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408 – Taishu Yongseng

Chapter 408: Taishu Yongsheng


“Get out of my way——”  

“What right do you have to stop me? I want to see my brother, why are you stopping me?”

“Step aside, I know my brother is in there——get out of my way——”

Li Muyang was asleep when he heard a sharp noises and a clamour outside.

Li Muyang opened his eyes and sat up, shouting to the outside, “Come.”

Jing’er trotted over, smiling, “Young Master, you’re awake? Would you like a drink of water?”

Li Muyang nodded and asked. “What is happening outside?”

“It’s Miss Shinian, she wants to come in to see you——” Jing’er replied as she brought over a cup of warm water. “Chuyao and Zhaihua said you’re sleeping and she won’t listen.”

Li Muyang smiled helplessly, “let her in.”

“But Young master, your health——”  

“Don’t worry.” Li Muyang waved his hand. “Let her in. You guys can’t stop her.”

“Yes.” Jing’er turned around.

Very quickly, a gust of cool breeze came, and Li Shinian charged in at lightning speed.

Seeing Li Muyang lying on the bed with a face paler than paper, Li Shinian’s eyes immediately reddened. She fluttered over to hug Li Muyang’s arm, anxiously crying: “Brother, are you okay? Are you wounded? People out there say you defeated the God of sword of West wind——is that true? Did he injure you?”

Feeling the strong concern from Li Shinian, Li Muyang gently patted the girl’s constantly trembling back and comforted in a soft voice. “I’m fine. I am completely fine. Just that my body is a little weak, so I need some rest.”

“Liar. If you’re fine then why are you hiding here? Why didn’t they let me in?” Li Shinian naturally did not believe in Li Muyang’s explanation. “Big brother, you really fought against the Sword God of West wind? He really didn’t injure you? Is there——is there something that you’re hiding from me?”

Li Muyang gently sighed, wiping the tears off Li Shinian’s cheeks with his finger. “I’m fine. I’m really fine. I did defeat the Sword God of West Wind, and he didn’t injure me. The reason I am resting here is because I didn’t want Mother and Father or you to worry——Does Mother and Father know about this matter?”

“Father is still on duty in Plum Garden, I don’t know whether he knows. Mother is busy at home making clothes for you. She does not know about the battle between you and the Sword God of West Wind for now. I only heard it from Lu Tianyu.”

“Lu Tianyu?” Li Muyang frowned.

In the courtyard, a little chubby boy was creeping closer to the window.

“Young master Tianyu.” Jing’er bowed to Lu Tianyu and greeted out loud as a ‘signal’ to Li Muyang.  

“Shhh!” Lu Tianyu hurriedly hushed Jing’er. “No need to bow, no need to bow.”  

Li Shinian dabbed away the tears at the corner of her eyes, before she yelled, “Lu Tianyu, what are you doing suspiciously outside?”

Lu Tianyu knew he couldn’t hide, fiercely shot a glare at Jing’er as he shook his snow-coated cloak and went in. 。

Lu Tianyu respectfully greeted Li Shinian. “Pays respect to Sister Shinian.”   

And then he stared at Li Muyang in total awe. “You really defeated the God of Sword of West Wind?”

Li Muyang looked at the little chubby boy with a dissatisfied look, “So what?”

“So awesome.” There were as though sparks flying off Lu Tianyu’s eyes. “Did you know? You are now the hero of the capital. Everyone is talking about how you severely wounded the God of sword of West wind, also someone has given you a nickname——”

“What nickname?”

“The sun of the Kingdom.” Lu Tianyu grinned. “Awesome right? The Sun of the Kingdom, they say you are the West wind kingdom’s sun, the future of the Kingdom.”

Li Muyang knitted his brows more tightly, asking: “Who gave this nickname?”

“I don’t know.” Lu Tianyu shook his head. “I don’t know who made up this name, but everyone think this nickname is very good. So they called you that. Think about it, you could injure even the Sword God of West Wind, you certainly must be the strongest among the younger generations of Tiandu——no, you’re one of the top masters of the entire capital. Apart from a handful of people, nobody can beat you.”

“Brother, is there something wrong?” Li Shinian noticed the ruminative expression on Li Muyang’s face.  

“They call me the sun of the Kingdom, but the Lu family’s Lu Qiji, the Cui family’s Cui Xiaoxin, and the Song family’s Song Chenxi, and also you——are called the Four bright moons of the kingdom.” “

“What’s wrong with that?” Li Shinian asked in response.

But as soon as she said these words, she instantly understood the meaning contained within this nickname.  

Li Shinian’s beautiful face reddened with rage. Clenching her fists tight, she uttered fiercely: “They’re praising you in a way that puts you at a disadvantage. They want you to fail due to excessive praise.”

