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The one school, three sects and four great ancestral families

Royal family of Snow country, within Heaven Wasteland domain,

Demon court of heaven Wasteland wants to eliminate Xiaojun.
City of Unmoving Darkness? Why would it have so many enemies?”
City of Unmoving Darkness: Situated between light and dark.
Girl of darkness. Holds the bloodline of the Ciry of Unmoving Darkness.

Youlan pass. Snow country border. Army guarding the border. Wen wan is here.
Ye Qing Yu
Formation Emperor Luoso: 1st human cultivator and savior of the human race. In the Blue Water Domain. Created 10 Great Academys’ [Boundary canyon battlefield].
[Holy body of the dragon’s blood]
Close relationships:
Ye Qing Yu: Green Feathers.
Jiang Xiao Han: 4th year. Former childhood friend.
Song Xiao Jun: Little Loli. Illegitimate child. Personal disciple of Wang Yan. Flame mantra, able to control the power of flames. Qing Luo merchant company. [1st year]
Song Qin Luo: Song Qing Luo. Cousin of Song Xiao Jun. Daughter of the president of Qing Luo merchant company. [1st year student]. Ranked 3rd. Green wood mantra, able to control wooden attribute inner yuan.
Big Head: Appearance of a puppy. Found in Divine Abyss, near the Dragon’s Den in [Boundary canyon battlefield].
Basic Rankings
Houtian stage: Ordinary martial level– Within the boundaries of human effort In the Houtian stage, there are six stages in refining your body.
Spirit Spring stage – When you have managed to create a spirit spring within your body (think of a fountain of qi that you can use)
Bitter Sea stage – The next stage.

Xiantian stage (any stage after Houtian. This includes Spirit Spring stage, Bitter Sea stage etc) – Starting to exceed the boundaries of human effort

Primordial age, God Devil Age, Greater Ancient age, Far Ancient age, Upper age, Middle Age and the Near Ancient age
Ghost race, Beast race, Demon race, Human race and even the Devil race or Divine race.

Weapons and armours, such equipment – classification
Spirit weapon,
Treasure tool
Dao tool
Saint tool
Emperor tool

Inexorable spear, made from cold black steel
Little Shang Sword: Ye family spirit weapon.
[Cloud top cauldron]: Special Cauldron that allowed Chen Moyun to become a Pill Master.
[Fiendgod titled chart] Bronze Book神魔封号谱Shen Mo Feng Hao Pu: found in golden shell.
Titled strange objects
[Sentry guards]: Six Sentry Guards. Able to observe within 1 kilometer of the sentry guard anytime.
[Titled Fiendgods]
Golden Armoured King 4 Moves.
【Banner of Heaven and Earth】Golden Armored King 3rd stance. Strike from above without kilo miles.
【Fierce dragon pierce!】Golden Armored King 1st stance. Stab at someone with kilo miles.
[Protection of Heaven and Earth]
[Heaven rends and Earth destroys]!” Golden Armored King 4th stance. Impact from above. Dragon descending impact.
4 Sword Techniques of the Unmatched General.
【Soul stealing heaven strike】Sword Ability.
【Brave the whole world】3 Golden Shield.
[Storm of Swords]  Crowd attack.
[Judgement of the sword] Large Divine Golden Sword.

[Titled divine weapons]

[Sole Will of the Heaven Earth Copper cauldron] : Inside the Cauldron while Ye Qing Yu was being refined into a human pill by Chen Mo Yun.

Snow country.
[Heaven wasteland domain]

Several large commerce companies. Societies were also a significant power within these groups.
Yu Luo Sheng: Captain under Northern Military leader. Was initially invited to help out Luo Jin against Ye Qing Yu.

Li Shi Zen: Li Shizen. Famous, kind doctor. Only family left, granddaughter.

