Chapter 526: Lu Ban’s war chariot!

The chilling wind and murderous cries filled the air. 

When the thousands of elites of the Ghost dancer corps gripped the blade in their hands, urged their battle horse forward, pushed away the battle formation of the Wolf army, and the Princess of the Peacock Imperial Court Ying Qiandu personally beheaded the General of the Wolf Army, Lin Tingfeng, the battle intent of the Ghost dancer corps also reached its peak. 

Ying Qiandu took the lead, brandishing a sword to kill the Wolf Army soldiers that had escaped.

The thousands of Ghost dancer soldiers dressed in colourful clothes and feathers followed closely behind. With Her Highness the Princess as the arrowhead, they ferociously and rapidly charged forward. 



Charge again! 

In the world of Ghost dancer corps, there is no fear and no retreat. 

There is no mercy, and no forgiveness.

Just now the Wolf army, like a group of red-eyed beasts, was pouncing towards them to snatch away their princess and to devour and slaughter them. 

And now they will not show the slightest mercy to the collapsed Wolf Army. 

Besides, the dispersing route of the Wolf army was the same as their route of retreat. 

Only when they killed the already terror-stricken Wolf army in front of them would they have enough room to move further north. 

Otherwise, these guys that were scattered over the wilderness, who were only escaping and screaming, will be a huge problem to them. 

Because behind the Ghost dancer corps were the 20,000 troops of the Sky Sea City, the 30,000 troops of the White Emperor City, and the 30,000 iron-clad army of Wind City led by General Lu Tiesheng. A total of 80,000 allied forces were charging up behind them to swallow the Ghost dancer corps, the strongest army in the world, and the precious Peacock Princess Ying Qiandu.


Kill all the escaping soldiers before them. 

Then, the thousands of elites of the Ghost dancer corps passed through the tide of escaping soldiers, heading straight for the northern border of West Wind. 

Further north was the boundary between the West Wind and the Dark Flame Imperial Court. 

 As long as the Ghost dancer corps can escape into the territory of the Dark flame imperial court, then no matter how many soldiers the West Wind has, no matter how strong their military strength is, they wouldn’t dare to go beyond this. Otherwise, it will lead to a war between the West Wind and the Dark flame imperial court. 

Of course, the premise is that the guards and generals of the Dark flame imperial court agreed to allow the thousands of soldiers of the Ghost Dancer Corps to enter the Kingdom. 

The City Lord of Sky Sea City, Tang Lang, the City Lord of White Emperor City, Bai Xiu, as well as the great General of Wind City, Lu Tiesheng, spurred their horses to full speed and finally the three armies converged at the front line. 

“General Lu, although your Wind City is the host this time, but our Sky sea city will not be tolerant when it comes to taking the credit.” Tang Lang, the Lord of Sky Sea City, an imposing-looking bearded man, was waving a horsewhip in one hand and carried a long, moon-shaped blade in the other. This was his famous weapon, the Crescent Moon Blade. 

“General Tang, don’t hesitate to kill, you don’t need to be polite.” Lu Tiesheng’s eyes were fierce, staring unblinkingly at the group of people clad in ghost-face mask and colourful clothes, and gritted his teeth: “Us brothers of Wind City like to share wine and credit with brothers of other forces.” 

“Such good brothers.” Tang Lang gave a hearty laugh.  

“Our White Emperor City came from far away, but still cannot let you take over while the brothers of our White Emperor City eat soil and drink the wind.” The Lord of White Emperor City, Bai Xiu, spoke in a gentle and feminine voice, but there was an incomparable imposing manner exuding from him.

“Why would City Lord Bai say this? What sort of accomplishment is it to wipe out the Ghost dancer corps and capture the Peacock Princess? Even if this credit is divided equally, it is still enough for all the brothers of the three cities to eat and drink to their heart’s content——If City Lord Bai wants credit then behead a few more people.”

“That’s right.” Bai Xiu uttered in a cold voice. The handsome and charming middle-aged man liked to wield a tremendous double chain hammer, which looked like two little chicks in his hands.

“Kill.” Tang Lang bellowed.

“Kill.” Lu Tiesheng commanded coldly.  

He knew that whether the others tried their best or not, he had to be give two hundred percent of his strength. 

Because before the ambush, uncle Lu Wuyong had already issued the order to annihilate the Ghost dancer corps at all costs and to capture the Peacock Princess alive. Whether the Lu family’s crisis can be solved or not was dependent on the outcome of this battle.

When Lu Xingkong was alive, the Lu clan was in crisis.

Now that Lu Xingkong was dead, the Lu clan was still in danger.  

As a member of the Lu clan, he had to give it his all.  

“City Lords, the Ghost dancer corps had been running for days, they are already exhausted. We can certainly block them.” Lu Tiesheng’s eyes were fixed on the galloping horses ahead, shouting: “As long as we can stop the momentum of their escape, the joint forces of three armies will definitely win.”  

Tang Lang, the Lord of Sky Sea City, shouted, “What General Lu said is right. I will go test it out.” 

As he was speaking, his body had already soared into the air. 

