Chapter 525: King of the Ghost Region! 




Snowball’s performance was cute and eye-catching.   

Everyone expected it to look ugly because of its identity as the Heart of Weak Water——if it’s ugly then people may even more acknowledge it as the legendary Heart of Weak Water, but because it looked like this, many people had doubts regarding its identity.

How could there be such a cute divine weapon in the Divine Continent? What combat strength would such a cute little rabbit have?

Snowball’s timely appearance was as though in response to the Lord of Jiangnan City Yan Bolai’s sentence ‘today I’d like to see if anyone wants to be the brother who will live or die together with you’. 

Yan Bolai did not find Snowball cute at all.  

“You’re Li Muyang?” The black-robed youngster asked out loudly, staring intently at Li Muyang and his tone of voice without a trace of human emotion. In his eyes, Li Muyang is a pig, a dog, a demon that can be slaughtered by anyone. 

“Who are you?” Li Muyang asked.  

“Cui Jianxin.” 

“A person of the Cui family?” Li Muyang’s voice grew colder. “But it doesn’t matter, it’s not going to be the first time I kill someone of the Cui family.” 

“Cui Zhaoren was killed by you, because he is not as skilled as others. He deserves it.” Cui Jianxin stated in a cold voice. “Cui Zhaoren’s actions will only bring shame upon the Cui family and bring an ineradicable stain. Only when the Cui family kills you, can they wash away that shame and erase the stain.” 

“Truly——cruel and unscrupulous.” Li Muyang sneered. “You all say I’m an evil dragon, and now look, who is more like an evil race? Who says ‘deserves it’ to your dead brother——If the Dragons are so vicious, then you, Cui Jianxin, you are 100,000 times more evil than the Dragon.”

“The people of the Ghost Region have long viewed themselves as a ghost. What else do they care about?” Cui Jianxin stated coldly. 


He unsheathed the sword in his hand. The sword was slender, the sword body bent like a snake, and the blade was enveloped in black qi.

Just by observing its appearance, there was an eerie and sinister aura hitting one’s face. It made one tense up all of a sudden, their hair standing on their ends and a chill running down their spine. 

Li Shinian’s feeling was the most intense. When she saw the sword, her hands and feet turned icy-cold, like all the blood in her body had frozen solid.

Li Muyang took a step forward, shielding Li Shinian behind him. 

Then he looked directly at the long sword in Cui Jianxin’s hand. 

“The Ghost Vessel Sword, one of the three famous swords of the Ghost Region? It is said to be strengthened with tens of thousands of ghosts, containing the forces of evil. You seem to have killed a lot of people in the Ghost Region, is that right?” 

“In the Ghost Region, those who live are people, and all the dead are ghosts.” Cui Jianxin raised his long sword into the air, laughing grimly, “without killing tens of thousands of ghosts, how could I refine this Ghost Vessel Sword?” 

As Cui Jianxin was speaking, his body had already turned into a phantom.

By the time one notice that Cui Jianxin had moved, the space in front was already fluctuating, and a beam of biting cold sword qi was directly aiming for the top of the head. 


Li Muyang did not block but rushed in at great speed towards the inside of the stone chamber.

He clenched one hand into a fist. 


A bolt of lightning shot to the sky. 

Frighten Dragon Fist! 


The fist qi of the Frighten Dragon Fist and the sword qi of Ghost Vessel Sword collided in the air. One black and one white, two substance-like body of qi fought endlessly, crackling and booming in the air. 


The two gushes of powerful force exploded, blooming blinding white light. 

When Li Muyang punched out, his body already darted into the stone chamber. The Art of Traveling through Clouds and Summoning Rain was displayed to its fullest. 

The black-clothed youngster gave a cold roar, before he chased after with the black-qi-shrouded Ghost Vessel Sword once again. 

While Li Muyang was chased by Cui Jianxin, Yan Bolai took the opportunity to rush over to where Li Shinian was. 

He thought to capture Li Shinian again, in order to threaten Li Muyang to surrender. 

However, before he was halfway there, that damn Snowball who only knows how to act cute opened its small mouth and inhaled——drawing Li Shinian into its stomach.

Enraged, Yan Bolai clenched both hands into fists, blazing with violet-coloured flames. 

Flame Fist! 

The Yan’s family handed down martial arts technique was refined from the Cui family’s ‘Incineration of three lives technique’. It is said that the ancestors of the Cui and Yan family were extremely close, trained and cultivated together. Finally, the ancestor of the Cui family founded the ‘Incineration of three lives technique’, and the ancestors of the Yan family, whose aptitude was not as good, was inspired by the ‘Incineration of three lives technique’ to create the ‘Flame Fist’. 

The Flame Fist and the ‘Incineration of three lives technique’ shared the same origin, but also had its own originality. It was just that the combat strength of Flame Fist was not as terrifying as the ‘Incineration of three lives technique’. 

It is precisely because of the martial arts, the Yan family had always been the vassal of the Cui family. Until now, the two had maintained a relationship related by marriage.  

Yan Bolai’s double fists roared out, violet flames were seen blazing as two fireballs launched in the direction of Snowball, incinerating everything along the way.

Snowball did not evade not dodge, but opened its mouth wide to swallow the two fireballs into the stomach.