Deer city
Ye family
Qin Lan: Aunt Lan. Beaten by Ding Kai Xuan. Ye family servant. Ye Qing Yu’s wet nurse.
Little Grass: 13. Daughter of Aunt Lan.
Tang Shan: Tang San. manservant.
Lin Tian: Student at Tao Xuan Pavilion.
Wang Ying: Student at Tao Xuan Pavilion. Inner organs injured heavily.
Luo Jin: taken over aye family restaurant.
Jin Shi Ren: Lian Feng Smithery.
Wang You De: Mu Rong Shop
Dong Ming Tong: Miao Yu Temple
Nie Yin: Yin Tao Xuan pavilion previous head instructor . Martial dojo. [Crippled]
Zhou Xiang: teacher at Tao Xian pavilion. Lame leg.

Liu Family:
Liu Yuan Cheng: Family head. Government officer of Deer City. Registar of the Registar office at deer city.
Liu Lei: Son of Liu Yuan Cheng. 1st year student. Killed.
Sun Yuhu: Adopted son of Liu Yuan Cheng.

Northern Military Office
Northern military leader:
Zhang Heng: Commander.

Capture Barracks
In charge of defending Deer City.
Southern Military Office
Chen Jiuxing: military leader.
Black Mountain Barracks.

Western military office
Qian Yuan: Military Leader.

Qin Ying: city leader. city. A second class noble of Snow country, one of the four big players of the Deer mountain range, the name of the city leader.

Noble organization,

The Two River group was one of the many societies.

Two River Group: society
Northern district
Lang Zhong: Leader. Taken away Ye Family only spirit weapon. Later returned politely.

Ding Kai Xuan: 3rd class noble. Owned the former mansion of the Ye family.

Ten Great Academies

White Deer Academy : #10
Ascending Heaven Pavilion: Location of Emperor Luo So Statue. Entrance to [Boundary canyon battlefield].
Old Dean:
Zhou Yun: Head Elder.
Wen Wan: taught basic forms. Fought with parents.
Hon Kong: nickname Blood Killer. 4th Dean. Close teacher.
王艳 Wang Yan: f. Head teacher. Teacher of Song Xiao Jun.
Blue Sky:
Lin Wei Feng: Elder. Noble Organization. Attacked Ye Qing Yu, for attacking Xua Hai Wy,
秦无双Qin Wu Shang: ranked 1st. Young master of the city leader. [1st year].
merchant company in Deer City. Largest.
Xia Hao Wu: Beated Song Xiao Jun. [1st year]. Xia Hou family.
Yan Xing Tian: Ranked 2nd. Role Model of commoner students. [1st year].

Blue Sky: Pretended to be a teacher and lead 1st year students to the forest. [3rd year] Trouble maker. In Grievance hall most of the time. Fairly strong. Transferred from Divine Phoenix Academy.
Bai Yu Qing: Number 1 goddess. [4th year] Among the strongest.
Han Shuang Fu: [4th year] Among the strongest.
Han Xiao Fei: [4th year]
Jiang Xiao Han: [4th year]
Li Ming Xin: [4th year] [Boundary canyon battlefield]
Han Xiao Fei: [4th year] Close friends with Jiang Xiao Han. Enmity.
Xiong Yan: “Big Black Bear.” Made a bet that Ye Qing Yu will get a kill.
Azure Phoenix Academy: #3
Number three ranked academy of the ten great academies of Snow country, Azure phoenix academy, came to the White Deer academy to assert dominance.

Chen Moyun: Pill Master. [50 Spirit Springs] [Pill king of Azure Phoenix] Covet Ye Qing Yu’s “Secret Treasure.”

Xu Ge: took over white deer academy library. [1st year] Genius of the 1st years.
Dian Yi: arm broken. [1st year]
Lin Bai Yi: [1st year]
Lin Nuo: Defeated the Song Cousins. [1st year]
Zheng Kai: Defeated the Song Cousins.
Hui Ning Academy: #1.

Wang Jian Ru: Mysterious cultivator. Sword Immortal. Peerless beautiful. Also known as Wang Yan.
Mysterious Man: Fought Wang Jian Ru. After the “Girl of Darkness” at Deer Academy.



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