While his body hovered in the air, he launched the crescent-moon blade in his hand at the Ghost dancer crops that were frantically fleeing. 


A red halo of light of several thousands of meters long landed toward the ground, and before the blade qi faded, the snowflakes on the ground were whirled up, branches snapped, and the Ghost dancer corps was blasted away towards both sides. 


A huge crack spread across the ground. 

Red flames were burning endlessly everywhere. 

The smell of scorched soil came, followed by the aroma of human meat. 

Unable to defend against the power of this sword, the group of elite ghost dancers were struck head-on. As a result, dozens of ghost dancers were killed under the blade of Tang Lang of Sky Sea City. 

“Dodge.” A Ghost dancer general who had been protecting Qiandu all this time shouted.


The instructed ghost-dancer elites immediately separated toward both sides. The orderly arranged troops were reorganized into two long formations, still maintaining the lightning speed in the process of the change. 

At the sight of his blade killing dozens of Ghost dancer elites at once, Tang Lang’s heroic spirit was ignited. He roared to the soldiers of the Sky Sea city in the distance: “Everyone, wipe out the Ghost dancer crops, capture the princess above. You must not let the guys around you get ahead of you.” 


Witnessing the bravery of the City Lord, and hearing the City Lord’s voice echoing across the high altitude, the 20,000 soldiers of Sky Sea City could feel their blood boiling.  

They had forgotten the tragedy of the slaughter of the Wolf Army, forgotten the fear in their hearts and the desire to escape. One after another, they brandished a long blade and spurred the horses to full speed, yelling while charging forward. 

When Lu Tiesheng saw that Tang Lang had rushed in front, he shouted to the Lord of White Emperor city at his side: “City Lord Bai, I will go ahead first.”

As he was speaking, with the kick of his foot, like an eagle, he dived towards the Ghost dancer corps in front. 

He swung the long blade in his hand up, and, similar to what Tang Lang had just done, aimed it towards the area where the Ghost dancer corps had gathered around. 

From the crowd, a giant clad in a colourful robe and a ghost facemask suddenly flew up while bringing the long blade in his hand up in a slash. 

In the sky, a white flame was roaring towards the ground.

It was the Lu family’s Heavenly Emperor sword technique. 

Above the ground, a white peacock rose into the sky. 


The Heavenly Emperor blade qi and the white peacock collided in the air. The white peacock was split in two, and at the same time of its body rupturing, the blade qi also exploded into nothing.

The ghost dancer giant hissed and sped towards Lu Tiesheng who was charging over at incredible speed. 

Qiandu gave no response, like she completely did not care about the lives of the soldiers behind her. 

The only thing she had to do was continue to charge forward, gallop, and march towards the West Wind border along with the thousands of elites of the Ghost dancer corps. 

The border of West Wind was already in sight. She could see the tower of the Dark Flame Kingdom. 

She saw hope of victory. 

“Charge.” Qiandu’s voice was sharp and clear, like the cry of a sparrow reverberating across the sky. 

“Charge.” The thousands of Ghost dancer elites responded in unison. 




Horses sprinted across the wilderness, whipping up snow. 

The ground was trampled by them, quaking as they came. 

“Charge.” Qiandu roared once again. 

Lu Tiesheng obstructed the Ghost dancer giant with his blade before he howled to the soldiers of Wind city below: “Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill them——One hundred gold coins will be rewarded for every one of them killed. Every ten killed will earn a promotion to the next rank.” 


The soldiers of Wind City desperately whipped their horse forward, frantically brandishing the long blade in their hand. 

One side darted wildly, and one side chased desperately. 


Qiandu took the lead and was the first to cross the border of the Dark Flame Kingdom. 


Behind her were the thousands of the heroic Ghost dancer soldiers. 

They watched the Ghost dancer corps race into the territory of the Dark Flame Kingdom, seeing the Peacock Princess disappear from their eyes.

Lu Tiesheng’s face turned red with rage and his eyes filled with blood. 

He swung his long blade, pointing to the Dark flame kingdom border, and bellowed: “cross the border to kill, fight to the last breath.”

“Cross the border to kill, fight to the last breath.” The Wind City soldiers, driven by Lu Tiesheng’s command, howled and charged toward the border. 


A crisp noise sounded. 

It was like the sound of a bowstring being pulled. 


Within the Wind City army, a soldier saw a huge hole formed in his chest. 

Then, his pupils enlarged before he collapsed head first. 

No one heard the string, and nobody noticed the brother who had suddenly fallen from his horse.

Even if someone realised, there was nothing they could do. 


A loud and clear sound pierced the air. 

The Wind city army that was storming ahead looked up to see countless black lines coming towards them. 

A large number of Wind city soldiers was struck by the iron arrows, before a tremendous force propelled their bodies back, and then skewered even more soldiers.

It was unknown when the Ghost dancer corps had split into two groups in the Dark flame kingdom, and in the vast center of them were a number of miniature-castle-like objects firing spears and arrows. 

“Lu Ban’s war chariots.” Someone exclaimed, “It’s Lu Ban’s war chariots——” 

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