Chapter 524: Create a diversion!




It was the sound of shoes crunching into the snow. 

Crisp, clean, and with a never-going-back decisiveness.

All eyes were gathered on the hole in the stone chamber, waiting for the arrival of the evil dragon. His father and mother were behind the stone wall, thus he had no other choice.

Of course, had no one carefully thought over why the evil dragon would sacrifice his life to rescue his parents?

After all, in their eyes, those two should just be two small insignificant human beings, food that should be eaten. This was completely not in line with the image of the evil dragon.

They had tarnished his reputation, made up all kinds of stories about the evil dragon, but they were the one who used his parents and other people as bait, and laid out an inescapable net to kill him.

History books are written by the victors, and so is justice. 



The sound was getting closer and closer, and the light at the hole was obscured by a dark shadow. 

Then a white shadow appeared on the edge of the hole. 

It was a girl, a pretty girl in a long dress. 

Everyone looked at the girl flabbergasted. Why is she here? 

This was the mountain cave of the City Lord’s residence. A secret place where they had put up a restriction barrier.

Shouldn’t it be the black dragon Li Muyang? Why is a delicate little girl instead?  

“Li Shinian.” Yan Bolai glowered at the girl in long dress at the mouth of the cave, his voice icy-cold: “Where is Li Muyang?”

“Are you looking for my brother?” Li Shinian smiled, a flash of ridicule and hatred in her eyes. 

“Li Muyang don’t dare to come see us, so told you to come?” Yan Bolai sneered, “What’s the use of you coming here? Can you save your parents alone?” 

“Who says I’m here alone?” Li Shinian grinned. 

“Where is Li Muyang?” The black-robed youngster Cui Jianxin fumed. He hated communicating with people and even more hated them talking nonsense. 

He hated everything except the long sword in his hand. 

There was a sudden resounding boom, and the whole mountain was trembling. 

It was quickly followed by another loud rumble. The cave trembled even more and boulders tumbled down. 

The stone wall cracked, and even inside the stone chamber were rocks whirling everywhere. 

Everybody present were top cultivators. All kinds of powerful qi and light shield were operated right away, deflecting the rocks that were shooting over.

“Li Muyang is behind the stone mountain.” Yan Bolai’s face was dark with rage. 

“He wants to knock down the entire stone mountain, he wants to bury everyone here.” 

“That boy is so hateful. If he falls in the hands of I, Ghost King, I will be sure to make him feel pain worse than death.” 

Yan Bolai’s eyes grew fierce, leaping up and darted towards the cave entrance where Li Shinian was standing

No matter what motive Li Muyang had, no matter what kind of tricks he will make, if Yan Bolai first captured his sister Li Shinian then he will be in an invincible position. 

Only Li Muyang would be careless enough to let his Little Sister who he had just rescued to appear at the entrance of the stone chamber alone.  

Yan bolai’s movements were incredibly fast, his body like a bolt of lightning. 

The place was within easy reach.

He opened up his iron claws, like a strong eagle trying to capture Li Shinian, the little rabbit that stood there at a loss because of fear. 

The eagle was seizing the rabbit, shouldn’t the rabbit have this reaction of being unable to move? 

Yan Bolai’s body was blasted away.

In front of Li Shinian stood another youngster. 

Li Muyang shielded Li Shinian behind him, staring viciously at all the people in the stone chamber. 

Yan Bolai reeled back from the force, and it was a while before he steadied himself again. 


He felt a sweet taste before a mouthful of blood spurted out. 

“Too careless.” Yan Bolai thought to himself. “I’ve been hunting the goose all this time but didn’t expect to be blinded by the goose. The mountain is still rumbling incessantly from the tremendous impact, why did Li Muyang suddenly appear in front of us?”

Yan Bolai wanted to seize Li Shinian as a hostage, but did not expect Li Muyang to be hiding beside her just to strike him unguarded.

In that case, who was the person that kept hitting the rock mountain? 

It was not a person who struck the rock mountain, it was just a dog.  

When Song Gudu activated ‘The Great Daylight’, the Wolf King and Snowball both sensed the powerful flow of energy, and their animal instincts urged them to head to the distance to avoid it. And Li Muyang, who was in an attacking state, was directly struck by ‘The Great Light’, and lost consciousness. As a result, he lost communication with Snowball.

Later, Li Muyang was dragged into the Cloud piercing lark, and the wolf and dog couldn’t find Li Muyang.

It wasn’t until Li Muyang regained consciousness, and established a connection with Snowball, that the wolf and dog these two little companions found Li Muyang again.

Worried that his infiltration into Wind city would inadvertently alert the enemy, or that his traces of essential qi would be discovered, Li Muyang thought to first let Snowball swallow him into its stomach until they find Li Shinian.  

This was also the reason why Earth immortal Gong Zhouyi’s instrument failed to produce a reaction in response to the dragon’s arrival when Li Muyang first entered the City Lords residence.

Because all the movements and action of Snowball were only fluctuations of water elements. No matter how mysterious the earth-detecting instrument was, there was no way it can perceive the Heart of the Weak Water. It was even more impossible for it to distinguish between the water elements and the flowing water outside.  

Now, the son of the Red Moon, Wolf King, was being summoned by Li Muyang to strike the stone mountain with his head.  


Again and again. 

Tragic and dutiful.  

Yan Bolai wiped away the bloodstain in the corner of his mouth then uttered in a low voice: “Li Muyang, I didn’t expect the boy from Jiangnan City to know how to use the tactic of creating a diversion.” 

 Li Muyang fixed a vicious stare at Yan Bolai, saying in a cold voice: “City Lord Yan, long time no see.” 

“You’re not the person hitting the mountain outside? You have an accomplice?” 

“Who doesn’t have a few brothers who will live or die together with them?” Li Muyang remarked loudly. “As long as there isn’t something wrong with that person’s character.”

“Haha, who doesn’t have a few brothers who will live or die together with you’. Young people are indeed hot-blooded, it really is envious.” Yan Bolai laughed. “But today I’d like to see if anyone wants to be the brother who will live or die together with you.” 


Snowball timely spat out a bubble in response to this sentence. 

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