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174 – Sinister Aura

Chapter 174: Sinister aura!

We often make decisions in the heat of the moment, but once we cool down, we begin to regret that decision.

This is the principle that the application of heat to a substance expands it and cold shrinks it. This phenomenon is described as ‘heat expands, cold shrinks’ in textbooks.


The coldness penetrated his heart, a bone-piercing coldness.

The instant that Li Muyang threw himself into the cold pond, he felt like his scalp was being fried, as though ten thousands silver needles were simultaneously poking at his head.

He felt his body was being cut apart, as though he was being put to death by dismembering his body.

The blood in his body solidified. It no longer circulated around his body, no longer provided him with warmth and life.

Like a frozen dead fish, he couldn’t struggle and moreover, he was unable to move a single step.

“Damn.” Li Muyang growled. “Why did I jump down here?”

Li Muyang was a typical example of a ‘heat expands, cold shrinks’ type of character. While being encased in the pool of ice water, his brain became more clear-headed, and he finally regained his consciousness——for a split second, he felt his consciousness had been controlled by something powerful. The actions he took was when he was in a muddleheaded and did not know exactly what he was doing.

The moment he heard that Lu Qiji might be buried at the bottom of the pond, Li Muyang felt an overwhelming sorrow growing inside of him. Like a piece of his heart was ripped away. All he could think of was to save her, even if he couldn’t save her, he must bring her corpse back. If he could not bring back her corpse then he must bring back the giant toad’s body——

What he was worried is that in the end someone has to jump down and take his corpse back.

Li Muyang began to regret his decision.

Even Chu Xun and Lin Canghai, two powerful people, could not do anything after jumping into the cold pond, instead was chased around by the three-eyed ice toad, before they could finally lure it out for a battle. Although I do not know what realm Lu Qiji is in, but from her insufferably arrogant and conceited attitude——she should be more powerful than me, right?

To someone, like me, who just built my foundation and has mastered nothing, is directly jumping into the cold pond not a path to death?

It wasn’t until now that Li Muyang begun to tremble with fear.

It was not a typical fear, his fear was as poisonous as any viper or scorpion. However, no matter what, the thousand-years three-eyed ice toad is more powerful than all the poisons of the snakes and scorpions he has ever seen.

He saw how the three-eyed ice toad opened its gigantic mouth. As long as it silently swam behind him and then tried to swallow him in one gulp, he really does not ability to defend himself.

“Because of an arrogant, spoilt woman, a woman who frames me and make accusations against me at every chance she has, why do I have to do such a stupid thing for her?”

“What does it have to do with me if she dies? Why do I have to die with her, people would think we had an affair— — my reputation after death would be so shameful, and simply hard to accept——”

Because of his fear of the unknown, Li Muyang began to make disorderly conjectures and his thoughts became muddled.

Since he couldn’t do anything now with his body bound by the iced water.

Li Muyang suddenly thought of something: I still possess the power to think——

Not only could he still think, analyse and speculate, his line of thinking was quite clear.

This confirms that his body has not weakened and he still maintained an independent line of thinking and consciousness.

“Why is this happening?” Li Muyang could not understand.

His eyes shot open to observe the surroundings, just as Lin Canghai had said, the lake is an endless expanse of blackwater, like he was immersed in a giant pond of ink. There is tremendous lack of transparency in this underwater world.

What was even more deadly is that, although he just opened his eyes, he felt as though ten thousand sharp needles were poking at his eyes——

At this moment, every drop of water was likely to be a fine needle that puncturing into his eyeballs.

Although he only opened his eyes just a crack, the pain was similar to his eyeballs being dug out.

He slammed his eyes shut as soon as he felt the pain.

“My body can’t move, my eyes can’t see, it seems I can only wait for death—” Li Muyang thought to himself.

Deep down, everyone has a strong desire to survive, to live; Li Muyang is the same. He does not want to die nor want people to misunderstand that he and Lu Qiji had an affair so they’re going to die together in the name of love. Therefore, he must stay alive.

He moved his fingertips.

His fingers could move.

“Good.” Li Muyang gave himself some encouragement.

Then, he clenched his fists. His fists were still active.

“Great.” Li Muyang exclaimed with excitement. His body was gradually adapting to the temperature underwater.

Once his arm was able to move about freely, he swam desperately with all his might—to leave this damn place.

Since ancient times, such a phrase have been said: “For a gentleman to take revenge, one hundred years is not too late.”

His body rested in the middle of the pond, incapable of diving down or floating back up.

However, he could not turn around.

He waited for his body to recover, or perhaps waited for the toad’s body to recover. After all, it just suffered a joint attack by Lin Canghai and Chu Xun, it must have sustained quite a severe injury.


Waves and ripples occurred in this expanse of water.

Li Muyang also felt his body gently rippling up and down like waves.

His body tightened with the urge to shrink into a tiny water worm. His heart was throbbing so badly that it almost squeezed out of his throat.


His body rippled up and down more intensely, and the voice that made one lose all hopes came closer and closer.

“I’m dead. I’m dead. This time I’m really going to die——”

Li Muyang could not turn around, he was even incapable of opening his eyes.

But he knew very clearly, that the monster was right behind him.

He could not see its body, but he could feel its breath rushing towards him.

Li Muyang imagined that it had opened its bloody mouth already——

He imagined too much!

The toad was really hiding behind him, its three ugly, red eyes staring unblinkingly at his butt.

Seeing that someone dared to trespass his territory and provoke it, the toad flew into a rage, opening its big mouth to tear him apart.

However, when it was about to do something, it felt something was not right.

What’s wrong?

It came to the realisation that it could not swallow him.

In order words, it does not know how to eat his legs or butt first, or perhaps swim in front to frighten him and watch his funny reaction first, before devouring his entire body.

Not only could it not open its mouth, it even lacked the courage to come near, as if that person is not human, rather a dangerous species, a natural enemy of the toad’s royal family——In the toad’s eyes, Li Muyang, from top to bottom, emitted a sinister aura like he was telling it to not approach him.

However, he is indeed a human. And looked exactly the same as those things that he chased into hiding before.

Although he’s ugly and has no eyes, while he has three eyes and looked mightier than him.

The three-eyed ice toad blinked its three huge eyes, as it scrunched up its ugly head in deep thought.

He grew angrier, circling nonstop around Li Muyang.

It seemed hesitant, undecided.

Swallow in one mouthful——but it lacked the courage.

Flee at once——but that would demonstrate it has no backbone.

“Croak, croak, croak——” The three-eyed ice toad could not help but unleash a stream of abuse: “Damn it, just what are you?”


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