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IDS 120 – 122

Hey everyone, here are the three chapters of IDS for this week! Enjoy!


Chapter 120

Chapter 121

Chapter 122


An IGE chapter should be released Monday or Tuesday πŸ˜€

Translated by Selda, TLCed by Aran


IDS 114 – 119

Here’s the chapters for the last two weeks. πŸ˜€


Chapter 114

Chapter 115

Chapter 116

Chapter 117

Chapter 118

Chapter 119




IGE – 246

First chapter of the new year πŸ˜€


Chapter 246Β 


IDS chapters for the last two weeks coming shortly – stay tuned ! πŸ˜€


IGE – 245

New year, new resolution I guess. It’s been a while, I’ve been really really lacklustre in my release of IGE…… resolution will be to do more. Sorry guys.


Chapter 245




IDS – 107 -113

Sorry guys, really busy over the festive season so didn’t have time to complete the chapters. But never fear, here are 6 chapters for the last 2 weeks + one Sponsored chapter thanks to the generous donations of :


Carl B. – much thanks for the continued Β support. It is much appreciated!

Erik T. – Thank you so much! πŸ˜€

The donation bar has now been reset and adjusted πŸ˜€


The table of contents is also in the process of updating! πŸ˜€


Chapter 107

Chapter 108

Chapter 109

Chapter 110

Chapter 111

Chapter 112

Chapter 113



Belated merry christmas, and I wish everyone a fantastic new year! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

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