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IDS 120 – 122

Hey everyone, here are the three chapters of IDS for this week! Enjoy!


Chapter 120

Chapter 121

Chapter 122


An IGE chapter should be released Monday or Tuesday šŸ˜€

Translated by Selda, TLCed by Aran



  1. “An IGE chapter should be released Monday or Tuesday šŸ˜€”

    #RIP Promises

    • It’s a well known fact Aran runs on a different frame of time than us mere mortals. Besides, he didn’t specify it was the upcoming monday. It could be next monday, or the tuesday the week after that monday, or in 3 years on a monday. Who knows? Aran doesn’t perceive time as we do.

      • IGE chapter 243 was released on October 25th, 2016.

        “Iā€™m aiming to release a chapter of IGE every day for this week; look forward to it.”

        244 was on November 22nd, with 245 on December 27th.

        I’m absolutely thankful Aran takes time to translate this for us, but I also understand he perceives time differently than we do and if he mentions a day, it’s probably not that day. It happens, no worries; hakuna matata. They’ll come out when they come out.

  2. Any chance you could release the IGE so that somebody else picks it up? Its too good of a story to be just released twice a month.

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