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IDS – 131

Here we go, third and final chapter of the week for IDS!

Enjoy everyone 🙂

Chapter 131



  1. I just thought I’d mention that this story is awesome and I really appreciate the translation! So thanks 🙂

  2. Hello been reading both the novels for ages and was wondering if you could possibly create an epub because me and my friend both read and sometimes we have not got internet and really want to read it .

  3. Hey so I was wondering if you will ever create and epub version for both the novels because I have been reading for ages and sometime I have long journeys or no internet access and I really want to read it though it not just me a couple of friends who read this feel the same.

    I know your busy and all so if you want to do but haven’t got time my friend james knows how to create them he makes it sometimes just for us so we can read offline. You can email him at or email me.

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