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89 – Armour to have audience with the Emperor!

Chapter 89: Armour to have an audience with the emperor!

Li Muyang was well aware of the changes within his body.

Or perhaps he could say with extreme uncertainty: there was a huge dragon hiding within his body!

However, would people believe this?

“I didn’t kill Cui Zhaoren, the dragon in my body killed him——”

If he gave that explanation, others would only think there’s something wrong with his brain, right?

Li Muyang wanted to rip open his chest, pull out the black dragon that he encountered countless number of times in his dreams, then pat his head and say: Brother Dragon, by following me——you cause me to suffer to many times.

After listening to this annoying fat man’s analysis, Li Muyang already felt there’s no hope anymore.

What’s most important is that he knew that each word the fat man said made sense, and was not just said to frighten him.

After killing Cui Zhaoren and the dozens of men of the Monitor Department, it would be hard for him to find a place where he could fit in the entire West Wind Kingdom.

“It doesn’t matter if I die.” Li Muyang grasped firmly onto the fat man’s arm: “But would my family be affected by this? Are they going to be okay?”

“The kingdom does not have the crime guilt by association” The fat man explained. “But if the Cui family was to secretly retaliate——-choke to death while eating, fall to death while climbing or suddenly tumble while walking, all these things may happen to them.”

“I have to go back immediately.” Li Muyang crawled up from the ground, wanting to hurry back to protect his family.

Even if they die, he would die together with them.

However, under the vast sky and the sea of clouds, he does not even know where he was, let alone where his house was. How could he rush back?

“If you go back now it will only be a road that leads to death.” The fat man looked at Li Muyang and did not try to obstruct him.

“How could I live without going back?” Li Muyang no longer had any mood to talk to this guy. He has more important things to do.

He wants to transform.

Transform into the gigantic dragon.

He tried and tried.

Damn, still no success.

He is still Li Muyang, although he’s not a trash anymore but he is still the Li Muyang who could not soar into the air.

“Many people may say that after committing such a serious crime like you, there really is no place for you to go in the entire world. You angered both the Cui family and the royal family of the West Wind kingdom at the same time, how many heads do you have for them to behead?”

Li Muyang’s eyes lit up, grabbed tightly onto the fat man’s arm: “do you mean I still have a chance to live? ”

“Naturally.” Fat man said with a smile. “It was originally a situation where you must die, but it happens that you had found a small gap out——–Within the vast world, only Starry Sky is able to accept you.”

“Starry Sky Academy is not the Starry Sky Academy of West Wind kingdom?”

“Starry Sky Academy is the Starry Sky Academy of the divine continent. Your only way out now is to immediately rush to Starry Sky Academy, then if possible, quickly latch onto large thighs [1]——-In that case, you will be saved. Your family will also be saved.”

[1] Powerful people with great influence. Translated as large thighs as its going to be a running joke later on in the series 😀

“As long as I enter Starry Sky Academy I will be fine?”

“I have never heard of any forces that dared to go to Starry Sky Academy to make arrests.” Fat man said with a hopeful face: “It’s a pity, I didn’t get a chance to enter and study, it is indeed a big regret in my life.”

“You’re still young, don’t be disheartened——-” Li Muyang said comfortingly.

After listening to the fat guy’s explanation, Li Muyang finally regained some spirit; he felt there’s a trace of hope for him.

Never give up hope; as long as there is a chance, he was willing to try his best.

Not only for him to live but also to keep his family alive.

Li Muyang turned to face the fat man, cupped his hand together and said: “Brother Gongsun, since you were always by my side protecting me and willing to tell me about all this——-it proves you’re not a bad person.”

“Of course I’m not a bad guy——–” Fat man said smilingly: “But you will soon become a bad person, you are about to become the worst guy in the entire kingdom.”


Li Muyang felt there’s no way he could talk with this guy anymore.

“I know what you mean, you helped me a lot before so I owe you one. Otherwise, I wouldn’t fish you out from the river.”

“I helped you?” A puzzled look came across Li Muyang’s face, he asked: “This is the first time we met, when did I ever help you? Also, you fished me out of the river?”

“You exhausted yourself from fighting, then your body submerged into the river. I jumped into the river and dragged you out. As for when you helped me, I think it’s better for you to not know, after all, you have enough trouble right now——–”

The chubby man glanced up at the sky: “Don’t worry, I will take you to Starry Sky Academy at the fastest rate. Now, we begin a race against death.”

“Thank you.” Li Muyang bowed deeply. This was the most urgent matter for him right now.



Lu Family.

Inside Bird Park, there was a group of white-robe youngster tending various rare birds inside the cages.

There was the common black and white doves, the Sand Ostrich with their sharp head and heavy body, the incomparably large bear bird, the pure white Bailu, eagles that are commonly found in the desert, and Wind Sparrow, which are as nimble as lightning——-

Just then, a colorful Wind Sparrow descended from high up. It abruptly came to a stop on the tree trunk.

