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IDS – 220

First chapter of the week!

Chapter 220

IDS – 219

Here we go, third and final chapter of the week! Enjoy🙂

Chapter 219

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Thanks for reading everyone!

IDS – 218

Second chapter of the week! 😀

Chapter 218


IDS – 216

Here we go, third and final chapter of the week!

Enjoy everyone!


Chapter 216


I’ve made some changes to the rewards and goals to the Patreon page, with the aim of making it easier to get extra chapters 😀 Please check out the Patreon page for early access to chapters and ways to increase the release rate! Link:

Note that just a pledge of $1 will allow you to read the chapter in advance! 😀

Reaching $50 will turn our release rate from 3 chapters a week to four chapters a week!

Thank you for all your support, no matter how big or small.


IDS – 213

Third and final chapter of the week! Enjoy everyone!

Also, please check out my Patreon! Link :


Chapter 213



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