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91 – Confrontation in front of the Emperor!


“Li Muyang?” West Wind Kingdom’s monarch Chu Xianda felt that this name sounded familiar, as if he had heard it somewhere before.

Each year there’s a first in the exam, every year it needs to be approved by the imperial court. Sometimes it is approved by Chu Xianda himself but more often by the department that handles the emperor’s government affairs.

Perhaps he had seen it somewhere but that memory was not deep enough.

“Yes, it’s Li Muyang.” Lu Xingkong cupped his hand in front of Chu Xianda and said in a low voice: “Congratulations your majesty.” “

Chu Xianda’s eyebrows raised slightly, he asked: “Defence Minister, what are you congratulating?”

“Congratulate that the country has such talent, is this not something that should be congratulated? The first place in the kingdom personally approved by your majesty is indeed remarkable. He’s brave, loyal and righteous. He stands up against injustice.”

“If it wasn’t for Li Muyang risking his life to save Xu General, our West Wind Kingdom would have lost a brave general. Therefore, I ask your majesty to reward the young hero. ”

Chu Xianda pondered for quite a while before he looked at Lu Xingkong and said: “Defence Minister, you say the Monitor Department framed a loyal person, tortured the commander in chief——-You do know that the Monitor Department is my Monitor Department, right? It is the Monitor Department of West Wind Kingdom?”

“I know.” Lu Xingkong bowed.

“Now I only heard your side of the story, I have no way to determine exactly what the truth is. Let’s wait until the chief of the Monitor Department Cui Zhaoren returns, I will personally ask him. If the facts are as Defence Minister said, I would make sure justice is served, as for Li Muyang——I will commend this brave young man who rescued Xu General.”

“Your majesty—–”

Chu Xianda gestured with his hand: “Defence Minister, you are an important Minister of the kingdom, what would other people think when they see you wearing a heavy armour to see the emperor? What would all the civilian and military officers at the imperial court think? Defence Minister, you are slapping me in the face.”

Lu Xingkong immediately bowed and apologised: “I know I was wrong. I was just worried of the military situation at Broken Dragon Pool and that we will lose our country’s territory. I ask your majesty to punish me.”

“Defence Minister is simply thinking for the country and the people, how could I punish you? In that case, would I not become a fatuous ruler?” Chu Xianda smiled kindly at Lu Xingkong: “Why don’t Defence Minister head back for now and wait till I find out the truth then I will make a fair ruling.”  “

“Yes, your majesty——–” Having achieved his purpose in coming here, Lu Xingkong was ready to turn and leave.

“Your Majesty, Minister Cui is outside——–” Chamberlain Li Fu stood at the entrance of the Hall of Supreme Harmony, bowed and reported.

“Huh?” Chu Xianda took a quick glimpse at Lu Xingkong before he smiled and said: “Did he and Defence Minister arranged this together? Why would he come at this time?”

Chu Xianda gestured with his hand and said to Li Fu: “The timing is just right, it’s more lively with more people, tell Minister Cui to come in.”

Cui Xichen entered into the Hall in big strides, his eyes immediately caught notice of Lu Xingkong standing at one side, he yelled in an angry tone: “Lu Xingkong, you’re so vicious, are you not afraid of retribution?”

“I don’t know what you mean Minister Cui——-but speaking of vicious, no one dares to be on equal level with Minister Cui?” Lu Xingkong said without any expression at all.

“I really disagree with your political views, but that does not mean you should strike vicious blows to the younger generation of my family——Lu Xingkong, do you not have any children or grandchildren? Are you not afraid you will die without any descendants?”

“He who never wrong others does not fear the knock in the night.” Lu Xingkong said proudly.

“Well, I want to see if you really have a good conscience, see if you’re afraid of ghosts knocking at night——–” Cui Xichen’s eyes revealed a strong killing intent. His grandson was killed, of course he would pursue justice from Lu Xingkong’s family.

“Ministers——–” Chu Xianda interrupted their quarreling: “Arguing at the imperial court tarnishes the honour of the country. Also, who can tell me, what is going on?”

Cui Xichen dropped to his knees, sorrowfully asked: “I request your majesty to be the judge of this matter.”

“Cui, what grievance do you have to complain?”

“West Wind Kingdom’s Monitor Division chief Cui Zhaoren was robbed and killed while he was escorting the criminal Xu Da back to the capital. Dozens of men of the Monitor Division also died unfortunately in battle.” Cui Xichen bowed his head deeply, his sorrow flowing like a river.

“How dare they.” Cui Xianda flew into a rage, he marched up and down the Hall of Supreme Harmony, then cried in a stern voice: “Completely no regards for the law——-The Monitor Division is my Monitor Division, is the Monitor Division of the Kingdom. The men of the Monitor Division are my men. Who dares to rob and kill them? Who dares lay murderous hands on them?”

Cui Xichen lifted his head, his eyes viciously stared at Lu Xingkong: “It was that person.”

“Lu Xingkong——–” Chu Xianda glared angrily: “What Minister Cui said is true? ”

“Minister Cui speaks not the truth, he is committing the crime of deceiving the emperor.” Lu Xingkong sneered: “I have just reported the specific details to the Emperor, every word I said was true. Your majesty simply needs to send the Imperial Court Secretary to investigate, then the truth will come to light.”

“Lu Xingkong, don’t tell me the chief of the Monitor Department Cui Zhaoren was not killed by one of your people? Were the dozen of men of the Monitor Division not massacred by your people?”

“No.” Lu Xingkong refuted instantly. “The person who killed Cui Zhaoren was a brave young man called Li Muyang, Li Muyang was the first place in the imperial exam personally approved by your majesty——-Li Muyang coincidentally encountered all this during his travel to his new school, how could he be someone sent by me?”