A white robe youngster hurried over, holding the Wind Sparrow in his arms as he untied a bamboo tube from its leg.

He quickly placed the bamboo tube onto a tray to one side, then with both hands carrying the tray he urgently dashed towards the front courtyard.

General information is passed on using black and white doves. Although these birds travel much slower but there are a large number of them to meet demand. Also, these doves are relatively easy to tame, if there was any damage, the costs won’t be too high.

Wind Sparrows are different, these strong and spirited birds are not easy to capture at all, you need to squat down on a cliff for a long period of time to discover their whereabouts.

As to how to capture them after discovering their whereabouts, also requires a lot of mental capacity.

It is already difficult for ordinary people to reach the cliffs, and even if they reached there how could they capture the birds——–But which unordinary person would be willing to go to the efforts to catch these birds?

Therefore, only the rich and powerful families such as the Lu family use Wind Sparrow to pass on information. The information passed by Wind Sparrows is of the utmost importance, there’s no need for additional screening or any procedures, and instead is directly delivered to the house butler of the Lu mansion.

“Wind Sparrow came to deliver a letter, is the butler here?” Before the white robe youngster reached the Plum Garden, he greeted the guards at the gate.

“He’s planting trees inside.” The guards answered, then allowed the white-robe teenager to run past them.

The vigorous old man was bending his body down to plant a plum tree, this was what he often did. Seeing the white-robe youngster running over at a fast pace, he could not help but stop what he’s doing.

“A wind sparrow came to deliver a letter.” The white-robe youngster bowed as he handed over the tray.

The old man used the towel wrapped around his neck to wipe the sweat on his hand, and then retrieved the note carefully rolled up inside.

After taking a glimpse, he immediately trotted towards the house at the other side.

Lu Xingkong was reading the military reports in his study, although he no longer directly controls the army, but he still likes to keep track of military affairs.

“Master.” Old Butler hurried inside carrying the note and cried anxiously: “Young master Muyang’s life is grim.”

Lu Xingkong took a glance at the note, his eyes immediately become as cold as frost.

After serving this old man for decades, the old butler knew he was really furious at this moment.

He encountered such a thing, how could he not be angry?

Lu Xingkong pushed away the empty chairs, stomped around in his study.

“Is General Xu fine?”

“The Monitor Department tried to steer clear of military forces, but still fell into the eyes of our spy. They disguised someone as General Xu then brought the real General Xu to the shore on horses. After they arrived in Jiangnan they left on the ship arranged by the lord of Jiangnan City—- General Xu was rescued by our people and is now under protection, soon he will arrive in Tiandu.”

“Send Mr Li to provide support, we must ensure the safety of General Xu.”

“Yes. I’ll arrange it.” Old butler respectfully replied. Mr Li is loyal to the Lu family and is one of the skilled experts in the Lu family. By appointing him to collect Xu General, it will guarantee he’s absolutely safe. “Master, I’m afraid this time the Lu family will have no choice but to help——-Young master Muyang is in the largest disaster of his life this time. If the Lu family does not come forward to help him block the wind and rain, I’m afraid young master would be dead before he arrives in Starry Sky. Cui Zhaoren was someone that the Cui family spent a lot of effort to cultivate, and the Monitor Division was the weapon the Royal family used to control the government officials. But now both of them were destroyed by Young master Muyang, would they not do anything?”

“The world really is mysterious.” Lu Xingkong’s voice was as normal and his eyes were distant and deep like the thousand years old icy pond, unable to see the end with just one glance. He raised his eyebrows, it is clear that what happened was beyond his expectation “I originally wanted to pluck him away from any incidents, but it seems there is an invisible gigantic hand that constantly throws him into the situation. This is the act of the heavens. It’s difficult to disobey heaven’s will.”


“Have the other families received the news?”  

“They shouldn’t have.” Old butler muttered. “After General Xu was saved by our people, they immediately contacted us via Wind Sparrow——-After Cui Zhaoren died in battle, the entire Monitor Division supposed to handle an official business were all wiped out, the news should not be passed on so quickly.”

“Very well. This is our chance to prevail over our opponents.” Lu Xingkong said in a confident voice. As if everything was under his control.

“Master already has countermeasures?”

“This is Court battle, but they are already brandishing their blades thousands of miles away——–The Cui family has gone too far.” Lu Xingkong looked as fierce as a sword, as powerful and domineering as the undefeated God of War. “Prepare the fearsome dragon armour, I want to wear it into the palace to have an audience with the emperor.”


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    1. Thank you for the chapter 🙂

    2. ‘Grasp onto large thighs…’ Guess Muyang will need to find someone with thunder thighs at this rate. It seems I underestimated Lu Xingkong with how he perceives Muyang. I am a bit unsure as to he actually cares for Muyang as a person and/or his blood-related grandson, or just as what possible benefits he could bring to the Lu family as a whole. Either way, he is not at this time an enemy of Muyang so I guess that is good enough.

    3. Thanks for the chapter.

    4. Looks like the old bastard’s not as bad as he looks.

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