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IGE : 4 chapters a week with one sponsored chapter!

IDS: 3 chapters a week with three sponsored chapters a week!


  1. AlsoNo1DanOfIGE

    March 16, 2016 at 6:05 am

    Hey if you’re in need of help I can help edit your chapters/proofread them and I’m currently also helping out with ISSTH so I’ve got some experience.
    Also born in Australia so English is my first language

  2. You havent translated ige for quite some time now , did something happen ?

  3. You haven’t released chapters for ige for a few weeks, have you just been busy or are you dropping it?

  4. Please translate more IGE chapters.
    The release schedule is wrong (last release was in 11/22)

  5. i would LOVE more IGE chapters

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