no longer croaking incessantly. 

Yan Bolai came to the shadow to give a deep bow: “Thank you, Lord.” 

And then bowed deeply to the bearded old man. “Thank you, Lord Earth immortal.” 

It was only then that Gong Zhouyi’s expression eased a little, looking at Yan Bolai, he said: “City Lord Yan, since this matter is overseen by you then we should listen to the order. This instrument, which can measure the seasonal winds and the movements of the Earth, can glimpse into the secrets of the world, imagine the big from the small, and observe the great dragon from the tiniest place. As long as that little dragon comes, he can’t escape from my detector instrument. The detector ball fell from the southeast corner just now, indicating that the dragon had come from the southeast. There the dragon qi had broken the balance of space, which suggests the dragon had already fought with someone and his killing intent is ignited. Otherwise, the dragon qi would not have leaked, the essential qi would not have leaked, the detector ball inside the lion’s mouth of the instrument would not have fallen.” 

“The detector instrument is a treasure of the divine continent, and the information it monitors is naturally true.” Yan Bolai smiled. “The evil dragon’s sister, Li Shinian, is being held there, he must have went to save his sister first.” 

“His parents are in the stone chamber behind us, but we have deliberately set up a barrier here, so that he cannot sense their presence.” Gong Zhouyi looked at Yan Bolai, saying: “If that evil dragon cannot detect traces of his parents, or mistakenly thinks that his parents are dead, wouldn’t he go and escape?” 

“No,” Yan Bolai answered with a smile. “Lord Earth immortal has forgotten that Li Muyang is from my Jiangnan city. I am acquainted with him and know a lot about him. He is tough, fierce and determined; he will not give up until his goal is reached. The reason why we hid his parents here is to increase the difficulty of his search, to increase the realness of the drama. If you hide them in a place that can be seen at a glance, he most likely will hesitate to come forward, isn’t that right?”

“They’re creating disturbance outside the city just to get the attention of people like Lu Wuyong. But what they do not know is that, besides Lu Wuyong, we still have the Ghost King immortal and Earth Immortal here.” 

“I’m not an immortal.” The voice from the shadow sounded again, as ear-piercing as before. “Those who pretend to be an immortal are all liars. How would there be immortals on this world? I am a ghost, a malicious ghost who specialises in taking the life of humans.” 

“Yes, yes, Lord Ghost King please don’t get angry.” Yan Bolai came to the shadow and bowed apologetically once again. “Ghost King is the King of the Ghost Region, but also a Starry Sky cultivator who Bolai extremely respects.” 

“When will that little dragon come? I want to kill him soon, to avoid neglecting today’s practice.”

“He should be here soon?” Yan Bolai said. 

He knew that the idiot son of Lu Wuying was very friendly towards Li Shinian and goes to see her everyday. 

If Li Muyang had really gone to save his little sister first, then the first thing he do will be to suppress Lu Lin. Once Lu Lin is in that boy’s hand, it will be a very simple task to ask for the whereabouts of his parents.

Presumably he will feel much safer with an answer obtained from taking a life? 

When that boy breaks into this place, even if he has wings, there is no way he can escape. 

The world is a chessboard, and everybody are chess pieces. 

Everyone is someone else’s pawn.

Of course, Yan Bolai wanted to be an exception. 

A strong gust of wind swept in and the huge stone-walled door was smashed to pieces. 

In the midst of howling wind, a white figure charged straight to where Earth Immortal Gong Zhouyi was sitting on the stone coffin.

At the same time, countless sword lights burst out from the shadow, shrouding the entire stone chamber. 

The black-clothed youngster on the ground had unknowingly leapt into the air, the Ghost vessel sword in his hand flashed out its sheath, slashing through the air in an unstoppable manner in the direction of the white figure.

Earth immortal Gong Zhouyi lifted his head up, a cold smile twisted his lips: “stupid bug, overestimated your ability.” 

As he was speaking, he raised his hand into the air, and the eight golden toads on the coffin were swept up, tightly surrounding the white figure. 

An inescapable net, an ambush on eight sides. 

The white figure was encircled. 


Countless sword qi slashed the white figure, slicing it into countless pieces. 

Black-clad youngster Cui Jianxin directly aimed a sword strike to the head of the white figure. 

Each of the eight golden-yellow toads dragged a piece of minced flesh, and began to chew satisfiedly, as though it had not eaten in a long time. 

Bang! Bang! Bang! 

Piece after piece of limbs fell to the ground. 

The rays of sword light that shot from the shadow had vanished, the black-clad youngster had sat back on the ground, and the eight golden toads similarly returned to their original position, mouth wide ready to catch the silver beads that might fall from the lion’s mouth at any time. 

Only Yan Bolai did not move. 

He sat where he was, looking at this mutilated limbs on the ground, and said loudly: “Li Muyang, since you have come, then show yourself. Your parents are right behind this stone wall.”

The doorway was dazzling and the cold wind soughed through the gaps. 

No one responded. 

“What? Scared? Did you not pour your dragon qi into the body of the puppet and hurled it in to attract everyone’s attention? Now everyone is waiting for you, why are you avoiding seeing us? Don’t you want to save your parents?” 

Besides the whistling wind, there was dead silence outside the stone chamber.  

“Didn’t expect Li Muyang to be a coward, killing a person like him would just be dirtying my sword.” The shrill voice sounded again from the shadow.  

Next to the shadow, the black-robed youngster clasped the Ghost Vessel Sword in a tight grip and stared sharply at the entrance mouth to the stone chamber. Because the stone door was smashed, there were shafts of light flowing in from there. The youngster who had been living in the Ghost Region for many years, was accustomed to life without daylight, and was somewhat repulsed at light.

A ball in the lion’s mouth erupted in a blaze of silvery light, while a golden toad on the ground leapt up all of a sudden, swallowing the silver ball into its stomach.


The several other light balls were similarly blazing with silvery light, the several golden toads on the ground leapt up one after another, swallowing the light balls into their stomach. 

Soon, all eight balls of light in the lion’s mouth had fallen and swallowed into the stomachs of the golden toads.


The copper instrument that was like a wine goblet begun to rotate, wisps of silvery light beaming out. 

The bearded old man, looking at the earth-movement detector instrument before him, laughed coldly: “eight stars fell to the ground, the King has descended. Unexpected, unexpected, I didn’t expect the one to come to be the King of the Dragon Clan.”

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