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99 – Overestimating your ability!


The role Chu Xun gave himself was a free and leisurely prince. Just like his father.

His father is the cousin of the emperor of West Wind Kingdom, Chu Xianda. But due to the fact he had no prospect of succeeding the throne, he gave his attention to dog walking, cock fighting and drinking everyday. His days were free and unfettered, like the celestial beings themselves.

According to Chu Xun’s plan before, he was going to study at West Wind University for a few years with the woman he loves. After his father goes up to the heaven, he shall ascend to take over his position. At that time he could expect a lifetime of wealth.

What he did not expect was that Lu Qiji had a change of heart, she now wants to study at Starry Sky Academy.

Chu Xun knows of the existence of Starry Sky Academy, he also knows it is the most mysterious institution in the world.

Since Lu Qiji wants to study at Starry Sky Academy, he must also go to Starry Sky Academy.

Because Lu Qiji is the woman he loves.

Even in his heart, he already sees Lu Qiji as his woman.

Besides her, no other women could enter his vision or touch his heart.

Starry Sky Academy was established from the financial help of the nine countries, so the first Dean agreed that every king could appoint twenty outstanding members of the royal family to enroll into Starry Sky Academy.

In addition, the school is completely independent to the nine countries and not subjected to the jurisdiction or sanctions of any one country.

Chu Xun had begged his father but his father immediately refused.

Within his father’s eyes, he saw fear and worry. He understood clearly what his father was afraid and worried about.

Being the younger generation of the Royal family, he is inherently one big step closer to that position than ordinary people.

He was already good enough, if he was to pursue study at Starry Sky Academy—–what does he really want in the end – just what kind of position was it that he sought?

They have to consider the opinion of the emperor, the crown prince, but also the opinion of the other princes—-

Chu Xun was not willing to give up so he asked his uncle, the emperor. Chu Xianda readily agreed, he stated that men should study at Starry Sky Academy. It is only at Starry Sky that people could become elites.

Therefore, Chu Xun has the chance to be schoolmates with Lu Qiji again.

This was also the reason for them to arrive at the foot of Nameless Mountain at the same time.

What they did not expect to see was—-a naked guy desperately trying to rip his pants with his own hands and gritting his teeth as if he bore a deep grudge against the pants.

This was originally thought to be a funny scene but a completely different reaction was seen on Lu Qiji’s face.

He knows Lu Qiji too well; he knew that she was a very proud woman.

She never pays any attention to the majority of people, even with himself—–he was treated a little special because of the several years they spent together. But she took the initiative to talk to this guy and say ‘I’ll wait for you at Starry Sky Academy’—-this is not the Lu Qiji he knows.

There must be something weird!

What was weird? Naturally, it must be that Li Muyang crouching on the floor naked covering himself with pants.

Chu Xun had to understand this problem thoroughly himself. Otherwise, he will never have peace of mind.

“Do you know each other?” Chu Xun asked Li Muyang, his voice full of hostility.

“What?” Li Muyang was still squatting in the corner, thinking to himself that why won’t this guy leave? If you don’t leave I can’t wear my trousers, and without trousers I can’t stand up gracefully and greet people politely.

“I said—-have you and Lu Qiji met before?” Chu Xun became impatient. He does not like to repeat himself because it makes people think he’s stupid.

“No.” Li Muyang shook his head. “Fellow schoolmate, can you turn around and let me put on my trousers—-I look indecent.”

Of course Chu Xun knows Li Muyang looked indecent but he did not care. No matter how he looks he will never be as good as him.

His eyes remained firmly fixed on Li Muyang: “Qiji knows you?”

“Whether she knows me or not, you should ask her—-” Li Muyang felt somewhat uncomfortable. This brother is too cold, right? Did he even listen to what was said? “Anyway, this is the first time I saw her.”

Before he met Lu Qiji, the most beautiful girl Li Muyang has seen was Cui Xiaoxin —–No, Li Shinian. No, It’s Cui Xiaoxin. Anyway they are both the most beautiful women he has ever seen.

After meeting Lu Qiji, he still thinks the most beautiful women are Cui Xiaoxin and Li Shinian—After all, these two are real people. One of them is his lively and cute little sister and the other was his first crush.

As to this Lu Qiji, her beauty is too strong just like the overhead sun. Although the sun shines brightly, people are unable to fully open their eyes.

Li Muyang liked a beauty that brought with it a hint of liveliness. It was something touchable by the hand, something that had the warmth of a normal body ——– Lu Qiji’s fiercely concentrated intense beauty, was like a scalding heat that would burn anyone just by touching her.

Even though she likes him because of his money and toughness, Li Muyang did not like her.

Be true to your inner heart.

Li Muyang thought to himself, if she approaches him or confesses to him—-his words must be firm. If he did not like a woman, then he can’t waste her time.

Chu Xun caught notice of Li Muyang’s unpleased face, Li Muyang’s unpleased face made him even more displeased.

This little prince is usually praised highly by everyone but this naked guy looked at him in disgust, this was very difficult for him to accept.

