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071 – Broke the wall with one punch!


Spirit and energy, if you have the spirit then you’ll have the energy.

In the past, Li Muyang needed more than ten hours of sleep a day but now he can use more than ten hours a day to practice martial arts.

As usual, Li Muyang woke up at five o’clock in the morning.

He habitually stretched his muscles and then following his own set of steps of ‘The Art of the Broken Body’ to walk around.

During his course of practising walking last time, his body became dry and hot, and his heartbeat increased rapidly almost to the point of fainting, but this was not a reason for him to give up.

However, following what happened, he once again studied the little booklet of ‘The Art of the Breaking Body’, which contains thousands of words, several times to carefully interpret the deep meaning inside. However, he noticed that he had not done anything wrong.

Since his steps were correct, then during the process of learning he must pay the price or perhaps this was a normal response after arriving at a certain level.

Li Muyang was not willing to give up, so much so that even if he slacks off a little he still thought it was a very disgraceful thing.

He spent more than ten years as a trash and has also been criticised as a trash for more than ten years, no one would be able understand how happy it is for him to learn normally.

Furthermore, following Crow’s attack and the incident of rogues destroying their store, his desire to learn and awareness of martial arts are much stronger.

He needs to become powerful.

He wants to protect himself but also needs to protect his family from any danger.

He regained focus by clearing his mind.

Li Muyang slowly walked one step at a time, he took three steps forward then two steps back, one step to the right then one step to the left, and forward two steps then back three steps. He did not feel tired at all.
Not being aware of his tiredness indicates he had reached the endless state, as long as he has the energy, then he can continue walking in this manner. Coupled with his summarised method and breathing technique, walking in this way for long duration of time is beneficial to the body.

Of course, it’s natural to get tired after a long period of walk, and it’s natural to stop and rest when you’re tired.

However, during his morning training, something unexpected happened.

After walking for half an hour, he already felt a shortness of breath, a flushed complexion, his heart racing and other discomforts.

Since there is nothing wrong with his own method of practice, then this must be a normal response from learning ‘The Art of the Breaking Body’——Even little sister Li Shinian had said that during her training this also happened before. So Li Muyang wanted to hold on for a while longer.

After persisting in walking for another hour, all these terrible symptoms disappeared; his face was no longer flushing, his heart was not beating as intense, and his face returned back to usual.

“As expected.” Li Muyang congratulated himself. He felt he took the right gamble.

Now Li Muyang had walked for as much as two hours, not only was he not exhausted but also the more he walks the more energetic he was.

He suddenly felt something abnormal; he urgently wanted to stop to take a rest. But he could not stop no matter what.

His body was like a balloon, even with a gentle breeze he would soar into the air and walk around following the direction of the wind. Even if he were not blown away, he would still drift along with the wind.

The more anxious he was, the faster his pace. The faster he was, the lighter his body became.

Finally he was able to clearly see his body, yet he was not able to feel the existence of his body.

He lost the right to control his own body.


Li Muyang let out a long groan.

Burst of sharp pains quickly followed.

He felt his qi and blood were flowing openly and freely, like blocked drains being cleaned thoroughly, a steady and continuous passage without any obstruction.


Sharp pains came again.

He felt all the qi points in his body were exploding and forming into a one, like groups of stars joining together in criss-cross patterns and concealing the whole sky.


Li Muyang’s bones were letting out throbbing sounds, as if they were beans being stir-fried in a pan over a high flame.

Li Muyang felt he was about to float up into the sky, he felt he was about to become a swallow, hovering high above.

This feeling is wonderful, yet still made him panic.

He knows he’s practicing ‘The Art of the Breaking Body’, so he needs to store qi in his dantian and then unleash his strength in a flash.

His body became lighter and lighter, how could he gather energy?

Li Muyang is finally starting to become afraid; although it is said that ‘The Art of the Breaking Body is the most precious treasure of Daoism, it is easy to practice but difficult to perfect it. However if you become obsess and let it take over or perhaps even sink into a state of confusion, then all your previous efforts may be destroyed in an instant.

If serious, his qi will destroy his lower abdominal region and he may possibly become a demented child——If that’s the case, he will certainly become a trash.

He could accept that he used to be a trash since he’s already a trash on the day he was born.

But after he stood up and experienced the taste of success, if he turned into a trash again, this would be absolutely unbearable to him.

What Li Muyang did not know is that he has to progress slowly step-by-step, he must gradually adapt to the process of learning.

Li Shinian has been training for ten years, although she trained without any teachers but she was able to teach herself the breaking fist.

The foundation is the most important.

Li Muyang has been training for less than three months, yet he’s aggressively pursuing success and fiercely advancing forward. As a result, he did not allow his body to accumulate and his dantian to settle. The faster he walks and the quicker he progresses, his body becomes empty.