“Besides, Cui Zhaoren is the chief of the Monitor Department of the kingdom, yet he did not wait for orders and did not follow the country’s system, instead he framed a loyal person, slandered the main commander-in-chief of the frontier region Xu Da——-” Lu Xingkong suddenly turned around, looked at Chu Xianda and asked: “Did your majesty grant Cui Zhaoren the official imperial edict? ”

“About that—-no. ”

“Was your majesty aware that Cui Zhaoren would detain Xu Da, resulting in the instability of Broken Dragon Pool?”

“I—–did not know.”

“An outstandingly able individual of the country became some tool to attack other political opponents, is that not the crime of deceiving the emperor?”

“Lu Xingkong—–”

“Minister Cui, did I say something wrong?”

“That’s enough.” Chu Xianda yelled for them stop. His line of sight swept between Lu Xingkong and Cui Xichen. “The chief of the Monitor Department and the dozen of men of the Division were killed, this is no small matter. We must investigate the truth. But now I only listened to your sides of the story, I can’t make a judgment right now. Defence Minister, when will General Xu Da arrive at the capital?” “

Lu Xingkong took a quick glimpse at Cui Xichen before he answered: “He will arrive in Tiandu in a few days.”

“What about that Li Muyang?”

“It is said that after a fierce battle with Cui Zhaoren, this young hero was seriously injured. His whereabouts is unknown, we are also trying to find him.” Lu Xingkong said with a worried face. “This is the young hero personally approved by your majesty, if he was implicated in the conspiracy plot against me——I would feel really guilty.”

Cui Xichen was about to retort but was interrupted by Chu Xianda: “It must be hard for you Defence Minister. When General Xu Da returns to the capital, bring him to see me at once——and that Li Muyang, once you find him bring him over too. I want to personally ask him some questions.”

“Yes.” Lu Xingkong replied. “Old minister will leave now.”

The moment Lu Xingkong left, Cui Xichen walked in front of Chu Xianda: “Your majesty, this matter can’t be left like that——”

“Useless.” Chu Xianda furiously scolded before he flung his sleeve and left.

Cui Xichen stood with his back straight, a ruthless smile gradually surfaced onto his face.

“Lu Xingkong you——-You killed one of mines, I’ll destroy your whole family.”



The Cui family’s backyard.

Yan Xiangma hastilyy ran over, banging loudly on the door.

The little maid inside stomped over and asked: “Who is it? What’s the hurry?”

“It’s me, Yan Xiangma—–Is Xiaoxin here?”

“Xiangma young master——-” The little maid hastened to open the door, she knew that the young lady of the family had lived in Jiangnan for years so she and Yan Xiangma have a very close relationship like siblings. “Miss is reading in the yard.””

“I’m going to find her.” As Yan Xiangma spoke, he dashed towards the small courtyard.

Cui Xiaoxin was dressed in a pale pink long dress with Tiandu’s cherry blossom pattern, her hair was rolled up in a pure and beautiful bun, an ancient scroll was held between her hands and the gentle mist was rising from the fragrant tea on the table in front of her.

Pure and elegant, the Three Bright Moons of the kingdom are really out of the ordinary.

Hearing the conversation between Yan Xiangma and the maid, and then watching him coming over in a hurry, she closed the scroll in her hand and asked aloud: “Cousin, did something happen?”

“Xiaoxin, have you heard?” Yan Xiangma immediately took a seat opposite Cui Xiaoxin, poured himself a cup of tea and gulped it down.

After hearing the news, he came here instantly. The Cui family’s house is too big, making him incredibly thirsty after all the running.

“Heard what?” Cui Xiaoxin looked confused.

“Cousin Zhaoren was killed.” Yan Xiangma said, lowering his voice.

“What?” Cui Xiaoxin was stunned, her little face turned deathly pale: “Big brother Zhaoren—–how was he killed?”

“I don’t know how he was killed. But I know who killed him.” Yan Xiangma said worriedly. Seeing his cousin’s beautiful face, he thought to himself that the Cui family would most likely form a strong hatred towards that charcoal. Let alone that he and his cousin can’t be together, they can’t even be friends.

After some more thinking, he suddenly remembered——not just his cousin, he also can’t be his friend.

He suddenly felt somewhat depressed.

“Who killed him?” Cui Xiaoxin saw her older cousin hastily ran over, she knows for certain that this matter is not that simple.

Moreover, this matter should be closely linked to her, otherwise, why would he rush over to tell her?

“Li Muyang.” Yan Xiangma said in a muffled voice.

“How is this possible?” Cui Xiaoxin was just about to take a sip of the tea to calm her emotions. The teacup had not even touched the side of her lips, the moment she heard the shocking answer, her wrist trembled, the cup between her hands dropped to the green brick floor.


A beautiful porcelain teacup shattered to pieces.


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      • Well the Cui family originally hung Xiaoxin out to dry as a sacrificial pawn when they hired Crow to kill her, thus implicating the Lu family. It was not the Song family, as they already have a minister position and thus cannot have the other as well so there is no need, and it wasn’t the Lu family due to little to gain and how we the readers heard him say that he did not do it in a place with no ears. Thus it was the other family competing for the minister spot, the Cui family who sent Crow after one of their own to advance their own agenda and lessen the Lu families. Pretty sure Muyang’s fat friend won’t be able to contact the Lu family as he and Muyang are on the quickest course to the academy as they possibly can. Plus, even if he could get in contact with them, Lu Xiangkong would probably prefer Muyang to go into Starry Sky where it will be safe and he can grow strong enough to protect himself (excluding dragon berserker mode) instead of going to Tiandu which is a snake nest where anything could happen before (and maybe after if made that far) meeting the Emperor. So onwards on the express route to Starry Sky!

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