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Currently translating Inverted Dragons Scale!


Hey guys, this is Aran here. Decided to try my hand at translating chinese, feedback welcome and appreciated. The main novel I will be translating is Imperial God Emperor. Aiming to do 4 chapters a week once a good number of chapters is ongoing (100ish).



Q: Who are you?

A: I’m a student that funnily enough, studies Economics :D. My hobbies include reading, badminton and translating.


Q: Why did you translate it into English this way instead of keeping it in pinyin?

A: My philosophy of translating is to keep the reader immersed into the story. So even if there is no directly translatable term, I will often just do the best one and leave a side note for the reader, that way they can enjoy the story to its fullest.


Q: Do you have permission from the author to translate this series?

A: I have tried to contact him before through his webpage but I have received no response thus far. Generally, it seems that Chinese authors don’t really care about their works translated.


Q: Will you pick up another series?

A: I would love to, but with my current available time, progress with IGE would grind to a halt. I am not willing to pick up another series unless its a sort of collaboration.



  1. Could you please verify that your reddit username is /u/arantranslations

  2. Keep up the amazing work 😀

  3. How come your re-translating previously translated chapters?

  4. Been waiting for a steady translator to pick up this novel, before diving into it. Now that you you’ve picked it up, it’s time to stay reading it.
    You gonna stick with it till the end, right?

  5. Can you provide a link to subscribe to the website?

  6. This story is quite good, but the rebirth done chapters were crap quality, I’m glad some one picked it up. Also may I ask how you put ads on your site?

    • I just copy and paste the google adsense code, I’m not exactly the biggest tech expert in the world so probably not the best person to ask xD

      • It me again,. Didn’t find anyone better to ask :D. May I as how you host your site? It looks to me like word press, but I don’t understand how you you went about adding adsense.

  7. Have you ever though of joining (preferably WW) or collaborate (like asking other translators to recommend this novel) with translation groups? The reason why I’m asking is because I feel this amazing novel doesn’t have that many readers compare to others like PMG, ISSTH, TDG, ATG, CSG, DD, ST etc. It is maybe because not many people know about this awesome novel, it really deserve to be known by all xianxia readers.

    • Haha, thanks for the kind words. I’m not in a hurry, this novel will get more popular sooner or later when it gets even better in the later chapters 😀

  8. Are you planning to get another editor for the series?

  9. Hi!
    Do you know that your translation is being published on Wattpad by another user, presumably without your permission?
    If you want it removed, please use this form, it doesn’t require registration on WP:

  10. anurodh ahmed

    May 17, 2016 at 2:42 am

    it been long time since you translated. Please update it.

  11. It’s been a long time since you lasted translated , did something happen to you ?

  12. Stalker stalking

    October 2, 2016 at 5:38 am

    Araaannn…it’s me here trying to hold a contact to you..
    If you need a helper for an editor,i am happy to help.
    Just replay my comment if you want me to help you and then i’ll tell you my email.

  13. Sorry to bother, but for some reason the subscribe won’t let me subscribe — says forbidden after I click on it. Any chance you can manually add me?

  14. hey aran o/ we of bayi subs are looking to affiliate with others working on chinese works o/ i noticed you subbed ztj ep1-3 but haven’t been able to sub past that……if you need help with that feel free to contact us in the myanimelist club or on discord o/

  15. HeWhoFeelsDisappointed

    March 4, 2017 at 9:32 pm

    Closing comments so you dont receive any hate messages anymore. How sad is that?
    If you don’t have the time to translate anymore, just drop it. I appreciate your work but the long and irregular hiatus of yours is not really appropiate don’t you think? Not even leaving a message why you don’t post chapters anymore, just disappearing like that from time to time again really saddens many of your readers.
    If you don’t have time to translate anymore, just drop them. Others would be happy to pick the novels up.

  16. Hi Aran,
    I’m Zilvane from wuxiadream
    Currently, we are picking up IPE.
    I wonder if you have any glossary for IPE. That would help us a lot.


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