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IDS 132 – 134

Hey guys, its been a really long while. Something quite bad happened to me in the last month that rendered me unable to make any updates – life came knocking and I had to answer. Hopefully the worst is over with now, so I can concentrate on producing more updates. Thank you guys for the concerned messages.


Here’s some missed chapters of IDS – IGE to follow shortly.


Chapter 132

Chapter 133

Chapter 134


Good news: IDS will be released at a rate of 3 chapters a day until we get caught up with the weeks we’ve missed (so till around chapter 150).






  1. we have been waiting for you aran, glad everything okay now. i hope we will get more IGE ,since i dont read IDS.

  2. What happened Boss? Are you ok? Please put yourself first. We can wait. Don’t strain yourself. T_T

  3. Yeah!! I thought that Aran got shut due to the qidian thingy…


  5. One Pissed Off Cousin

    March 26, 2017 at 4:42 am

    HE’S ALIVE!!!!!!!

    On the real, though, you need to be more responsible. I have no idea what exactly happened in your life to make you vanish like you did, however, it is not an excuse. Life goes on and you have a responsibility to the people who are active in your community. Perhaps you were in a car accident, perhaps you got evicted, perhaps a loved one passed away. That doesn’t change the fact that you could’ve taken literally 5 minutes of your time to come here and tell us that you would be missing for a while. Do you take us seriously? Are we only a hobby for you to pass the time? You need to think carefully about the answers to these questions because they affect more than just yourself Aran. They affect all of us. We are your family Aran. We are your support group. We are here, willing to go through the tough times with you, but only if you take us seriously enough to tell us when they happen. Stop being a coward. You created this family of miscreants. Do you dare love us as much as we love you?

  6. devilsadvocate6

    March 27, 2017 at 3:36 pm

    hope u have been well aran! sorry i was late! your readers gonna be here for u! best wishes in your life!

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