“Yes,” Li Muyang gave a wry smile, “I am afraid that the Cui family and the Song family will extremely hate me, and those Gongzi and young masters that like Cui Xiaoxin and the Song family’s Song Chenxi will hate my guts——How is that a praise? It clearly is trying to push me into the fire pit.”

“Brother, then what will you do?” Li Shinian looked full of worry. “Will they bring trouble to you?”

“The trouble certainly won’t leave.” Li Muyang said. His eyes were piercing cold as he continued, “however, even the Sword God of West Wind has been defeated by me, I would like to see who naively dares to come up to challenge me——”

Li Shinian pumped an encouraging fist in Li Muyang’s direction. “Big brother, you’re the best. I support you.”

“Big brother, you’re the best, I also support you.” Lu Tianyu also looked full of excitement, clenching his small chubby fist.

Li Muyang swept a glance over him. “Young Master Lu don’t call me that, I can’t bear the responsibility. If heard by outsiders, there will be gossip.”“

Lu Tianyu casted an upset look at Li Shinian. “Big sister——”

“Listen to my big brother.” Li Shinian rolled her eyes, “If he won’t let you call him big brother, then you shouldn’t call him big brother.”

“Yes. Big sister Shinian.” Lu Tianyu’s eyes reddened, looking pitiful.

Li Shinian didn’t have the heart to do this. “Brother, why don’t you let him call you Big brother? It’s just a name, you’re not going to lose a piece of flesh from it?”

Li Muyang actually did not like Lu Tianyu. He felt that under the little chubby boy’s honest appearance there were evil intentions being concealed.

However, since Li Shinian had interceded for him, Li Muyang also didn’t have the heart to disappoint his precious little sister. Nodding, he sighed, “fine, but don’t call me that in front of other people.”

“Thank you, Big brother Muyang. Big brother, please accept a bow from little brother.” Lu Tianyu respectfully bend his body respectfully and then straightened up his back and said, “Big brother Muyang, how did you defeat the God of Sword of West Wind?”

“I just beat him like that.”

“Can you teach me?” Lu Tianyu looked at him expectantly. “I also want to defeat the God of Sword of Tiandu once.”

“——” Li Muyang held back again and again, and finally couldn’t help but say to Li Shinian: “Throw him out for me.”


Starry Sky Academy.

At the foot of Broken Mountain was a man covered in dust.

His hair was as messy as straw, his eyes fierce as a beast.

The clothes on him had already lost its original colour, strands of silk were flapping in the wind and a sudden gust of wind tore of the corners of his robe.

The man lifted his head and gazed up at the towering mountain, his eyes reddening, and tears filled his eye.

His lips were moving as though he wanted to say something, but he could not say a word.

Then, his figure spread out, both feet lifted off the ground, charging up the cliff of Broken Mountain.


A sharp and clear cry of a crane pierced the sky, coming from the distance.

Very soon, there was an enormous shadow descending from the sky, speeding toward the savage flying in midair.


The white crane flapped its wings, and a mighty gale frantically rolled towards the strange person.

The wind was rising, clouds scudding across and the sky and ground changed colour.

From the mountain top, a number of tree stumps and tremendous boulders came down towards the savage’s body.


Savage threw his head back and roared, and then slammed a punch towards the rocks and the huge crane.


Startled, the crane swooped up again, entering straight beyond the topmost clouds.

When it appeared, there was a beautiful youngster dressed in a Starry cloud robe standing atop the crane’s back.

The young man’s brows were knitted together, and it seemed that he did not like the ragged man.

He fumbled out a handkerchief from his bosom, and gracefully covered his nose, unwilling to sniff the air around.

“Who are you? Dare break into my divine mountain, hurt me Little white.” Xie Wuyou’s voice was incomparably cold, and with undisguised contempt for that man.  

He was a neat freak who disliked dirty things and ugly humans.

He raised cranes because cranes were beautiful, and the posture when riding a crane was more leisurely and elegant. Would it be as showy and graceful as riding an ox or dog?  

The man was equally discontent with Xie Wuyou. His blood-red eyes were garing ruthlessly at Xie Wuyou as he said in a hoarse voice. “When did the Starry Sky Academy judge by appearance?”

Xie Wuyou remained calm, indifferent towards the man’s accusations. “It is not that Starry Sky Academy judge by appearance, but I, Xie Wuyou judge by appearance. Tell me, who are you, and what are you doing here?”

The man almost choked to death from Xie Wuyou’s answer. He clenched his fists, uttering fiercely: “The illusion of water, the abandoned student of Starry Sky. Is Taishu Yongsheng still alive?”

Xie Wuyou’s face darkened, his eyes filled with murderous intent.

Taishu Yongsheng, the dean of Starry Sky.

Ever since starting school, Xie Wuyou had never seen anyone who dared to call out his actual name.



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