Chapter 527: Peacock’s first cry!

This was a massacre. 

No, even a massacre was not as brutal and fast.  

The majority of the strongest and fiercest troops of Wind City were already wiped away in the first round. Pity those soldiers who were still sitting astride the war horse with a fierce look on their face when they felt pain in the chest or another part of their body aching violently, and then their body collapsed to the ground and was trampled into a mangle state by the horses behind.

This was a natural disaster. A curse on the army of Wind City. 

A number of dark miniature castles, like tombs inhabited by the dead, were shooting out endless spears and arrows.

Before the troops of Wind City had come near, the spears and arrows had already pierced through their body or exploded their head. 

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! 

The sky was filled with black specks. 

Screech! Screech! Screech! 

A man’s body was skewered by a long spear and then pulled from the saddle by a powerful force, continuing to pierce the second man’s chest, then the third man’s chest——

“Quickly retreat.” 

“Quickly retreat.” 

“Run, you bastards.” 

Lu Tiesheng helplessly watched his 30,000 troops being shot dead one by one in the high altitude, like harvesting garlic chives with a sickle, without even the chance to face the enemy head-on. With a grim look on his face, pupils enlarged, he howled repeatedly. 

“Quickly run, quickly come back, retreat, that’s Lu Ban’s war chariot, that’s Lu Ban’s war chariot you idiots—-” 

But his howl and screams didn’t help at all. 

As a result of his earlier command, the Wind City army, as though had taken an aphrodisiac, was frantically spurring their horse forward while brandishing a long blade in the direction of the border of the Dark Flame Kingdom. 

Once 30,000 troops were unleashed, like a flood, it was unstoppable and hard to turn around. 

Even if the soldiers heard General Lu Tiesheng’s cry, they couldn’t have made any effective response. All they could do was be wrapped in the powerful current and then shot into a hedgehog by the cluster of arrows coming from the front. 

This was an ambush. The ambush that the little Princess of the Peacock Imperial Court had set up long ago. 

She deliberately led the five thousand Ghost dancer elites to the gate of Wind City to show off their military strength. On the surface it appeared that she came to recruit Lu Wuyong, but in the eyes of the people of Wind City, it was to buy time and draw the attention away from Li Muyang who had come to save his family.  

 Lu Wuyong played along and pretended to consider her proposal. If you want to create chaos for Li Muyang to buy time, then I will cooperate with you by acting out this play, while I wait for the other three armies to gather together to annihilate the Ghost Dancer Corps and capture the Peacock Princess. 

If Wind City successfully wiped out the Ghost dancer corps and has the little Princess of the Peacock imperial court as hostage, then the Lu clan’s crisis will be solved and they could even negotiate with the Song family and the new Emperor to obtain greater benefits than before. 

Ying Qiandu was acting. Lu Wuyong was also acting.

But what no one could have imagined was that the little Princess’s ambition was much more than that.  

Not only did she want to draw the attention of Wind City away from Li Muyang, buy valuable time for his rescue, she also wanted the lives of the White Emperor City army, the Sky Sea City army and the Wolf army. 

This was not a person’s battle, but a war of nations. 

If she was able to annihilate the nearly 80,000 troops of these three armies for her Peacock imperial court, then what a military achievement would this be? What a glory would this be? 

Ying Qiandu was the only daughter of the present Peacock imperial court, and with her strategic mind, this meritorious accomplishment and the support of the Peacock King, it will most likely only be a matter of time before she takes the throne? 

Who was Lu Wuyong? 

The Lord of Wind City, the traitor of the Lu clan, the ruthless and ambitious person who had successfully stabbed Lu Xingkong in the back. However he had fallen into the trap and fire pit that the little Princess had dug out for him.

However, what Lu Tiesheng did not understand is that why would Lu Ban’s war chariots be inside the Dark flame imperial court? 

More importantly, why would the Dark flame imperial court be willing to use its border to slaughter the West Wind soldiers? 

But now was not the time to think about these issues. Lu Tiesheng wildly swung his blade, knocking the ghost-faced giant dozens of feet away, and then loudly shouted to the friendly forces as a call for help: “City Lord Tang, City Lord Bai, please lead the army to charge over with me. If we could get close to the Lu Ban’s war chariots, we can trample it into wood chips, capture the Princess, and destroy the Ghost dancer corps, and accomplish our goals.” 

Tang Lang deflected a series of arrows that shot toward him. Staring at the black specks across the sky, he shouted: “General Lu, the war chariots are fierce, our army has suffered disastrous losses, we urgently need to return. Some time in the future, we will certainly avenge the brothers of Wind City.” 

“General Tang, you—” 

“General Lu, you saw it too. It’s not that I’m unwilling to help you, but this is clearly just a road leading to death if we continue to fight with the brothers of Wind city. Why don’t I and the brothers of Sky Sea City retreat for now and trample the Dark Flame Kingdom and destroy the Ghost dancer corps in the future?” 