There came a clear and resounding swallowing sound from it’s throat. 

Perhaps these two flames came too swiftly and too fiercely, Snowball’s eyes turned over, grimacing with pain. 

Soon, Snowball pretended that nothing had happened, and again blew out bubbles at Yan Bolai.


Yan Bolai gnashed his teeth with hatred, but couldn’t do anything to this little guy.

Water suppresses fire. It was impossible for his family’s handed down technique, Flame Fist to be displayed fully in front of this little dog formed from water elements. 

Because no matter how many essential yuan were transformed into raging flames, the little dog will eventually swallow it.

How can the fire of man fight against a natural source of water? 

Yan Bolai felt he was restrained to the point of death. 

If only his cultivation base was higher than Snowball, or that his raging flames had transformed into the purest heavenly fire. Only then he can bring unignorable damage to Snowball—— 

How can he directly transform the essential yuan into the heavenly fire that can incinerate everything without reaching the ninth stage and eighteenth level of the Flame Fist?

The cultivation of martial arts relies on 99 percent of sweat plus one percent of talent. 

The people of the Divine continent only remember the previous sentence, but do not know that there is another sentence that follows: that one percent of talent is more important than the 99 percent of sweat. 

The Heart of Weak Water, who was born to be able to swallow the world’s water source, is composed of the purest mother water elements.  Such things were impossible for cultivators like him.

“Shameless little child.” In the great shadows, the voice of the Ghost King was extremely piercing. “What kind of hero only evade and hide? If you are the heir of the dragon clan, then wouldn’t you be a disgrace to your famous ancestors? If you’re that good then why don’t you play a game with my disciple. I would like to see whether the half divine body of the dragon is more powerful or the training in the bitter sea of my Ghost Region is better——”

Li Muyang simply sped ahead, paying no attention to the Ghost King’s remark. 

He knew what his strengths are and what his intentions are. 

Now, all he can do is stall for as much time as possible—— 

Even if he really wanted to have a battle with Cui Jianxin, it must be when no outsider is present.

Li Muyang had long guessed that there were inescapable nets laid out in Wind City to capture him, but he had no idea that they would invite the Earth Immortal Gong Zhouyi and the King of the Ghost region and his disciple here——”

He had long been heard that there was a genius in the Cui family who was rejected by Starry Sky, and in a fit of anger, entered into the Ghost Region. What was even more unexpected was that the young man had actually become a disciple of the Ghost King.  

Li Muyang only a dog and a wolf on his side, at least that’s what it seems on the surface. 

And on the enemy side there was the City Lord of Jiangnan City Yan Bolai, the Earth Immortal Gong Zhouyi, and the Ghost King and his disciple——Li Muyang felt he was at a disadvantageous position. 

But he had to fight no matter whether he could win or not.

As long as he could find a suitable way to fight, who can guarantee that he wouldn’t be the final victor? 

The Earth Immortal Gong Zhouyi, who was similarly infuriated by Li Muyang’s actions, flung his sleeve and recited a mantra, waiting for the eight golden toads on the earth-detecting instrument to leap up. In pairs, they began to crowd around Li Muyang.

More importantly, they were originally only the size of a palm, but as they were circling in the air, as though their body had blown up, suddenly they expanded dozens of times. Each golden toad had become the size of a lion dog.

Black-clothed youngster Cui Jianxin was slashing his sword behind him, while the eight golden toads besieged him from all directions. The space that Li Muyang could move within the Stone chamber suddenly became extremely narrow and limited.


The black-clothed youngster’s Ghost Vessel Sword was sharp and unusual, and each sword strike he launched had a great destructive effect on the stone chamber.

The solid stones, like huge pieces of tofu, were sliced by his sword again and again.


Inside the stone chamber, there was another violent vibration. 

A golden symbol drifted past in the air, before flashing and vanished.  

Yan Bolai’s countenance changed greatly, yelling, “We’ve been tricked. This boy deliberately lured us to fight in the stone chamber, in order to make us break the restriction barrier in the stone chamber that we set up ourselves——” 

When the restriction barrier disappears, others can free his parents who were imprisoned behind the stone walls. 

This was why Li Muyang was circling in the stone room and kept on fighting. 

What he needed was time. 

What he needed was to break the barrier. 

As expected, beneath the ground of the Stone Mountain was a huge pangolin waiting outside the stone wall, motionless, as if dead. 

However, on closer inspection, one will find that the pangolin was made of wood. It had a sharp mouth made of wood, a wooden head, and wooden claws. Perhaps because the time to build it was too short or its master had done a sloppy job, there was only one eye and where the nose should be there was only a small dark hole. It looked incredibly ugly.

When the stone mountain quaked and the golden glow scattered around, the proud laugh of a fatty sounded from within the Pangolin.

“The barrier is broken, and now is the time for you to show your might.” The fatty roared loudly. “Golden Pangolin, let’s fight.” 

He explored the stomach of the Pangolin, before he muttered some words, and a string of symbols spurted out his mouth.

Under his control, the Pangolin began to operate, opening its mouth wide and sank its teeth into the stonewall in front. 


The mouth of the pangolin was damaged, wood chips flew about in all directions, and large chunks of wood fell to the ground. 

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