Chapter 530: Destroy Wind City! 


It was not thunder, but resembled the rage of thunder. 

It was not the wrath of the heaven, but superior to the punishment of the heavens.

It was not a volcanic eruption, but there were flames and magma everywhere. 

This was not the power of man, it was the divine ability that only deities should possess. 

The black dragon extended all the way across the sky, only his head but not his tail was seen.

His enormous body spreads over the sky, baring his fangs and brandishing his claws, maneuvering swiftly upwards, appearing even bigger than Wind City.

He opened his mouth and spewed flames of fury in the direction of the walls of Wind City. 

Long fire dragons were shot out. 

On the city walls, hundreds and thousands of soldiers were turned to ashes, and even the tough bluestone wall was melting from the fire dragons.  

Where the dragon breath was, all things were annihilated. 

Everything, like a cloud of smoke, vanished without a trace. 

On the walls, the soldiers were first frozen with fear, shaken up by the dragon’s size and majesty. 

It was only when they saw the several hundreds of brothers who were armed to the teeth killed in the blink of an eye by a single sneeze, the crisis stimulated their brains, that they finally responded. 

“Help, help, help.”

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