After saying this, regardless of Lu Tiesheng’s expression and reaction, he bellowed: “Sky Sea City listen to order, immediately withdraw from the West Wind Border, immediately withdraw from the West Wind Border—” 

They had just followed the troops of Wind City into the territory of the Dark flame imperial court. Thus no matter what means the Dark flame imperial court were to use to kill them now, they were still in the wrong first. This was evidently the sinister and cunning trap that the Peacock Princess had set in advance.  

Therefore, it was only when they return to their borders that they occupied the right. If the Dark flame imperial court were to continue the slaughter there, it will become a war between nations.  

Many times, war was such a simple and absurd thing. 

“City Lord Bai.” Helplessly watching the brothers of Wind city charging forward constantly and then shot off their horse by arrows launched from the little dark castles and lost their lives, Lu Tiesheng couldn’t help feeling anxious. 

At this moment, there was a feeling of despair in his heart.  

The assault of tens of thousands of troops was not something that someone of his power can reverse. He placed his last hope on the City Lord of White Emperor city. As long as he was willing to attack from the side, rush past the barrier of the Ghost dancer corps and those Lu Ban war chariots that were endlessly firing out sharp weapons like the God of death to harvest the life of the Wind City brothers, then they may still have a chance to win. “The outcome of the battle is in the hands of City Lord Bai. Please save the brothers of Wind City.” 

Bai Xiu’s eyes grew cold, a flicker of killing intent surfaced on his handsome face. 

He looked at Tang Lang, who had fallen next to him, asking, “City Lord Tang, what is your decision?”  

“It’s important to protect your life.” Tang Lang said in a deep voice. “I, Tang Lang, is not afraid of death, but I have tens of thousands of people under me who have fathers and mothers that need their support. We mustn’t sacrifice our lives for nothing.”

“In that case—-” The double chain hammer in Bai Xiu’s hand suddenly slammed down at Tang Lang’s head. 


Unguarded, Tang Lang’s head was smashed to pieces, and the horse beneath sped frantically towards the distance with his headless body. 

Bai Xiu swept his eyes across and roared: “The Lord of Sky Sea City, Tang Lang, chickened out at the last moment and should be killed. The soldiers of White Emperor City listen to my order – kill all the traitors of Sky Sea City.” 

As he was speaking, he took the lead, racing towards the soldiers of Sky Sea City who had just wanted to escape back to their own territory. 

Lu Tiesheng was dumbstruck at the sight. Pointing to Bai Xiu, he roared: “Bai Xiu, what are you doing? What is your motive of slaughtering your own brothers?” 


The Ghost dancer giant again charged over, aiming a blade strike at Lu Tiesheng’s head. 

Lu Tiesheng swung his blade up to block, but distracted by the surrounding situation, the force was greatly reduced, and consequently was propelled into the wilderness by the Ghost dancer giant’s sword strike.


Snow splattered. 

A huge pit appeared on the ground.  

The massacre continued. 

The soldiers of Wind City finally responded, and instead of rushing forward, they fled to the left and right.

But would the Ghost dancer corps that had long been standing on the left and right sides give them a chance to live?

They had just escaped the shooting range of the Lu Ban’s chariots but were hacked into minced flesh by the fierce elites of the Ghost dancer corps.  

The Lord of Sky Sea City, Tang Lang, was attacked from behind and killed, and as a result, without a leader, the Sky Sea City army was demoralised. They just wanted to escape, they just wanted to leave this death purgatory.

Unfortunately, the tens of thousands of troops led by Bai Xiu will never give them a chance to return to West Wind alive. 

Another massacre continued. 

The wind roared and the snow was whirling in the air. 

Mingled with the whizz of the rain of arrows, the anguished howl of the wounded, the roar of the soldiers, a tragic scene that even the God of death cannot help but close his eyes was created.




It was unknown when the sorrowful howl had stopped, the roar disappeared, and even the Lu Ban’s war chariots, which kept firing arrows before, were turned into deathly silent graves. 

There were endless corpses around the border of the Dark flame imperial court, piling over one another, and almost shrouded the tens of kilometers of plains.

Warm blood flowed, melting the most solid ice in the north, and spreading into the distant plains and valleys.

Corpses covered the mountains, blood washed the plains. 

Inside a Lu Ban’s war chariot, a sharp arrow was fired out for some reason. 

It was a lone feathered arrow, with no partner and no goal, flying towards the high altitude by itself. 

It was like the thousands of souls of those who had just died in this wilderness. 

A general achieves his goals while tens of thousands of bones decay!

In this battle, the Peacock imperial court’s Princess Ying Qiandu had destroyed the Sky Sea City’s 20,000 troops and annihilated the 30,000 soldiers of Wind City.  

The young peacock uttered the first chirp, which shook the entire Divine Continent. 

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