“Look after yourself.” Chu Xun said coldly, within his eyes was a dangerous light. “Starry Sky is vast, the journey is long—–I advise you to take care of yourself.”

“I know what you’re worried about.” Li Muyang said aloud.

That was too much, Li Muyang was ready to stand up and fight back. Squatting on the ground all along, what was that all about? This was something that really made one angry.

His body only risen slightly but he immediately bowed down again.

It can’t be helped, his bottom half was still butt naked.

“What?” Chu Xun coldly glared at Li Muyang and asked loudly.

“You’re worried that Lu Qiji likes me, right?” Li Muyang’s voice sounded colder. First, he met Cui Zhaoren and now he encountered Chu Xun, he had learned many things from them, such as pretending to be cool.

“You’re overestimating your strengths.”

“You don’t have to worry about it.” Li Muyang said, raising his voice. “I don’t like this kind of non-mainstream bizarre clothing. The West Wind Kingdom sees dark hair as beauty, intentionally dying hair purple is a sign of immaturity—–I like sensible girls. ”

“—-Die.” Chu Xun thundered, his sword flashed out of its sheath.

This idiot has no idea of death or danger, he dares to insult the woman he loves. Today he must be killed.

“Chu Xun—–” The pigtail girl by his side stopped him without hesitation. It was clear that this girl was extremely concerned about the black-robe prince, she looked worried as she dissuade him: “Starry Sky has their own rules, you must not act rashly——this guy is really hateful, but he is still a student of Starry Sky, wait until we enter the school. Only at that time we could teach him a lesson.”

Chu Xun slowly calmed down again, knowing that Zhang Wanting was right.

Starry Sky Academy has its own set of rules that even the royal family can’t interfere. If he killed Li Muyang at the foot of Starry Sky, no one even knows how those old monsters of the Academy would deal with him—Though it is certain the West Wind Royal family could hardly influence the end result.

“If you were in Tiandu, you would be a dead man already.” Chu Xun pushed the sword back into its sheath and said with a cold hard voice.

He did not want to hear Li Muyang’s remarks anymore, he leaped down from the hummingbird and quickly climbed towards the top of the mountains to catch up with Lu Qiji. On the way up the mountain they will encounter obstacles of the four cardinal vices, he was afraid Lu Qiji would fail—-even though he thinks Lu Qiji is the most outstanding woman in the entire kingdom.

Zhang Wanting’s delicate eyebrows slightly raised, looking annoyed at Li Muyang. “When you’re away from home, it’s best to sharpen your vigilance, otherwise before you have the chance to clamber up to Starry Sky you would already be killed—-”

“You deliberately stayed behind to take another look at me?” Li Muyang extremely disliked this girl with pigtails. Who did I provoke? Did you not see I was bullied? She told me to sharpen my vigilance—–is there no longer any truth, goodness and beauty in this world?

“You—–” Zhang Wanting’s pretty face turned crimson-red, clenching tightly onto the sword in her hand, she snapped: “Li Muyang, I’ll remember you. Wait until we enter into the Academy and see how I deal with you—–”

With that, her feet on the back of the bird stretched slightly and her body immediately soared high into the air, climbing towards Nameless Mountain.

Li Muyang breathed a sigh of relief. He hurriedly put on his pants to cover his butt.

It wasn’t until now that he became aware the skin of his inner thigh area had peeled off. When his mother hid those gold coins, she never thought his journey would be so tough and he would encounter so many problems along the way.

Then, he put on his trousers, and felt instantly much warmer.

He picked up the dozens of pieces of gold scattered around the ground into his arms. Then clutching onto the Understand Heaven Sword he was unable to give away he began to make his way up Nameless Mountain.

He has no hummingbird or white crane, he also did not know how to soar into the air.

He can only rely on his own legs and the strength of his body.

Climbing over rocks and crossing over thistles and thorns, poisonous snakes and strange insects may catch you off guard.

Li Muyang’s clothes were ripped, and across his face and body were several red marks. Just as a blood-sucking locust was scuttling across his body he used the Understand Heaven Sword to split it into two pieces. The blood-sucking locust did not die, jumping up from his body again it was split into two again—–

He thanked Cui Zhaoren again, with all his heart.

Ahead of him was an old Cedar tree and under the tree was a drunkard. The drunkard exposed his chest and shouted to Li Muyang: “Boy, come drink with me. Then, I’ll let you up the mountain.”


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    1. Thank you for the chapter 🙂

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    3. Bunch of son of a bitchs…..
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      I mean. Cui sword guy wanted kill him only cause his uncle dislike mc.
      Cui family send assasins cause he killed cui sword guy…
      These pricks bullied him cause what? They go to his bathing spot…
      Lu girl goes to the same academy cause our Mc is first …..
      dont you think bully in this novel is a little too much?
      Fuck them pricks…..

      • I was just about to comment “these sons of bitches” then I saw your comment. I agree with you 100%, I just want to say fuck them arrogant dogs! Arrogant characters are so fking annoying, no matter which novel genre it is.

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