This is precisely the pitfall of ‘The Art of the Breaking Body’: emptiness.

If his body was empty, he would float.

If no one promptly stops him or help his passage of qi, Li Muyang will be ran exhausted till death.

Without any guidance from a teacher and without any skilled master standing beside him, Li Muyang is at a moment of extreme danger.

Because there is fear in his heart, he lost his completely ‘clear’ state of mind.

The more he thought, the more terrified he was; the more terrified he was the more he pondered.

Li Muyang cried out aloud but realised it was difficult for his mouth to form any words. He wanted to shift his direction and run towards the rooms, but his feet continued to circle around in the same place.

Forward three steps then back two steps, one step to the left then to the right. Forward two steps then back three steps; he still did not feel tired in the slightest.

Beads of sweat emerged around Li Muyang’s eyebrows and forehead, rolled down his cheeks and crowded together, looking as if his entire head and body has just been drenched.

Li Muyang’s heartbeat once again increased tremendously, pounding violently in his chest like he just suffered the impact of a heavy hammer.

Li Muyang eyes were wrapped with wisps of blood; every wisps of blood were like strips of red worm. They lengthen and shorten and then spread around Li Muyang’s pupils.

A matter of life or death

His live is at stake!
Just then, a smear of red mist appeared within Li Muyang’s eyes.

Black scales bulging out on the back of his hand, and sudden claps of thunder and bolts of lightning surfaced on the outside of these scales without any noises.

Li Muyang’s body began to heat up, a powerful stream of heat pushed forward from the scales on the back of his hand, flowing directly towards the acupoints and meridians throughout his body.

This flow of heat was like currents of red-hot lava, devastating and destroying everything they encounter, then instantly rebuilding it back.

Thousands of streams extended throughout his body and then finally enter into the sea, towards Li Muyang’s dantian region at his lower abdomen.

Millions flowed into the sea, firing fully and openly.

His lower abdominal region became scorching hot, Li Muyang thought he was being cooked.

Li Muyang felt a sudden surge of rage and instantly became fond of killing.

He has thousands of words he wants to say and a list of endless grievances, yet he remained silent.

A multitude of hatred he wants to vent.

Li Muyang felt his body swelling up, his dantian on the verge of bursting from the violent streams of energy surging forth.

Li Muyang’s right hand clenched into a fist and punched out.


A loud bang echoed throughout the air, a gigantic hole appeared on the walls in front of Li Muyang.

The first ray of light pierced through the large hole, shining over Li Muyang who had collapsed on the ground.

It’s dawn!



Luo Qi and Li Yan were awakened from their sleep; they hurriedly ran over and saw the huge hole on the wall.

Though Li Shinian remained quite calm, while yawning she walked and glanced at the hole in the wall, then snappily said: “Li Muyang, are you done? You won’t let anyone sleep? Running around and practising so early in the morning, it’s so noisy——”

“Is——Muyang training?” Li Yan’s eyes wide open in disbelief, staring at the gigantic hole on the wall that was higher than a man. Even with his heavenly spear it’s highly unlikely he would be able to break a hole on the wall as big as this. Moreover, his son used his fist to punched through the walls; exactly how much strength and power are needed?

“He certainly is.” Li Shinian said while rubbing her eyes. “’The Art of the Breaking Body’, I taught him it.”

All Luo Qi’s attention was on Li Muyang, seeing Li Muyang collapsed on the ground, she immediately rushed over and asked in a worried voice: “Muyang, are you alright? Are you hurt?”

“I’m fine.” Li Muyang pointed at the gigantic hole on the broken wall and said with an embarrassed face: “Mum, I didn’t mean to——-”

“I know you didn’t mean to.” Luo Qi looked pensively at Li Muyang, smiled and said: “Who would deliberately punch the walls?” “

Luo Qi has already witnessed Li Muyang’s power before, so she is already mentally prepared for this kind of thing to happen at home.

Li Yan was thrilled, he came over and asked: “Muyang also learnt ‘The Art of the Breaking Body’?”

“Yes.” Li Muyang nodded and said: “I have been learning for just over two months.”

“With merely two months of practice you could reach such a state, I guess I should also abandon the heavenly spears and learn it too— ” Li Yan said while thinking to himself that both his son and daughter were able to learn, their Li family and the secret skill ‘The Art of the Breaking Body ‘ are brought together by fate. He can’t miss this opportunity.

Li Shinian walked in front of Li Muyang, took a glimpse at Li Muyang, then glanced over at the large hole in the wall and said unhappily: “Brother, you used breaking fist?”

“I think so——” Li Muyang said. “I’m also not too sure.”

“After learning for more than ten years I was able to throw out a breaking fist and broke a jar. You can punch down a wall with less than three months of practice——-Brother, you give me a lot of pressure. First, you achieved first in the exam, now your martial arts are even more impressive, how can I bully you in the future?”


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